Kalifa's Secret Assignment!!~

Fortnight Island
   Kalifa's Secret Assignment

Global has finally obtained its' first Fortnight island with a condition!! Enter Kalifa's Secret Assignment - the newest installation for One Piece Treasure Cruise!!



Beautiful Secretary Kalifa
Classification: DEX Fighter
Health: 1,728
Attack: 963
Recovery: 378

Captain Skill: Receive 15% less damage from all sources; Heal 1000 health at the end of each turn

Special (25 Turns -> 18): Change all orbs to [DEX] or [STR]

A highly valued DEX unit - She is similar to Garp and can manipulate an entire team's orbs as she so wishes. Usually seen in DEX teams paired with Chef Zeff or Izo of the Flintlock Pistols. Generally her "orb manipulation combo" is outclassed by the Trafalgar Law with Scratchman Apu combo (which will be available next batch). Nonetheless a good unit to pick up and collect.


Paulie: Dock No. 1 Mast Foreman
Classification: DEX Striker
Health: 2,300
Attack: 1,070
Recovery: 231

Captain Skill: Striker Characters gain 2x ATK

Special (20 Turns -> 15 Turns): Lock all orbs for 1 turn

The DEX Orb-locker. Paired with the team orb manipulation from Khalifa, this unit's special can become extremely powerful and not something to be underestimated. He has solid stats and is a unit you want to collect before this island goes away.

Note: Not all skillbooks are listed - however the units that are notable will be listed

Initial Cooldown
Max Cooldown
Blamenco of the Mallet
"Diamond" Jozu
Monkey D. Luffy: Gum Gum Balloon

Conditions: You may only bring STR units into this island

Overall Kalifa's Secret Assignment is one of the longer (and more boring) Fortnight islands to play. However, it does net some nice units. It's fairly easy to plow through if you have a half-decent STR teams and should be fairly simple.

Pictures are credit of GameWith

Stage 1/10

Fairly standard mobs.

You can stall a turn here for your specials
Stage 2/10

Another mob stage but comes with a Pirate Penguin

Yes - the penguin is droppable
Stage 3/10

More mobs!!

Stall without taking damage where possible
Stage 4/10

Mobs with a Teenage Turtle

Clear all mobs and stall on Turtle as situation sees fit.

Turtle has 9 HP
Stage 5/10


Kalifa is basically a "tankier" mob without any pre-emptive attacks or special.

She is fairly tanky (approx 200,000 HP) and deals 3,030 damage per hit.*

*Health to be confirmed on island release.
Stage 6/10

Back to mobs!!

Stall again as needed - otherwise just plow through
Stage 7/10

6 Clown mobs. You should be able to clear without taking any damage.
Stage 8/10

Crab with mobs

While it likely won't come up as a concern, clear the Big Green Mobs before they attack as they will lock all your units if given the chance.
Stage 9/10

Your last chance to stall any specials before you reach Kalifa.

Overall, this stage shouldn't pose much of a threat.
Stage 10/10

BOSS: Kalifa
Health: 664,000
Attack: 4,044
Special: 5,790

Preemptive: Change [Meat]/[Tandem] orbs to [STR]
Change all other orbs to [QCK]

It would be very beneficial to own Blamenco for this battle. In either case, this fight shouldn't pose much problems. As long as you have a decent STR team - this fight should be a snap.

Health: 300.00
Attack: 5,050

This is a fairly easy fight - he does do a bit of damage but overall won't do much.

His attack interval begins at 2 but climbs to 3 after he attacks.

This means that he'll likely only be able to hit you once before your team pulverizes him.

Fairly easy

Khalifa Stats on difficulties
HP: ~35.000
ATK: ?
Special: 1.430
HP: 150.000
ATK: ?
Special: ~2.230

Be careful. Once she is below 50% HP she will continue with specials only
4/7 Stage:

HP: 170.000
ATK: 2.120
Special: -

7/7 Stage:
HP: 220.000
ATK: 2.970
Special: ~4.050

HP: 664.000
ATK: 4.044
Special: 5.790

Recommended Units

Unfortunately, you are only allowed STR units in this island - so the teams really do vary based on the units you have in your box. As such we will recommend units opposed to actual teams.


Blamenco of the Mallet

 Probably the most useful unit you could bring into this island. With Kalifa's annoying orb manipulation, Blamenco could make the fight (and therefore the island) a whole lot easier. Not to mention there aren't many STR leads you could use yet currently.


Monkey D. Luffy: Gear Third

Arguably the best lead for this island. A Gear Third team with a half-decent STR team should have no problem and perhaps even complain that this island is too easy!!



While I consider Whitebeard "overkill" for this island... I find Whitebeard's use as a crewmember/sub unit is very useful due to his high stats and strong special. As a captain, he may be inefficient due to his generally slower clear speeds (due to needing to drop to 30% health).


Saw-Tooth Arlong: Shark ON DART

The final unit on the list - Arlong is in here due to his astronomically high stats. As one of the top 5 in the Attack stat, it's almost crazy not to put this monster in. He comes cheap (in cost), fairly easy to grab and use. Also doesn't have crazy negative recovery like Monster Chopper :p!!

We want to wish you luck with Kalifa's Secret Assignment!

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