Dark King's Training Tour

Dark King's Tour Event
October 1st (0:00) - October 14th (23:59) PST 
Events Notes
Free Gems Everyday!
If this follows JP, we will get 130,000 XP for each run (use all of your stamina if you'll level)! You can only run it once on each date and it will remain open the whole day. "Rookie" Difficulty so it will be easy.
Oct. 2nd, Oct. 6th, and Oct.12th 
*50k XP per run Confirmed*
Throughout this event, if there is no designated Bonus Day for a Story Island, it will have Double Drop Rate instead! Use this chance to get the units you need!
2x Chance for Super Success! Not the one we wanted.. but it's still nice.
Throughout this event, you will get the following when you login:
1x Cola
1x Cotton Candy (HP)
10,000 Beli

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