Version 2.3

Wow! We really took a huge step forward! JP just recently got some of these updates so we are getting these a lot earlier than expected! We have listed some of these changes below!

Version 2.3
September 15th (19:00) PST 
Updates Notes
Better Drop Rates during Weekly Quests! Now it's easier to get those evolution materials you need for your units!
2x EXP is now added to Bonus Time!
The number of crews you can save is now 8! Stamina Recovery is 5 minutes per Stamina! Passwords last for 3 months!
The long awaited Character Box Expansions has finally come to Global OPTC! The Box Space has now increased to a max of 300!
You can now evolve your Usopp Tabasco Star to Usopp Golden Pound! "Evolving accidents" and "not knowing GP Usopp is the superior Usopp" are now forgiven! You even get a free Tabasco Star Usopp to test it out!
On the Power Up Menu, units and books with the same special name are now highlighted so you know that they have a chance to Skill Up your unit's Special!
You can now see your Chest color and how many Chests you have left for Friend Games!
New Option to turn "Voice" On or Off.

Android Devices can now play with "SFX" on and have no glitches during battle!
New Options for Sorting your units!

Video about the New Version:


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