The Start

Step 1:
Get through the Tutorial

You will fight through 3 Chapters then give Ruffy EXP to Max. him, 
then evolve him to the next Evolution.
Please dont just smash the button and read what shanks says.

Step 2:
The First Rare Summon Unit
(Throwing Luffy)/(Roll)

Nr. 5 in the menu

With this method you are able to get a RANDOM  unit from weak to strong.

There is a  Power Level which is displayed by Stars on the right side of a unit.
3 * = OK             
4 * = Strong        
5 * = Super Strong
6 * = God Tier

For your hard adventure it is highly advised to Roll a 5* Unit as a starter, everything 4* or below is weak and you will struggle on playing the game !

This image leads you to my designed tierlist of the best characters

Sidenote: its highly advised by all players above level 80 to start with a 5* though. not necessary to play the game. But since the 5* are a huge boost for your crew. Its even better to start with, instead of throwing away 80 fruits to just obtain a good unit !

To do so you have to Start over. 
Visit this Page by clicking on the image

Step 3: Beginner Event

Just tap 500 times on the Screen and
earn 5 Devil fruits .

Maximum is 5 Fruits!

500 MB of Gamedata are being downloaded in this procedure!

Step 4:
If you rolled a 4-5* Star Unit in your first Gacha or second Gacha

Consider anything can happen with your Account if you dont save it and support won't help you
But since a lot of beginners did not save their Accounts for 3months, 
they lost everything and have to start again!

To save your game ID and get a password, follow this guide:
TIPP: Purchase 1 Devilfruit with real money to have a bill that shows you are the owner.

Step 5:
Set up your Crew

There is a Crew limit which is displayed at the Crew Screen, bottom left.
example:  25/44

Each of your character has a cost and you raise your max. cost of a crew by leveling your account

Step 6:
Fight & Energy/Stamina and Devilfruits

Try not to die.... If you die you have the option to revive and go full hp for the cost of
x 1 ( it's not worth. seriously, except for a single copy of a raidboss ).

To NOT use the fruit, hit the right button, when you see the red text, select the left one.

this leads us now for the Energy/Stamina refill. If you have no left and tap on an isle to challenge
you have the option to refill fully for the cost of
x 1.

Spare all your daily free Fruits for something special, like the sugofest, in which you can aquire the strongest and exclusive most rare units in the game only !
(Doubled Rate Up)

Step 7:
More Character Capacity !

Here are just some simple picture of where to tap, to get 5 more Characters Slots / Capacity for the cost of 1 fruit.

Step 8:
Build up your Ship with Coca Cola !
you find them randomly from drops or the baloon phonesnails.

Upgrade ships with coke. however..

Step 9:
Get Usopp , Golden Pound (GP Usopp) !

To get him, play through the Storymode until you get him by finishing his isle.

To evolve him into Golden Hammer.
Max level  this:
 and evolve him to
To evolve this alternative way, swipe your finger from right to left on the evolution screen until you see 3 empty character images, hit evolve !

NOT this one !!!!

The fact why you need him in first line:

His Special Ability is a 3 turn delay on all enemies !

The Difference between Sogeking and Golden Hammer Usopp is:
Sogeking has a higher cooldown and deals a bit 10x damage to all enemies.

Step 10:
Enjoy one piece treasure cruise. On any Other Question Read this FAQ from Xystos.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Step 10 b:
If you cant find any helpful and try to figure out somthing else this long FAQ might help you:

One Piece Treasure Cruise Basic Survival Guide FAQ. V1.3

The current English version is playable until Arlong Park as of right now, it is not yet announced, but in a future patch, Logue town will be released and no doubt new events. More News on these as they are announced.

Experience Materials: Baby Turtles and Turtles. Currently these can be found on a variety of stages (refer to the blog for specifics, but the best know stages to farm these are Baratie-4 and Arlong Park-15. The Japanese release has a weekly turtle event which has not yet been made available to the English release and hence there are no turtle times. When it is made available, we will have an active calendar on the blog of the ongoing events and times.

*Please note that combining units of the same type (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple eg a red character such as Arlong being combined with other red color characters) will yield 1.5x experience while mixing colors such as powering up a blue character with red units will only yield 1.0x experience. Early on it is important to match colors when leveling units as Beli (the in game currency, not to become confused with fruit [gems]) will be a valuable resource early game.
Evolution Materials: Penguins and Crabs (Hermit and Large). Crabs can be found every Wednesday on a special island that is available for 24 hours every Wednesday. The drop rate of this island is much better than any standard stage and usually nets you around 1-5 captures. The capture rate is still random so it may be possible to not catch any, though that outcome is unlikely.

Penguins also have their own island on Thursday which follows the same premise as the crab island. Better catch rate than standard islands and it is available for 24 hours. Penguins can be farmed on a variety of stages, Syrupisland-1 for instance. For a complete guide of what color penguins appear where, please refer to the blog.

Rainbow Evolution Materials: As of now, there are “rare” evolution materials such as a penguin or hermit crab that come in a rainbow color. These can only be found on their special weekly islands and have a reduced drop rate.

*Special note- Dragons are also an evolution material that can only be found on their special Friday weekly island. Dragons are used for the later evolutions in the game (Ace’s 4 star form to his 5 star form) and as such should not be a high priority to farm. Occasionally you will want to know which you will need so you can try for them as they become available and are needed. Check your evolution screen if you ever want to see if you need these.

Farming basics: While farming is an intricate part of the game, we highly recommend farming the weekly islands as it is possible to spend a great deal of time and effort on standard islands only to have nothing or an undesirable drop (in the case where more than one turtle or penguin color are on the same screen at one time). There is not accurate drop rate table, but from experience, the drop rate is very low.
The listed weekly islands schedule can be found on the blog.

Characters: there are currently, as of this writing, 183 characters in game (this includes all evolutions eg 3 and 4 star Arlong). This will grow with the release of each new island and event release in the future. Of those, 47 are obtainable through rare summons (based off three stars and more rarity with the exclusion of three star no name characters). These are:
Luffy ✩✩,✩✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩✩
Zorro ✩✩,✩✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩✩
Nami ✩✩,✩✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩✩
Usopp ✩✩,✩✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩✩
Buggy ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Dacing Jango ✩✩
Catain Claw ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Kreig ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Hachi ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Arlong ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Tashigi ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Smoker ✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Miss Wednesday✩✩,(Vivi)à✩✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩
Ace ✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩✩
Shanks ✩✩✩✩,✩✩✩✩✩,

For more Character information, check out our character tier guide which recommends the best captains available to date.

Character Skill levels:
By combining the exact same character, a character that eats the other has a small chance to gain a skill level. Each skill level gained lowers the time it takes you use a special by one turn. Each character is different in how many skill levels they have before reaching max and there is no sure fire way to guarantee any skill levels. Additionally, if you have two characters such as a four and five star which share the same exact skill, a skill level can also be gained. You should be careful when combining units together as some units that share a name such as Usopp and his higher star versions all have different skills and cannot level each other’s skills up.

*Please note that skill books, though still unavailable will work the same way. The will have the portrait of the character they belong to and to date only work to Skill up he pictured character. Additionally, these books yield 5000 experience so they are also useful in the event you do not have the character or have maybe been lucky enough to max a skill as the game progresses.

*Currently there is no good way to invest in farming characters for skill levels. Later on, events will release skill books which will allow farming for skill points easier, though a skill up is still very rare. Even combining a qualifying unit together x5, x10 times may only yield one skill level up or maybe none. If you get lucky you might even get more then 1. Later on as the system for skill points becomes more necessary, it will be covered in more detail. Right now no one should be focusing on raising skill levels as it would be nearly impossible to both farm and raise levels.

Fruits and Friend Points (to save them or spend them?):
Friend points are slow and easy to come by and so are fruits too. On average you will get one fruit each day. Occasionally, you will receive additional fruits for things such as login streak bonuses and for the clearing of story mode and the competition of story mode islands (the competition bonuses are coming soon, but are not on the current islands).

You can do four things with fruit: First, you can refill your stamina: “1” fruit will completely refill your stamina (this is recommended when you wish to farm islands). Currently there are no island bonuses, but in a future update they will introduce such bonuses such as double Beli ($$$), double experience, and double drop rates (This can help you farm for story charters you may later want).

Second, you can buy additional character storage space (5 spaces for “1” fruit”). Early in the game this is not necessary, but there will come a point after collecting a few characters where you will need to invest some fruit to expand your box. I recommend a higher number for collectors/hardcore players and around 20 free slots on top of your normal size collection for casual players.

Third, and this one is important but also luck based, you can summon a three star and above character for “5” fruits. Early on I highly recommend doing a few pulls for rare characters to build a team of three star plus characters to make the later stages easier. Later on however, you will want to wait for special character events such as color rates up and such that will be introduced in a later update.
Lastly, you can use “1” fruit if you die on a stage to continue. This use is highly discouraged with the exception of if something has already dropped and if the character is worth the whole fruit. At this stage in the release of the game, I would not use any fruits to continue. You can instead refill your entire energy bar for the one fruit and get a few more tries. Later when special bosses and such are released, this is also something that becomes more valuable when collecting stronger characters (more on that later).

As far as friend points are concerned, your bank of these points slowly fills up each day. There is a cap of 10,000 Friend points and you will receive no more points until you make room for new points to be added. The friend pulls you can do will never bring you anything good. All the characters in the friend pull are 2 star and below. We recommend to save these points however as there will be later events where Experience and Evolution materials will be added to the list of possible pulls. During this time you can get Turtles, crabs, penguins, and dragons. As these events are released, more information about the dates will be released on the blog.

Boats and Cola:
Boats play a minor role early game, but can make a difference for your team in late game. You gain a number of boats throughout the story and are free to use whichever you like. Additionally, as you play through the story, sometimes enemies will drop chests. Instead of getting the character drop, you will receive a cola. These are used to level up boats you have at your ship yard.

One of the well rounded boats as it is useful by every team build is the Going Merry. Initially at low levels, it does not do anything special as do none of the other boats, but if you manage to level this boat up (more on leveling boats in a moment) you will gain additional boat bonuses such as increased attack power for your crew. To see the full list of boat levels and rewards, check the boat page on the blog. As a beginner boat and also a useful veteran boat, you can never go wrong with the Going Merry.

A quick overview of each ship:
Boat with Barrel: boosts your team’s recovery (how much health you get back when you eat a meat).
Going Merry: Adds to your HP by increasing your overall total and at max level boosts your entire team’s attack by 1.5x
Marine Ship: Adds directly to the attack power for shooting type characters and at max level boosts your total HP by 1.5x
Barratie: Only has one effect to boost your team’s HP. At max level you will gain 4000 additional HP.
*Please see the ship guide for the level by level breakdown.

Leveling your boats:
Once you have enough Cola, it’s time to try and level up your boat. Unlike character experience that is a 100% guaranteed thing, leveling up your boat comes down to luck and seems similar to skill levels. Once you tap to level up, you will either see a silhouette hammering on your ship (you have successfully gained a ship level –max of 10 per ship), or Usopp walking by (you failed to level your ship and lost Cola in the process). 

You only have a chance of gaining a level each attempt you make and nothing is guaranteed. Another point worth mentioning is, the higher your ship level, the higher your chance to fail leveling up. For this reason, many people’s boats sit at level nine for a long time where as other are lucky and manage to level up on their first try.

This guide should cover the basics and any more detailed information specifics can be found on the blog regarding most things.

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