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Team Analysis

Towel Nami / Happiness Punch Nami is a solid and probably best INT Unit until now. Beside of her glare and appeal. Giving INT Teams a powerful 2.5x ATK multiplier while having a 15 turn cool down special which converts weak PSY Orbs into INT Orbs, doubles ATK instead halving.

The other perfect Captain is Vista Flower Sword with heavy striking stats.
(HP: 2840, ATK: 1325, RCV: 185) makes him explode in INT Teams combined with Towel Nami and Nico Robin.  Captain ability let him power up  2x HP and 2x ATK of INT units.

Very difficult to setup
Similar to PSY Teams, by far this is the most relying rare recruit Color since you need at least one of the Captains to heavy crit even a Nico Robin. Only farm able Captain is Buggy : (

Future has come
As mentioned previously, the 2 batches were released and let INT Teams shine in all ways.
With a combo of Towel Nami, Vista , Nico Robin you can kill nearly any raidboss.

Decent Leader Skill
Towel Nami:  2.5x ATK
Vista Flower Sword: 2x ATK, 2x HP
Buggy: 2x ATK (Farm-able however)

Very Special Move Focused
Utilize power with special moves. Special moves can give INT teams some exceptional burst and/or utility when the time calls for it, turn delay with Mr. 3, Burst damage with Nico Robin, and orb manipulation with Nami, Buggy, and Broggy/Brain-point Chopper.

Units used in INT Teams
These units are judged based on usefulness to INT Teams

Nami Happiness Punch
Striking solid INT Captain. Multiplies the ATK of INT members by 2.5x.
Makes weak orbs to strong orbs by dropping her towel. Whaaaat?

Rating: 10/10 - Used as Leader + Orb Convertor

High stated, bulky, more than balanced INT Slasher, slices enemies to pieces. When used as a Captain, gives 2x ATK and 2x HP to all INT units.
Special useful for DEF enemies.
Rating: 10/10 - Used as Leader

Nico Robin
Wonderful and very rare INT unit to get. Can multiply all the ATK of INT members by 2x  for turn. Imagine a full INT Team with INT Orbs now x2 ! Her overall stats are absolutely nice also.
Rating: 10/10

Mirage Tempo: Nami
A very focused pick - only to be used against Purple Enemies that you cannot defeat. With their ATK nullifier, having at least one on your team will be extremely beneficial for future content.
Rating: 5.5/10

Thunderbolt Tempo: Nami
One of INT's heaviest hitters, Thunderbolt Tempo Nami is currently recommended in current INT Teams but will be ditched in favour of the new Characters when they arrive.
Rating: 8/10

Brain Point: Chopper
One of INT's Hidden Gems. Chopper is a Food Provider and when placed in the middle row and grant 3 units [Meat] Slots. This is used in tandem with Buggy's Chop Chop Carnival to have a board of Purple Orbs
Rating: 7.5/10

Chore Boy Helmeppo
A niche pick-up and used only for enemies with high defence. You likely won't see him being used often.
Rating: 3/10

Buggy the Clown
Second in command captain. Buggy has a 2x Boost to ATK of INT Units. The second best INT leader that will be used for some time as an Orb Converter
Rating: 8/10 - Used as Leader + Orb Convertor

Don Krieg
One of INT's hardest hitters. Krieg lacks a powerful Special but has high stats which can make use of Buggy's Orb conversion to great effect. A useful unit that is needed for INT Teams
Rating: 9/10

Really bad filler for those who do not have any other INT units.
Do you want to know who really shines?....
Rating: 1/10

Bazooka Marine Officer
While having no Recovery he has a massive ATK stat for a random pirate-evolution.
Also his Special is the same as Buggys. HA! And its even better farm-able.
Plus he, along with Tsuru, is currently the only Shooter Captain.
Rating: 8/10 - Used as Leader for Shooter Type + Orb Convertor

Grammer and spelling edits by Mikaiel.

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