Rush to the Top

Rush To The Top

Sept. 15th (0:00) - Sept. 30th (23:59)

Free Gems Everyday!
Cotton Candy Isle makes its debut in Global. In this isle the you will be able to get cotton candy and cola only. There will not be any regular enemy drops. This isle will appear for the whole day and each difficulty can be played only once that day.
Throughout this event, there will be a day set aside for Turtle times. (Mostly it will be one run only)
There is a chance to get keys in your mail box each day you log in to the game from Sept 15(0:00) - Sept 23(23:59)
You will be able to recruit evolvers and turtles in friend points these 6 days (Sept 24 [19:00]- Sept 30 [18:59])!

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