Supernova Part 1 - Batch Analysis!!

   Supernovas Part 1 - Batch Review/Analysis

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With the global twitter account teasing what is very clearly the Supernova Part 1 batch of units, this would be a good time to go over what we know about these 5 characters and whether it is worth pulling for them. 

Before we jump into each of the characters, it is important to establish that based on my personal opinion, a Class boosting captain ability trumps a Type boosting one. This is because a Slasher or Fighter team will have an easier time progressing through the game and various fortnight islands than a STR or QCK team would. There are obviously situations where a single Type team will be more favorable (such as 24 hour raids), but overall a team built around Class will get you more mileage than one built around Type.

In addition, not all stats are considered equal. For the most part, ATK > HP > RCV. However, there are many occasions where a unit’s abilities will more than make up for stats (Golden Pound Usopp). When building a team, you will usually want to have the hardest hitting units possible in combination with useful specials and captain abilities.

Now let’s see how good these 5 Supernovas are (Well 4 + a bear).

(Any and all scores are based off current content as well as personal opinion and thus can and will change with additional releases):

Rarity Level Health Attack Recovery
4 1 108 108 35

70 1,290 798 108
5 1 1,202 730 75

99 2,071 1,343 200
Captain Ability All Strikers gain 2x ATK and 1.5x HP
Special Deal 25x this Character's ATK as PSY to a Single Enemy; For 1 turn: Strikers gain 1.5x ATK

The owner of the Cheshire Cat-like smile is none other than the “Mad Monk” himself, Urouge. Much like his gigantic muscles might imply, he is a powerhouse coming to global to “strike” (hehe) fear into his enemies’ hearts. He certainly has the stats to back that up.

While boasting a good 2071 HP and 200 RCV, it is his fantastic 1343 ATK stat that should catch the eye of many players seeking to add a little “oomph” to their PSY teams. Upon release, Urouge will be the highest ATK PSY unit in the game, with Marco trailing behind by over 200 and Shanks by over 300. This makes Urouge a fantastic sub unit for mixed teams such as Gear 3/Whitebeard, or mono PSY teams headed by Shanks/Marco.

He also has the ability to head a crew of his own, offering a 2x ATK boost and 1.5x HP boost to Striker units. While this is essentially a weaker version of Ashura Zoro’s captain ability, the freedom to use different types of units will more than make up for the lack of HP in comparison. Urouge’s special which further adds a 1.5x ATK boost for a turn to Striker units while dishing out some single target damage will also be a happy addition to the Striker family. The only real problem is that there are currently no decent QCK type Striker units to round out the mixed type team, unless you are able to get Killer in addition to Urouge.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Ultimately, Urouge would be a great unit even without any captain ability or special in Global due to his fantastic stats and typing. PSY definitely needs some hard-hitters right now and the Mad Monk is a welcome addition. Also with the addition of Captain Kid coming shortly after in Supernova Batch Part 2, those who plan on pulling for the Master of Magnetism will sorely regret not also bringing along the man with the wings on his back to greet him.

Recommended Teams:

Gear 3 Team as a PSY sub unit
Whitebeard Team as a PSY sub (will also boost Whitebeard’s ATK with special)
Shanks/Marco Team as a sub
Striker Team as Captain (possible subs include Smoker, Alvida, Blamenco, Nami, Hawkins, Killer)
Kid Team as sub



Captain AbilityReduce all damage taken by 40%; Reduce Recovery by 80%
SpecialReduce all enemies' CURRENT HP by 10%; For 3 turns: Reduce all enemies' DEF by 50%

The next member of the Supernovas introduced is the “Magician”, Basil Hawkins. Through the usage of his voodoo dolls, he will be able to mitigate his enemies’ blows and send some punishment right back at them.

With 2480 HP, 1295 ATK, and 255 RCV, Hawkins has some very good stats for an INT unit. Much like the case with the PSY type, INT is also sorely lacking on heavy-hitters… well for the most part. While Urouge will become the strongest punch that PSY units get for quite some time, this is not the case for INT. The existence of Vista and his monstrous stats (2840 HP, 1325 ATK), means that Hawkin’s value is significantly lower than it otherwise would be.

However, there is still hope for the leader of the Hawkins Pirates. Although he starts as a Slasher class unit, upon evolution, Hawkins becomes the hardest hitting INT Striker in the game (until very recently in Japan with Aokiji). This means another useful addition to Urouge headed teams or even Kid teams in the next set of units. His special will also see some usage as a DEF reducer, and a decent HP-based percentage nuke, although not on the same level as Mihawk/Whitebeard’s.

As a captain, Hawkins is in many ways just an inferior Vista, so if you have the floral swordsman already, there is no reason to replace him. Of course with Hawkins’ damage reduction, although you are not limited to merely using INT type units, you will rarely (I cannot think of any) find a situation where you will want to use Hawkins as lead instead of a 2x ATK/HP captain. On top of that, the heavy reduction in RCV limits his ability to stall even with the damage reduction.

Overall Score: 7.0/10

To me, versatility is a big part of what makes a unit good. If a character is useless as a captain, they better be a FANTASTIC sub for me to rate them highly (Golden Pound Usopp). Hawkins is therefore just reduced to being a member of various teams, although a somewhat useful one. He will mostly likely see usage on Vista/Nami teams as well as future Urouge/Kid teams due to his role as a high ATK INT Striker. Ultimately, this would not be the worst unit to miss pulling.

Recommended Teams:

Gear 3/Whitebeard Team as an INT sub (mostly if you don’t have Vista)
Vista/Nami Team as a sub
Urouge (and later Kid) Team as a Striker sub



Captain Ability
All DEX Units gain 2.5x ATK
Keep any [DEX] Orbs, Re-shuffle all other orbs to [Meat], [TND] or [DEX]

The fan favorite, "Surgeon of Death", Trafalgar Law will also be out during this batch. While he may have the hearts and minds of his adoring fans, will his stats and abilities live up to expectations? Long story short: yes.

With 2052 HP, 1300 ATK, and 370 RCV, Law has some fantastic stats and will be a welcome member to any Ashura Zoro teams as well as to some Slasher teams. The only real concern is that with most Slasher teams running 2x Mihawk captains, having Law will give players a team that is half DEX and therefore less flexible. However, for a DEX team, Law is definitely a high value unit. And as a captain, his value goes up even further.

Much like Ace and Shanks do for QCK and PSY, Law gives DEX units a nice 2.5x increase. Like previously mentioned, I am not a fan of type captains compared to class captains, but they definitely have their uses. Whether it is for Kuro’s return, or for the eventual Hina’s fortnight island, a Law headed team will definitely be one of the fastest and efficient for clearing both. His special is also a useful orb converter, and when paired with Scratchman Apoo (who comes in the next batch), can change all orbs to DEX. But that’s only if you can pull both…

Overall Score: 7.5/10

A great DEX unit with great stats and the damage oriented captain for DEX teams, Law will be a solid addition to anyone’s roster. This paired with his orb conversion skill means that lovers of the DEX type will definitely want their hands on this shiny, new toy. The only real problem is that for a Slasher class team, there isn't any room for more DEX units, as two Mihawks will be sufficient.

Recommended Teams:

Ashura Zoro Team as sub
DEX Team as Captain

Slasher team as a DEX sub (if no Mihawk)



Captain AbilityAll Fighters gain 1.5x Health, ATK and Recovery
SpecialChange [PSY], [INT] Orbs to [STR] Orbs, Change [QCK] and [DEX] Orbs to [Empty]

Ah… Bepo. The navigator for Law’s Heart Pirates has finally been brought to One Piece Treasure Cruise. However, he is the only member of this batch to not actually be a Supernova. In fact, his bounty is only a measly 500 Beri. But that possibly shouldn’t matter, right? Well... let’s get into the martial arts bear, Bepo.

With 1880 HP, 1200 ATK, and 405 RCV, his stats are not the best. With the low HP and decent ATK, readers might point out that Bepo has fantastic RCV. He definitely does, but that doesn’t mean much. For the most part, RCV is a useless stat. Meat orbs are not reliable, and also not worth building a team around. With the exception of Vivi teams and incredibly precise dungeons where players will have to plan out each meat orb (such as the 0 stamina Whitebeard Training Dungeon), it is alright to ignore the stat. Of course, there will be times when you’re glad to heal up and stall, but that may account for 1/100th of the battles you will face. For these reasons, Bepo’s stats are unfortunately focused in an area that is undesirable in this game.

As a sub unit, Bepo can see some use mostly on STR teams. However, his special will only be useful in combination with Blamenco’s. With Blamenco special, Bepo can turn all non-Meat/TND orbs to STR. On Fighter teams, Bepo will just provide a decently statted STR unit, but is outclassed by Gear 2 Luffy (1772 HP, 1313 ATK), which is available to everyone for FREE.

As a captain, Bepo is quite lackluster because he offers a weaker ATK bonus than Zeff. In return, Bepo also boosts HP and RCV by 1.5x. While the HP is a nice bonus, the RCV is completely negligible, so Bepo can be seen as a weaker Ashura Zoro/Vista-like captain with inferior stats.

Overall Score: 4.5/10

I like Bepo. I really do. That being said, Bepo is pretty bad. Both as a captain and as a sub, he is outclassed by units that you don’t even need to pull for. The only real place he has is as an orb manipulator on STR teams. The apologetic bear will have to bow his head in shame as always, because I can’t find a good place where he fits in.

Recommended Teams:

STR Team as a sub (for orb management)



Captain Ability
After hitting 3 "Less than GOOD", Boost all unit's ATK by 3.5x
Reduce HP to 1; Deal 100x Killer's ATK to a Single Target

What. A. Beast. After analyzing Bepo, it is refreshing to look at a fantastic unit, both as a sub and as a captain. Killer may just be a member of Kid’s crew, but in this game, he is no mere pushover. How good is he really though? Let’s start.

With 2570 HP, 1449 ATK, and -200 RCV, Killer has insanely good stats. Some may look at his negative RCV as a cause for concern, but like previously mentioned, RCV is not that important. Also the great HP and fantastic ATK more than make up for it. 

Killer is a great unit all around and will find much use from not only QCK teams, but in Gear 3 and Whitebeard teams as well. Also being a QCK Striker (highest ATK QCK Striker in the game, even in Japan), he will also be able to add some solid firepower to Urouge/Kid teams. His special is also a nice finishing blow, as it will reduce your HP to 1, but deal 100x his base ATK as QCK to a single target. At level 99, this means 144,900 damage on a single target (not factoring in type dis/advantages), which is nothing to laugh at.

As a captain, all of the unfortunate souls who desperately wanted a Gear 3 Luffy, but were unable to get one, there is still hope in the form of this masked man. Working the opposite way, after a player taps faster than “Good” 3x, they will get the same 3.5x boost for the remaining units. However, this does mean that the highest the combo chain can reach is 1.6x compared to Gear 3’s 2.5x. For this reason, a Killer team will never be able to do as much damage as a Gear 3 team can. On the bright side, just like Gear 3, two Killer captains will increase the boost to a 12.25x multiplier, which still means lots of damage.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Killer is a welcome addition to QCK teams, as they are sorely lacking heavy hitters. The closest unit is Kuro, who trails behind Killer by almost 400 ATK. Everything Killer has and offers is something that the game really needs at the moment. Being both QCK and a Striker, while also have a fantastic (albeit risky) nuke, this is probably the best unit to pull during this batch.

Recommended Teams:

Gear 3 Team as a QCK sub
Whitebeard Team as a QCK sub (Negative RCV helps manage HP)
Ace/Jozu Team as a sub
Kid/Urouge Team as QCK sub
Killer Team as Captain

There you have it. Overall, these are some premium characters that any player should be happy to get (except Bepo). The only real problem is that for many of these characters, players will have to pull for additional units to unleash each Supernova’s maximum potential.
e.g. Kid for Urouge. Kid for Hawkins. Apoo for Law. Kid for Killer (… mostly you just need to pull Kid)

So I’m sure many of you just only have one question now: “Do I pull during this batch?”

That’s a bit of a difficult question. The units are quite good, but I would still rate the Whitebeard Pirates (sans Whitebeard) as a better batch (blame Bepo!). This does not mean that this is a bad time to pull, but that there may be better times in the future. Ultimately, it depends on what units you are missing and what you want. It also matters how patient you are. If you can afford to wait a few months and just be watching for a Sugofest that offers everything you want, there is no rush to pull during the release of these units. Even if you seek a full Striker team, it would be best to wait for a Supernova 1 + 2 combination batch release, which would mean Urouge, Killer, Hawkins, and Kid in the same pool. All with increased chances to be pulled!

Hopefully this post shed a little light on what is to come and gives you all ample time to prepare your teams (and your wallets). Good luck and happy gacha-ing!

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