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This FAQ is still in development

There are a billion questions flying around everywhere on LINE, the Blog and the Facebook Groups. So I went around asking people and gathered the most Frequently Asked Questions and our best answers and solutions to those questions!


Question: Is this Character Good ?

Basicaly this game has a Star System from 1 to 5 Stars to show how strong or weak it is in total, but

This question can not being answered without the knowledge about the rest of the characters you may have in your box.

First you have to know are its stats and specials which are shown on the new character Table:


Next step is to know what kind of Team you want to build and if this Character fits into the Team along the Teamcost.

Here are examples of already built Teams:


By Types / Class

Q:   Where is the best place for leveling up my Characters?

Weekly Event Isles and with one rule: the more difficulty in the stage, the more/higher rewards in 
XP, Dropchance, Beri !

Q:   What are the Droprates of "X" Unit?

Droprates are not shown in this game, but from our experience we realised that Fortnights Isles give the best droprate, based on the difficulty. From low to high, same for their droprates. The highest difficulty gives the best results.

If you are defeating Storymode Units, the bosses like (Arlong, Zeff, Creek) have a regulary LOW droprate.  Since we are reworking the Boss Guides of Special Isles, we try to set a percentage(%) of a possible droprate we think of.

As a sum up approximately this rule could be possible for Story Mode:

Turtles are about 15%. Random Pirates 1-2* are around 70% to drop.
Fusion Materials drop about 10% and important Characters around 5% - 10%

Q:  What are Skillbooks and how to use them ?

If you get Skillbooks from Special isles /Events. These Books can give you a chance to skillup the Character who is shown. The Special will go +1, which means the cooldown is shortened by 1.

Feed the skillbooks to the Character also gives 5000 XP whether successfull or not. And can also be fed to any other Character. 
(Without the special up mechanism)

Q:   Who drops skillbooks exactly?

Skillbook being dropped by any possible unit from a special isle except the Daily Material and Beri Isles.

Question: Do i loose the Special/Skillup when evolving ?

This answer is being described in detail on this page:
Skill ups

Question: What can I expect from future content and in what order ?

The Fortnight Islands will always be the best and most efficient way to Level-Up your Pirate Level. And will be the best place to level up your units until Turtle islands. They have a higher drop-rate than Story-mode and you can find Turtles, Bosses, Mini-bosses and more.
Fortnight Islands also can drop Skill books which can be used to level up your units Special Move (So it takes 1 less turn to charge per level).

NOTE: Once they are gone, they will come back some time. So you have a second chance to challenge the isle.

Approximately once a month, a new Story-mode Island will be released. 

This is a schedule made and based of coming out Isles of the japanese version, made by kvmguy83:  

(ATTENTION: May contain spoilers and false information as it is just a sample)

Question: Which Form should I evolve my Zolo/Sanji/Usopp into? (They have 2 Forms!!)

For this question, I will ALWAYS suggest to evolve using the form that requires an armored crab while the other form only levels to 35 (You can MAX level them faster).
The "Crab Evolutions" will have superior stats to the Level 50 and generally outclass the "Non-Crab Evolutions" in stats and abilities.

For the standard Usopp, you should always evolve him to "Golden Pound" instead of "Tabasco Star" Usopp and leave him at that stage.

The reason is simple:
Special cooldown is better for fights. Golden Pound Usopp has 5 less turns to get his special ready than the Evolution of him (5* Sogeking).
refer to the Tier List for more information

Regardless of the route you choose, this will NOT affect the stats on the Third Evolution in any way.

Question: Which Characters are worth grinding?

This question will depend on the units you own. 

If you own a lot of Fighters, Zeff will be worth your time and trouble. 
If you own a lot of Slashers, Arlong will be worth it in the long run.

But generally aside from Zeff, I wouldn't "grind" for anyone (unless I have nothing to do), this is due to most of them like Alvida and Arlong will come in their Fortnight Island. During the island, they will have an increased drop rate and you may find yourself complaining you have too many of them.

Question: Is it better to get your Pirate Level up As Soon As Possible?

There is no "down-side" from getting your Pirate Level up. The more your Pirate Level, the easier this game will be for you.

Every "odd" numbered level (i.e Levels 5,15, 31, etc.) will give you 1 extra Stamina.
Every "even" numbered level (i.e Levels 2, 22, 56, etc.) will give you 2 extra Cost.

In short this means the higher your Pirate Level, the more powerful units you can fit on your team because your Crew Limit is larger and be better to fight harder islands and more due to the stamina raise.

So yes, it is good to get your Pirate Level Up ASAP.

But Level Up Efficiently!!! Every time you level, you will regain a full Stamina bar. To level efficiently, try and squeeze every last drop before you level!
If you level with 15 Stamina remaining... that's the same as wasting 15 Stamina!~

Question: Cola!! What should I do with them?

Cola is used for upgrading ships and the best ship for now (and the future) will be the "Going Merry". The ship is your reward upon completion of "Syrup Village". 
It is the most commonly used ship even in the JPN version of the game and is the best Ship you will have for a long time!

So level up that Merry!~

Question: Should I "Rare Recruit"? What should I do with my Fruits?

Currently, aside from the initial Recruits... I wouldn't use touch the "Rare Recruit" for a while. This is due to ALL the units (except for a select few) being farmable. This means you can get them for free without using any Fruits, so there isn't much point to it.

What I suggest is to invest some Fruits into expanding your Unit Storage to a healthy amount for the current and future situations. A decent amount is 35 (Just enough slots for units for all 6 of your teams assuming they are unique) but I will suggest expanding further to around 100. 
While it may seem crazy, you can hold turtles, evolution materials, new units that are bound to come out, your collection and your teams. In fact, you wouldn't have to worry about expanding your space for a long time.

Question: What is the 0 Stamina Special Island?

This is an island specifically designed to test your team. No Units will drop in this island and the only reward is 1 Fruit. 
Aside from testing your team (and maybe testing Special Moves) there isn't much point to doing it. (Oh and of course, the Bragging Rights!)
Do NOT waste a Fruit to "Revive" in this island.

Question: Who are the Next Batch of Rare Recruits, When are they coming? Are they Good?

Next Batch will be V2 Strawhat Pirates, which are only obtainable though the Rare Recruit. Please watch though our Posts.
As the time approaches, a Batch Review will be posted to help players determine if they want to "Recruit" them (if they want).

Question: Will there be an "Auto-Battle" Feature?

I don't think so... There will be units in the future that requires PERFECTS or Worse than GOOD to make their Leader Effects work. An Auto-battle may defeat the purpose of such skills and so I do not believe we'll see an Auto-Battle in the near-future.

Question: Who are the Best Units?

This is a question that I think has been asked the most! I've compiled a "Tier-List" that can be found here: http://onepiece-cruise.blogspot.de/2015/02/eng-tierlist.html

Question: What exactly are the "Meta" teams at the moment?

The Meta Teams currently are...
  1. Arlong Lead - Slasher Teams
  2. Zeff Lead - Fighter Teams
  3. Ace Lead - QCK Teams
  4. Shanks Lead - PSY Teams
  5. Luffy Lead - STR Teams.
  6. Towel Nami - INT Teams.
  7. Gear 3rd Luffy - Independend Teams.

Question: What is the Best way to Level Your Units?

Currently, the best way to level up your units is
Farm Teenage Turtles - 15,000 to 22,500 EXP  (Refer to Fusion Materials for Levels)
Farm Skill Books - 5,000 EXP each (Farm from Fortnight Island)

Alternatively, you can farm Baby Turtles but not recommended.

Question: Where can I find "X" ingredient for Evolution

Refer to the Fusion Materials for a full List!
Seahorses can be found in the Weekly Seahorse Island (Tuesday)
Penguins can be found in the Weekly Penguin Island (Wednesday)
Dragons can be found in the Weekly Dragon Island (Thursday)
Hermit Crabs AND Crabs can be found in the Weekly Crab Island (Friday)

All these "Days" and Timezones are in PST so if you are in Australia (like me) you may have to add a day.

Question: How exactly do you evolve ? Any Requirements?

Refer to the Fusion Materials for a full List! And look up the Blogs' Characters Section -> Evolutions.
You need those Materials to evolve, when your unit you want to evolve is MAX. Lv.
The Materials have to be in your box (1 of each) if you dont have all the materials you cant evolve and the evolve button and the unit is grayed out.

Question: How to get "the other" Evolution? 
Example: Golden Pound Usopp

Sometimes there are Alternative Evolutions which you can select by swiping from right to left on the evolution screen.

Example: Sanji, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper

Question: How to upgrade/switch /select other Ships?

To select a ship for your Crew press this Button

Question: What are Hits or Combo. Is it the same?

Combo and Hits are the same, just different translations. Its about the number of hits you do for example: Fighting a turtle and do just miss without tapin another character, it will hit the amount of combo/hits.

Arlong has 4 Combo/Hits and will deal 4 damage, while Luffy has 6 Combo/Hits and will deal 6 damage.

Question: How much time until "X" event ?

You can always see the server Time (for Global server: PST)at the Download page:


And also on the top sidebar of the Japanese and Global Blog.

Question: My Game is lagging, make it hard to Combo?

Turn of Sound/Music /SFX in your Option ingame, and same even while in a fight, may help !

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