EN reroll

... Backup my game? .. my ID ?

What is a reroll?
Save your important Account if you want to keep it as it is.
Delete all data, loose all progress and start a new Account

Why reroll?
Maybe because you have gotten a weak Unit as starter. If you want an easy start try "rerolling", because you always get 10 Fruits in total to start the journey from beginning.
Or just a unit you really wish for.

Which Unit i have to look for?
So you have to Start Over to get a strong starting Unit. Currently (02/25th/2015) you have the choice between:

These 3 can be obtained only through 5 Fruit Summoning:

Arlong  is farmable in Storymode in Arlong Park 14,15 !
And i personally dont recommened to reroll especially only for him.
Although he is a beast-high Stats Slasher for beginners

Farmable in future Story isles in her first form

The Reroll Process /
Save your account for 7 days and restart.

Things to note:

This method does allow you to change account data via cross-platform (iOS to android / vice versa)

- Codes generated can only last a week... if you do not use it within that period, account automatically gets deleted (Credit: Mark Chionh)

Use these steps 1 - 4,
if you have already an Account you like NOT to loose.  Otherwise scroll down

Let me show you the simple way how to Save your Units, your fruits and all the gamedata you have:

Important !: If you switch from Android to iOS or iOS to Android you will loose all the remaining fruits you had before.

1. Change Device

2. Issue Password

3. Hit the "Issue" button

4. Your whole gamedata is saved from now on for 7 days !
i censored my password here.

You can screenshot for youself, or hit the right button "Send Mail" to send yourself a mail with the password.

You don't need to immediately login again. You can play with this saved id+pw like before, but after 7 days it won't be saved with a password anymore. So you have to redo the saving just in case you accidentaly uninstall or broke your device. 

Delete Game Data on your APP Options or deinstall/reinstall and redo the tutorial. Have 10 Fruits and try to get awesome Units.


Steps 5-7
If you are tired or was not successfull on getting the starters unit you wanted proceed here to login back to your precious old Account

5. Hit the upper right button "Support"

6. Hit the "Change Device" button

7. To login with the saved Account you have to input the last saved ID and Password. Remember ?

Thats it !

Remember: 7 Days saving only



Your other units are in your box !!!

don't be scared, your account rolls are still there. Simply select your other team members and you'll see your box is filled with what ever you had previous to the transfer process.

PS: Remember to keep your ID transfer codes private if it's an important account. If you plan on giving the account out to a friend or even just as a give away this method simply copy the codes and give them to the other person to insert into their game and you'll be okay.

Hope this guide helped! 

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