Bandai Trick or Treats Global (The Strawhats' House of Horrors)

Halloween Strawhats and Ivankov are right around the corner!!

Yes with the intensive Zephyr and Kimono strawhats preparation that global players have been doing for 2 straight months, Bandai drops a huge bomb on global with the announcement of Ivankov who is confirmed as the next raid boss! Also bandai has decided to troll further by dropping the Kimono strawhats as well. We will now be having the Halloween Strawhats instead .. Yes the ones that were just released in the JPN version. To summarise this update, here is what we will be getting:

Like always we will get a rainbow gem each day we log in.
The Halloween Strawhats are out in place of kimono strawhats and will most likely replace absalom.
10/13  19:00 PST
Cotton Candy is now droppable in friend point recruits from Oct 14 (19:00 PST) to Oct 21 (18:59 PST)
Following the Cotton Candy event, the 2x special up rate is back from Oct 21 (19:00 PST) to Oct 27 (18:59 PST)
And ofcourse.. instead of Zephyr we now have Ivankov as the new raid boss. So start preparing for the raid by building a good dex team! 
Oct 26 (19:00 PST) to Oct 27 (18:59 PST)

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