Team Building Concept #2 - Leaders and Teams

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Team Building Concept
   Types Of Teams - Leaders and All!

Many of you have been asking opinions on teams, the best leaders, which crew-members. How do they work together? This article serves to answer all those questions.

The Current Meta

 The current Global Meta is very varied, there is no focus as everyone scrambles to form a decent team. But, in general here are the teams that are considered decent to the best (in no particular order) - Click on them to go into more detail!~

Listed are the best Leaders in the game with their teams.

On . Darts - Saw-Tooth Arlong
Slasher Teams

Probably the most popular and easy to make team at the moment. Many consider Slasher Teams to be the best. But who should go into a Slasher Team? Who is the best to use? What are the pros and cons?

Click for more details on Arlong Slasher Teams.

Chef Zeff
Fighter Teams

Running the Baratie is Chef Zeff. He's a Farmable Unit that grants a massive 2.5x ATK boost to Fighter Units. Who does Zeff want to hire for his restaurant? What are the Pros and cons?

Click for more details on Chef Zeff Fighter Teams.

Nefartari Vivi
Heal Teams

One of the more unique teams in One Piece: Treasure Cruise. Vivi teams have been most helpful for people struggling to kill Arlong. Mainly losing out to the more ATK-based teams. Why is it so?

Click for more details on Vivi Heal Teams.

Monkey D. Luffy (Gear 2)
STR Teams

Free starting unit for every account - Luffy makes a strong leader for any player running STR Units. He gives a boost that is equal to Arlong so why isn't he as popular?

Click for more details on Monkey D. Luffy Teams

Ashura Roronoa Zoro
DEX Teams

Obtained free for beating Captain Axe-Hand Morgan. Roronoa Zoro has arguable one of the most powerful Captain Effects in the game - 2x Health and ATK of DEX Units. But why is he not as popular as Arlong?

Click for more details on Ashura Zoro Teams

Portgaz D, Ace 
QCK Teams

Portgaz D. Ace is one of the Premium Units in the game. Many want to roll him due to his powerful 2.5x ATK to QCK Units. But why does everyone want him so badly?

Click for more details on Portgaz D. Ace Teams

Red-Haired Shanks
PSY Teams

Red-Haired Shanks is one of the most sought after units from Re-rolls. He may have a powerful Captain effect that grants 2.5x ATK to PSY Units, similar to INT Teams?!

Click for more details on Red-Haired Shanks Teams

updated for Strawhats v2 Batch

Happiness Punch Nami (Towel Nami)
INT Teams

Since the release of the Towel Nami, mixed with Nico Robin INT Teams became one of the Strongest. If not probably strongest versus Bosses in the game. Towel Nami INT team grants a
2.5x ATK boost to INT Units. Even without a Nico Robin very strong.

Click for more details on Towel Nami   INT Teams.

Gear 3rd Luffy
Independed Teams

Most fearful and powerful Captain for a long time.
With him as a Captain you can either become the best or the worst.  His massive 3.5x ATK multiplier can be useful/ useless and even end up in a Easy win or GAME OVER, if you dont hit "PERFECT-Combos",  read more:

Click for more details on Luffy Gear 3rd Teams.

We hope that this can help players with deciding which leaders to roll for, what type of team to aim for and solve many concerns.

Best of Luck!!~

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