LINE Messenger got his own OP:TC server

Official Download:

Unofficial Download:

Since Version 3.0.0 it has following features:

  • English Language and Thai Language
  • Auto Battle
  • Multipull
  • Free 45 Devilfruits in total for inviting 100 people through the LINE Messenger App
  • Ranking Missions
  • Story Isle Missions
  • Never have to issue a password again due to LINE ID
  • You must register a LINE account to save your account progress
  • You can not reroll a new account. (Except you make a new LINE ID)

Auto Battle
Already cleared chapters can be fought by CPU. From bottom left to top right it will do combo RANDOMLY from GOOD up to PERFECT but never MISS.

1 Gold Poster guaranteed when Rare Recruiting for 25 gems at once.

And hopefully Zephyr + SW characters to come. I'm actively playing it.

Interested in another server?
There is a new OPTC Korea server opened since 25th May.

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