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Welcome to Log Special Sugofest, we have a 3 new units to play around with. They are some interesting type combinations that should be noted. This will be a post with all of their capabilities with a mini-review of the unit .

Sanji Voyage Dream: All Blue (DEX)
Classification: DEX Fighter
Captain Skill: Boosts ATK of Fighter characters by 2x, reduces damage received by 20%
Special (18 Turns ->15): Diable Jambe - Extra Hachis: Cuts the current HP of each enemy by 10%, changes QCK orbs into DEX orbs

Robin, Voyage Dream - 100-Year Void
Classification: PSY Fighter
Captain Skill: Boosts ATK and RCV of PSY characters by 1.5x, boosts chances of getting PSY orbs
Special (19 Turns -> 16): Cien Fleur - Spider Net Reduces damage received by 50% for 1 turn, locks all orbs for 1 turn

Tony Tony Chopper, Voyage Dream - Great Doctor
Classification: STR Fighter
Captain Skill: Boosts ATK of STR characters by 1.75x, recovers 750 HP at the end of the turn
Special (20 Turns -> 17): Cloven Rose - Palm Deals 20x character's ATK in STR damage to one enemy, reduces the defense of one enemy by 50% for 3 turns

With that, we wish you guys the best of luck with your pulls!

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