Batch Review: Baroque Works

Batch Review
   Baroque Works Batch

Honestly... This came out a lot earlier than my predicted date... Even I'm shocked! Nonetheless it has been announced - The Baroque Works Batch will come out next week (24th Febuary: 17:00 PST).
So are any of these units worth the Fruits?

Mr. 5 - STR Fighter (Shooter When Evolved)

Mr. 5
Rarity: 3-Star/4-Star
Colour: STR
Type: Fighter/Shooter when Evolved

Stats (Based on 4-Star)
Health: 1,120
ATK: 943
Recovery: 180

Leader Skill: STR Characters gain 2x ATK
Special Move: Deal STR damage equal to 20x this Character's ATK.

Mr. 5 is the first of the new units. He has usable stats but isn't that all fantastic. He is however, a great filler for STR Teams and can even lead them (if you don't have Luffy Gear 2). In any case, he will probably stay as a filler unit as units like Arlong and Luffy can outclass him as top-dog. His 4-Star being a Shooter really limits his potential as Shooting teams aren't exactly popular and STR teams will only use him as a filler.

Farmable?: In Future Content
Future Potential: Low
Overall Rating: 5/10

Miss Valentines Day - QCK Fighter

Miss Valentines Day
Rarity: 3-Star/4-Star
Colour: QCK
Type: Fighter

Stats (Based on 4-Star)
Health: 1,324
ATK: 787
Recovery: 198

Leader Skill: Fighter Characters gain 2x Health
Special Move: Convert all [Meat] Orbs to [QCK] Orbs

An interesting Orb Converter for QCK Teams. Used with Johnny, you could double the damage of your Heavy-hitter units. Valentines Day is a fine addition to the QCK Teams that can be used as a Support Unit that can hit for some damage. In a multi-coloured Fighters Team, it can be a bit tougher to use her special properly, but if you position her team mates around her well - Sanji/Ace, you could help them our there as well.
Overall a nice decent new unit that can be considered as a Support.

Farmable?: In Future Content
Future Potential: Decent
Overall Rating: 7/10

Mr. 3 - INT Slasher

Mr. 3
Rarity: 3-Star/4-Star
Colour: INT
Type: Slasher

Stats (Based on 4-Star)
Health: 1,394
ATK: 818
Recovery: 176

Leader Skill: Receive 10% less damage from INT Characters
Special Move: Delay all enemies by 1 Turn

Mr. 3 is one of those characters that's used occasionally in JPN Teams today. Many people have realized that the Slasher Teams isn't one for utility - well Mr. 3 has some... but not a lot. The 1-Turn delay is obviously weaker than Golden Hammer Usopp - but is more "tailored" to match the play style of Slasher Team's quick clear with a lower cooldown (13-Turns). In either case, Mr. 3 is fortunate to be a part of both the current top team (Slasher) and the up and coming team (INT) meaning he'll be a valuable pull either way.

Farmable? In Future Content
Future Potential: Good
Overall Rating: 8/10

Miss GoldenWeek - DEX Striker

Miss GoldenWeek
Rarity: 3-Star/4-Star
Colour: DEX
Type: Striker

Stats (Based on 4-Star)
Health: 412
ATK: 390
Recovery: 530

Leader Skill: DEX Characters gain 1.2x ATK and Recovery
Special Move: For 2 Turns, Half the defence of all enemies

Miss GoldenWeek is obviously a Support unit with weak attacking stats, However, she does have the highest Recovery in the game and a defence breaker for DEX Teams. This will help DEX Teams take down menacing "tanky" opponents like Smoker in future content. She's a really niche pick-up with not the brightest stats or leader skill. She's okay at what she does - "Supporting", but I wouldn't recommend her for a main team.

Farmable?: In Future Content
Future Potential: Niche Support...
Overall Rating: 4/10

Mr. 2 - PSY Fighter

Mr. 2
Rarity: 3-Star/4-Star
Colour: PSY
Type: Fighter

Stats (Based on 4-Star)
Health: 935
ATK: 709
Recovery: 302

Leader Skill: Receive 20% less damage from PSY Units
Special Move: Convert all [Meat] Orbs to [PSY] Orbs

Remember that Chopper/Guimon that was valued highly due to their Food Conversion skills? Well with Mr. 2, your whole team can have [PSY] Orbs which will double your team's damage! Combined with Shank's lead - Mr. 2 is really the unit PSY has been waiting for. Used today in the JPN Meta for the PSY One-Turn Knock-Out Team - Mr. 2 will prove a worthy investment time and time again.

Farmable?: In Future Content
Future Potential: Good
Overall Rating: 8/10

Miss All-Sunday (Nico Robin) - INT Fighter

Nico Robin
Rarity: 4-Star/5-Star
Colour: INT
Type: Fighter

Stats (Based on 5-Star)
Health: 1,865
ATK: 1,055
Recovery: 338

Leader Skill: INT Characters gain 2x Recovery
Special Move: For 1 Turn, All INT Characters gain 2x ATK.

The start of the rise of the INT Teams begins with Nico Robin. Her ability to double all INT's ATK for 1 turn is extremely powerful when combined with powerful allies like Don Krieg and Buggy. Add  the Orb-Conversion from Brain-Point Chopper + Buggy, and you can see why the team is considered the best team for killing Bosses. Nico Robin is still used (and is a staple) in JPN INT Teams today and will be the best pull from the batch.

Farmable?: No
Future Potential: Must for INT
Overall Rating 10/10

 I hope this will help people make their decisions whether they wish to use their hard-earned fruits for the summoning next week,
I will see you in the next batch of Rare Recruits - Straw Hat Pirates Version 2!!

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