2Days December Sugofest

8th December (19:00 PST) to 10th December (18:59 PST)
Nothing new, nothing special. But if you pull the boosted units,
they are almost Max. Leveled!

(I just don't know if you still can get Log Nami, Log Usopp, Log Brook) : /

This Sugofest will feature a Rate-Up on ALL STR Units currently available. All STR Units will be pulled at Level 20! Rate boosted Units provided below are pulled at Level 50!!!
Very nice chance to pull some Log Luffys and Whitebeards.

The Units available are:


Monkey D. Luffy Voyage Log Straw Hat Pirates (STR) 
Boa Hancock (QCK)
Sengoku (PSY)
Silvers Rayleigh (INT)
Edward Newgate (STR)

If you pull them, this time you will get them at Lv. 50 !
Same for these units:

5* Units

Note both the 4-Star AND 5-Star will have their rates boosted

Jinbei Warlord of the Sea (QCK)
Bartholomew Kuma Warlord of the Sea (STR)
Gecko Moriah Warlord of the Sea (INT)
Flintlock Pistols Izo (DEX)
Rakuyo Morning Star (PSY)
Trafalgar Law ROOM (DEX)
Bepo Martial Artist (STR)
X-Drake Red Flag (INT)
Urouge Mad Monk (PSY)
Killer the Massacre Soldier (QCK)

4* Units

Jinbei (QCK)
Kuma (STR)
Gecko Moriah (INT)
Izo (DEX)
Rakuyo (PSY)
Law (DEX)
Bepo (STR)
X-Drake (INT)
Urouge (PSY)
Killer (QCK)

Basically just Warlord of the Sea + Worst Generation Rate Up + Rakuyo
Finally, we just want to wish you all the best of luck with pulling these units (if you decide to pull). And as usual, good luck and have fun!

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