Global Tierlist

Judging characters by several "rules":
  • Character's Strength - Includes Stats, Captain Skill and Special
  • Character's Versatility - How many different types of teams will this character fit in.
  • Socket Collection Difficulty - How difficult it is to obtain free socket abilities throughout the game's content
  • Overall usability

"God" Tier  
Considered the best units in the Game. These generally are still around in the "metagame" and are formidable units.

Loyal Strawhat

Let's be honest. Usopp is the real king of pirates.
He's able to fit on any crew as a sub including 4 sockets to be filled to delay all enemies for 3 turns AND deal 10% current HP damage.
Max. special: 14 Turns to be ready.

He has one contra though. Cost is 27.
If you want him for Sengokus crew you must keep him at 4* with 3 sockets
Log Luffy
Log Luffy

Cpt. + Nuke + Orb Convert
Log Luffy has and will forever be the highest ATK boosting captain of this game. His Captain Ability allows to have a 4x ATK Boost for following characters when you hit in this correct order:
This powerful boost is the best you can get. But if you fail in midcombo and do not hit the correct chain you have a risk you must live with.

Cpt. + HP Cut
Whitebead can clear any island that allows this beast to enter without much problem. With a possible 3x ATK boost to all units from his Captain and 30% health reduction from his special, he truly is the Strongest Man in the World.10/10
Silvers Rayleigh

Cpt. + Chaincombo
Rayleigh is the Right Hand of the former Pirate King. He (like Whitebeard) can clear any island that allows him to enter without much issues.
He has a unique combo chain multiplier mechanic that can enable him to use any unit in the game. In addition, this mechanic allows Rayleigh teams to dish out incredible amounts of damage which solidifies why he is one of the most wanted units in the game.
Sengoku- The Buddha

Cpt. + Nuke + ATK
The Resourceful General of the Marines. Sengoku is an extremely versatile unit with the ability to use any units as long as the Cost is 20 or below. His Special deals decent nuke damage while boosting all units’ ATK by 1.5x which is a very highly prized/valued special. Since the buffed update he even boosts himself by 3x ATK.
That being said - he is undisputably one of the strongest units in the game without a question.

Low cost may be a pro /con but usualy those units are easy to socket abilities on and good to farm as free to play.
SW Ace

Cpt. + Orb Fix + Nuke
SW Ace boosts HP of Shooter characters by 1.5x and their ATK by 3x if they have a matching orb. By 2x otherwise.

This may be a curse, may be a mighty weapon. Using the correct subs in your team is a MUST and you must be at least pirate lv. 180 to use a decent team.

Reduces crew's current HP by 40%, deals 15x the amount of HP subtracted in typeless damage to all enemies, locks all orbs for 1 turn.
Pair him with Zephyr as a sub, Heracles for Orb switch and an orb booster like Franky of the strawhats.
Fujitora Admiral

Cpt. + HP Cut
Fujitora brings a HP buff by 1.5x and ATK 1.5x  to Driven characters.
When you have matching orbs ATK is buffed by 3x. But that's not all! He also makes [Mea] and [TND] orbs matching orbs to Driven characters! Which actually means a higher probability of getting the 3x buff.

Also Fujitora brings probably the most broken special of all time which will cut all enemies HP by 20% and by another 20% on each end of turn for 3 turns..... that's umm... let's say 50% HP cut in total. While doing damage your enemies should be around the 30% mark and prepare for your final blow.
Heavenly Demon

Cpt. + Driven + Orb change and boost
Flamingos better version gives even more utility than our beloved Raid Flamingo.

Grants 3x to Driven characters when hitting PERFECTs, but loses the effect after not hitting a PERFECT, which means you can't rescue in midcombo still like as Gear 3rd.
So his captain might be too dificult to play with, except you're trained.

His massive utility lies in the special. Same as raidboss doffy he will boost Orb effects by 2x.
But here it comes. He also changes nearby Orbs to matching ones!
How crazy is that?

And here comes the best. His initial cooldown is only 20 which can be lowered by skillbooks to 15 !

QCK, Driven or Cerebral crews will have a guaranteed finishing move with this special.
Logia Crocodile

Cpt. + Cerebral + ATK Boost
Crocodile blooms at low HP exponentialy. While at 100% HP he grants only 2x ATK to Cerebral characters, at 1 HP he grants 3.25x ATK to them.
Also he is his own crew's ATK Booster depending on your HP.
If it is below 30% the ATK Boost is 2x for 1 turn while also attacking all enemies.
Which means you only need the strongest Orb boost , orb changer and something to bring you down to 1 HP.

Bad thing is, all the necessary characters are Rare Recruits
Knight of the Sea

Cpt. + Fighter + Full Orb
Boosts ATK of Fighter Characters by 2x, and their HP by 1.5x. If HP is above 70% or below 30%, boosts ATK of Fighter Characters by 2.75 instead.  Which means you almost always will have the 2.75x Buff. and the 1.5x HP buff is kept always.

Special granting all Fighters matching orbs which makes him so powerful to be at 9.9 in this list and above Mihawk.
Dracule Mihawk

Cpt. + Slasher + Nuke
Mihawk still boosting Slashers but is so much stronger than the raidboss one.
Boosts ATK of Slasher characters by a variable factor between 2x and 2.75x based on the timing of the attack of the previous unit in the chain.
A hit below Good or a Miss will boost the ATK of the next unit by 2x, a Good hit by 2.25x, a Great hit by 2.5x and a Perfect hit by 2.75x. This bonus is applied only to Slasher characters.

Deals 50% of the (normal attack) damage dealt in the previous turn as typeless damage to all enemies.
SW Shanks

Cpt. + PSY + Special
Strong World Shanks may be a similar risky Captain like Boa Hancock
but with a very special Captain Ability. 2.75x ATK at 100% HP,  and a minimum of 2x ATK at 1% HP and raising PSY Orbs to a high chance to obtain.
Special Ability: 35x ATK to all enemies and destroys their defense for 2 turns.
Remember young Sabo?
Together they give a 90% chance to Full PSY Orbs for 3 turns.
And there is also Garp which is veeery good to combine with.

It may be a risk when using Marco (Same as Boa) when falling below 70% HP. So make sure to bring def or healing members.

Selfish Idiot
/ Silent Killer
He boosts ATK of STR, DEX, and QCK characters by 2.5x, but boosts his OWN attack by 4x.... but this won't work for the friend Cavendish if you use your own as captain.
Your Cavendish will have an 10x Boost and the friend Cavendish will have the 10x boost.
So your main damage dealers are Cavendish only.

Rest of crew gets the 2.5 * 2.5 = 6.25 which is quite solid already.

The Special works ONLY for him SELF not the other cavendish as friend:
Removes all positive buffs on your team.
Deals 15x the character's ATK as Typeless damage to all enemies.
Boosts Cavendish's ATK by 1.75x for 2 turns,
amplifies the effect of Cavendish's orb by 1.75x for 2 turns,
locks his orb for 2 turns,
 and changes own orb to QCK.

Use cavendish special before applying any buffs or you end up wasting your buffs before.

Cpt. + Survive + Nuke
One Piece Fan#1, Bartolomeo is as interesting to use as Corazon, but as powerful as Mihawk. Too bad the sockets are not so easy to aquire.
He can be used as a captain or sub.

His captain ability grants an ATK Buff depending on the number of Strikers in your crew.
ATK boost with himself only is 1.25x.
With 2 Strikers: 1.5x.
With 3 Strikers: 1.75x.
With 4 Strikers: 2x.
With 5 Stikers: 2.5x.
With 6 Strikers: 2.75x.
And if you don't attack with Barto he will reduce incoming damage by 30% which results in easy stalling.

Protects from defeat for 1 turn (if it's one hit only), and deals several times character's ATK in Typeless damage to one enemy.
The multiplier is calculated as: 150 * ( 1 - (remaining HP) / (total HP) )

Rob Lucci CP9
Strong Gen.

Cpt. + Powerhouse + Nuke + Special
Before you read here, note his Captain will turn your crews RCV to 0!
Grants Powerhouse characters an ATK boost of 3x on matching orbs.
2.5x ATK otherwise. Still a remarkable strength which replaces the weaker SW Luffy.

Relies a lot on members of CP9 e.g. Jabra or Bruno
Marco 1st Division

Cpt. + PSY/QCK + Heal + Orb Boost
Marco the Phoenix 1st Division of Whitebeard Pirates became a 6 star Legend and a quite good tank. He can heal with his special up to 44500 HP when he is maxed lv.99.
And he is an orb booster, which means you do not need a sub with this special or even use more.
Marco buffs 2.75x ATK to PSY and QCK units when above 70% HP and reduce damage received when above 70%.
Sabo 2nd of Revolution Army

Cpt. + Free Spirit + ATK Boost
Since we own a lot Free Spirit characters sabo is usable in global. Yeay !

Giving all characters 1.2x HP and RCV.
Free Spirit gets ATK 2.75x at 100% HP and 2x at 1 HP.

Special is surprisingly strong. First turn ATK is boosted by 1.5x.
But !  If you hit all PERFECTs during this turn. Next turn boost will become even 2x !

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Boost
Donquixote Do Flamingo. Has even higher stats as Mihawk, a similar Captain Effect. Boosting 2x ATK and 2x HP to Slasher. His Special is most broken one in Orb Boost category: Boost Strong/Weak Orbs by 2x and switch Orbs two times.
Even strong in non-slasher Teams!
Monkey D. Luffy: Gear Third

Cpt. + Stats
Similar to Whitebeard, Gear Third is widely considered the second strongest Captain.
He can give a possible 3.5x ATK boost to 3 units which gives incredible burst damage on your last 3 hits.
His Special isn't particularly special which really puts him beneath Whitebeard.
Golden Pound Hammer: Usopp

3 turn Delay
One of the best utility units in the game.
GP Usopp is here for his Special that delays all attacking enemies by 3 turns. At MAX level, this special can activate every 10 turns which is extremely powerful against Raid Bosses and foes in general.
A powerful F2P utility unit.
God Enel

Cpt. + Stats + True Damage + ATK Boost
Raid God Enel not as aggressive to play with as Monster Chopper.
He gives 2.25x ATK to QCK characters and Heal 5x his RCV at the end of turn. Nice, right?

But here comes the risk factor which makes you ready for a final strike or lose:
Reduces crew's current HP by 90%, deals 20,000 fixed damage to all enemies, boosts ATK of QCK characters by 2x for 1 turn

When the QCK ship arrives you have enough time to get the special ready and survive until the final strike...
Also he is the god of turtle princess destroyers.
Enel crews usualy do the same damage as Boa 6* crews while even healing far more.

These are the units that are some of the strongest in the game. They aren't the best, but they sure come close to the very best.

Def + Poison + DEF reduce
Imagine a Character that makes you feel like a worm… a bacteria… Well… imagine a Character like that on your side. That’s Perona. While her Captain Skill is pathetic, her special is really what brings her to Tier 1. She can reduce all incoming damage by 90% (which is insane btw), poisons them AND cuts their defense. She’s one of the best utility units in the game without question and will be used from time and time again.

Depending on situation she is exchangable with Kalifa..
Kalifa CP9
Strongest Gen.

Cpt. + Def
Best Cerebral Captain so far beside the Crocodile 6*
Boosting Cerebral ATK by 2.25x and RCV by 1.5x

And as i mention crocodile. She is predestined to be a sub in his crew.
Perfectly syncing with his Cpt+Special.

Activate special with remaining %HP and reduce % damage by:
100% HP to 50% HP = 50% DEF
49% HP to 10% HP = 80% DEF
1% HP to 9% HP = 100% DEF

Dracule Mihawk

Cpt. + Stats + HP Cut
Dracule Mihawk is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. As the first Raid Boss in the game, Mihawk grants 2.5x ATK to the Slasher type which makes him a viable Captain. In addition, he has a 30% health reduction as a special which would make him very similar to Whitebeard. However, due to Mihawk’s Captain Skill being worse than Whitebeard, Mihawk cannot be counted in the same tier as the Strongest Unit in the Game - but is still one of the most used and powerful units to date.9.0/10
Boa Hancock

Cpt. + Stats + Heal + Delay
Boa Hancock is one of the most sought after QCK leads or subs. With an good captain ability of giving 2.75x attack and RCV boost to both PSY and QCK characters.

With decent stats she is a great unit to watch out for. She lacks the ATK stats and/or ATK boosting though. And her heal per turn can't compete with God Enel. If you need QCK burst, go for Thatch instead.
Corazon Rosinante

Cpt. + Stats + True Damage + ATK Boost
The Zombie Crew Captain
Requires perfect subs and can deal with all Forest Challenges.
He is not meant to be a burst / damage captain nor has great 6* stats.
Functionality lies completely in Heals. Put those RCV candies into him!

Special is not so useful at all. You can get despair / chain sockets rather than using Corazon. But he heals a nice amount of HP having relatively low cooldown.
Tyrant (Raid)

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
One of my favorites.
Boosts ATK and HP of Cerebral characters by 2x, deals 5 times the damage received in the previous turn in STR damage to all enemies at the end of each turn.
Not good to stall for long. So he is even better as a sub.

Changes RCV, TND, EMPTY, BLOCK and BOMB orbs into Matching orbs, amplifies the effect of orbs by 1.75x for 1 turn.

Which means... you will have those matching orbs no matter what and boost them even.
Monster Chopper

Cpt. + Stats + Nuke
A powerful 3x ATK for STR units which puts Chopper on par with Whitebeard (in terms of ATK boost).
Chopper will cut your health at the start by 60% which is extremely detrimental and makes your team very fragile.
A lot of skill and care will be required for your team to use him effectively and is the only main flaw with this unit.
Golden Lion

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert +  ATK Boost

Solid 2x ATK, 2x HP to Driven characters captain.

Strength lies in the more and more markable anti matching orb enemies.
Shiki changes BLOCK, G, and BOMB orbs on Driven characters into matching orbs. Also boosts ATK of Driven characters by 1.75x for 1 turn and deals 30x typeless damage to all enemies.

You can also pair him with Lao G, converting the G orbs into matching ones.
Aokiji Iceman

Cpt. + Stats + Fix + ATK Boost

Aokiji, if you are able to get him, is one of the non-risk raidbosses you can get.
His captain will lend Striker 2x ATK, 2x HP. Very basic.
His strength is visible in the freezing special. Fix all orbs for 2 turns, boost Striker ATK by 1.75x for 2 turns. This will give you time to set up a neat combo... and just do the same on your next turn.

Expand this with additional characters whose special work for 1-2 turns to deal good damage.

Cpt. + Stats + Nuke
Highest HP amount you can ever have in combination with the shooter marine ship, but also receive doubled damage.
STR units:  HPx2.25 and ATK 2.5x.
He is extremely useful when the special cooldown is MAX'ed which boosts him into this tier if not even higher.
Also can even defeat Doflamingo & Mihawk raidbosses with the right team.
Zoro 3D2Y

Cpt. + Stats + ATK Boost + Orb Convert
Zoro 3D2Y brings in the long awaited Slasher ATK boosting special to utilize the both DEX Slasher gods, Mihawk & Doflamingo.

His special turn his own orb to [STR] and boosts Slasher according to the special stages:
1. Boosts his own ATK by 1.5x for 2 turns.
2. Boosts ATK of Slasher characters by 1.5x for 2 turns.
3. Boosts ATK of Slasher characters by 1.75x for 2 turns

Zoro can also be used as a strong captain, boosting Slasher ATK by 2.75x when below 30% HP.

Oh. did i mention the 1390 ATK ?
Also he's socketable easily
Caesar Crown

Cpt. + Stats + ATK Boost + H.Poison
Caesar is the master of "Driven" characters.
His stable captain ability boosts Driven characters ATK by 2.5x.
So far so good.

His special is by far more dangerous
Poisons all enemies and boosting ATK of Driven characters by 1.75x for 2 turns.
Enough time to blast 2 deadly turns.

Cpt. + Stats + ATK Boost
So long awaited Raid Zephyr. The best F2P shooter in the game for all time.
His stable captain ability boosts Shooter characters ATK by 2.5x.
So far so good.

Boosts ATK of Shooter characters by 1.75x for 2 turns.
Enough time to blast 2 deadly turns.
Can be used as captain alone or sub in SW Ace crews.

Only 2 sockets though.

Cpt. + Stats + ATK Boost
Momonga boosts ATK of Cerebral characters by 2.5x with his captain.

Deals 15x character's ATK in PSY damage to one enemy, boosts ATK of Cerebral characters by 1.75x for 1 turn.

This is a great Cerebral character if not the best F2P one boosting his own Cerebral crew. (Beside Kuma)

Can also be used in Slasher crews boosting just himself.
"Garp" The Fist

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Garp, The Fist is the Hero of the Marines. And as a Hero of the Marines, Garp is ready for battle. He grants all PSY Characters 2x ATK and HP making him the most-wanted and most-used PSY Captain - due to the color’s utility/out-sustaining nature. Even if you wanted to go for an offensive route, Garp can comply by giving all your units [PSY] or [Meat] orbs allowing you to choose if you wish to go for an offensive burst turn or a sustain turn. His flaws are that he’s old… and he cannot clear some islands in the game like Training Forests.8.5/10
Dellinger Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Karatefish Dellinger
boosts Powerhouse characters ATK by 2.25x and makes [TND] and [Meat] orbs act as strong orbs which boosts ATK by 2x.
Similar to Trebol.

But Dellinger provides a nightmare-like special.
Change all weak orbs to strong ones !
Which means you could actualy use him in any crew and in events where you get weak orbs. BOOM turn them into strong ones.
Jabra CP9
Strongest Gen.

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Boost
Monstrously utilizing CP9 Rob Lucci 6* and himself as a captain of Powerhouse crews.

Boost Powerhouse ATK by 2.5x
And he boosts orbs by 1.75x with a pretty solid cooldown down to 15.
I would definitly use him in a QCK crew as well and could rate him even a 9.0
The Strawhat

Cpt. + Stats + ATK Boost
The 2.5x ATK for STR Teams captain.

Has very nice stats and is a Princess Turtle killer dealing 25x true damage to all enemies.
reduce your own HP to 1% but boosts STR characters ATK by 2x for 1 turn.

Can also be used as a perfect character for Doflamingo raid.
Happiness Punch: Nami

Cpt. + Orb Convert
The 2.5x ATK for INT Teams captain.
Her Special changes PSY orbs to INT orbs which is a perfect addition to ensure powerful hits from the most aggressive Attribute.
Very strong but does lack power compared to some of the top dogs in S-Tier.
Trafalgar Law

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Trafalgar Law has competition with Ashura Zoro and to some extent Mihawk. His Special allows you to change your orbs to [DEX], [TND] or [Meat]. This is a very useful special and puts him above Roronoa Zoro as a unit.8.0/10

Combochain + Stats
Mini-Rayleigh , called Luffy.

Use him with a Rayleigh friend only.
Special kinda sucks but it gives you a bigger timewindow for landing PERFECTs. (Animation is kept the same)
"Iron Mace" Alvida, Smooth-Smooth Fruit

One of the good damage reducers in the game.
Used in all sorts of team before Perona.

Her special reduces damage by 80% for 1 turn.

She also has decent stats so she isn't a pure utility unit but a nice overall unit and fits into STR striker teams.
"Flower      Sword" 
Gran Vista

Cpt. + Stats + Fix Damage
Vista as a captain is used quite often. However, since INT generally runs burst teams - Happiness Punch Nami will be preferred. That being said, he's still a solid and fine alternative that will make INT teams super tanky. Another flaw is his "weak" special that does 5,000 fixed damage.8.0/10
Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert + Own ATK
It's time to degrade Kidd. Here comes Vergo
He grants 2.5x ATK to Striker class

He may not have that low cooldown as Kidd, but his special is better.

The special converts his own orb to [INT] and gives only himself an ATK boost of 2x for 1 turn.

Remember: ATK boost for 1 character can not stack with other crew ATK boosting specials.
Donquixote Pirates

Trebol. The snot king himself.
Boosts Driven and Cerebral characters by 2.25x ATK and makes [Meat] and [TND] orbs act as matching orbs to Driven and Cerebrals, while retaining their function to heal and tandem.
Has a similar cpt effect as Dellinger and can be really strong with orb changer to [Meat]..

His special changes your Captains Orb to matching one, locks all orbs for 1 turn and deals damage to all enemies.
Excellent use for a few ranking missions
Don Sai

Cpt. + Stats + ATK boost
Don Sai requires a bit of skill to hit PERFECTs only. He's a weaker Gear 3rd for Strikers and Fighters with a better special.

Boosts ATK of Striker and Fighter characters by 1.5x at the start of the chain, and by 3x after the 3rd Perfect.

Deals 20x ATK in STR damage to all enemies. For 2 turns, boosts ATK of Striker and Fighter characters by a variable amount depending on the current HP at the time the special was activated.
Trafalgar Law
Holy Night Nobleman

Captain + Heal
Christmas Special Exclusive!
Boosting ATK of Slasher by 2.5x but sadly can not compete with him. His special is well.. useless when you use the coffin ship.
Otherwise he may be the only Slasher who provides Captain & Friend Meat Orbs and Heals instantly 15x of his RCV.

Very Nice if you do not own Mihawk or do not use the coffin ship and need a RCV Slasher Team.

Stats Own ATK

Boosting his own ATK by 2.25x but reduces your HP to 1.
Literally dealing the final punch.
Sanji 3D2Y

Cpt. + Stats + ATK Boost
The Cook of Love strikes in as the best Sanji in the game.
The special boosts Powerhouse ATK by 2x for 1 turn and deal some damage to one target at Stage 2.
Stage 1 is not even worth mentioning, sorry Sanji.

So why did i put him up on Tier 1?
Not only his special is a blast, but also the captain effect can be used.
Boosts Powerhouse ATK by 2.25x , HP by 1.5x and Heals 2x his RCV each turn (up to 402 without CC).
Which makes him a viable captain to use while also have this great special.

Loyal Strawhat

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Boost
Changes own orb into STR, amplifies the effect of orbs by 1.5x for 2 turns. The best thing ever could happen for Shooters and SW Aces.

Being a heavy striking man with 1395 ATK is not enough. He is also a freedom character and grants Sabo 6* same utility as for shooters.

Also you can even use him as a nice STR captain, boosting ATK by 2.25x and deal some damage each turn.
Kaku CP9

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Boost
Kaku's Story STR evolution grants a captain ability of boosting Slasher ATK by 2.5x when having more than half HP left.  Well almost same as Mihawk.
If you run mostly a STR slasher team or use kaku as a sub you can make use of his awesome special.

Change QCK orbs to [STR] orbs and deal damage to all enemies.
Coming with 3 slots to wipe mihawk out of his Captain role.
Can't be bad to have additional abilities, right ?
Ivankov the Revolutionary

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Legit Free Spirit Captain or Free Spirit sub.
His Cpt. boosting Free Spirit character ATK by 2.5x
While the special may not be as good as others in this Tier.
Can heal up to ~4000 HP per turn for 2 turns and reduce damage by 50% for 2 turns. But also removes poison. May come in handy at some future content.

Cpt + Own ATK + Orb convert
Champion Kyros the 2.5x ATK captain.

Boosts ATK of characters with cost 30 or less by 2.5x
His special is similar to Vergo:
Deals DEX damage to one enemy, changes own orb to DEX and boosts own ATK by 2x for 1 turn

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Ivankov being placed here because of his high stats and be able to boost half of your crew by 2.75x ATK with his captain ability when hit combo in this order:
DEX -> INT -> QCK  with GOOD or better.
Do not miss and you will deal a good amount of damage.
Eustass “Captain” Kidd

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Kid has been outclassed by Vergo but still is a toptier striker.
He grants 2.5x ATK to Striker class which makes him a viable Captain. In addition, he has an extremely low cooldown special which converts his own orb to [STR] and deals damage. This special is useful in Striker teams due to type teams usually not being able to have efficient orb manipulation.

 These are the units that are neither here nor there... They are generally team-based/orientated Characters that will excel when used properly. Without the right usage, these units will drop to Tier-2.
Donquixote Pirates

Instant Kill Special
Sugar may not have a solid amount of HP or ATK. Neither her captain effect is overwhelming. But she has the most unique special of all.

She turns all enemies below 20% HP into *POOF...* defeated enemies.

That's right. She instantly kills them  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most violent crew Setup for specials only, reduce HP to 20% and use Sugar:

Units who can revive, will drop down to 0 HP and revive anyway.

Nico Robin

ATK Boost x2
Nico Robin is one of the most sought after units in the whole game because she is the essential of an INT team. Nico Robin’s Captain ability is nothing special boosting RCV of INT characters by 2 times.

But her special makes her worth the INT team. She boosts all INT ATK by 2x and is a unit with decent stats. Recommended usage is as a sub instead of a captain ofcourse. She is generally paired with Towel Nami.
Boosted to Tier 1.5 because Nico Robin is usable in a Rayleigh-INT Team which can absolutely burst absurd damage. Definitly nice to have her MAXed.
Usopp Impact Dial

ATK Boost x2
Usopp Impact Dial. Counterpart to Nico Robin, boosting PSY team by 2x ATK for 1 turn.
Represents all benefits from Robin just for PSY teams.
Just lacks a current extreme captain to be as powerful as a robin in an INT team

Cpt. + Delay + Lock + HP Cut
Not to understimate this little guy. He's strong!
Boosts ATK of Striker and Free Spirit characters by 2.25x and their RCV by 1.5x. Nice to combine with Marco 6* or Sabo 6* friend.

Also the special is a bit of a patchwork.
Stage 1: Delays all enemies for 1 turn. Locks all orbs for 1 turn. Cuts the current HP of one enemy by 10%.

Stage 2:Delays all enemies for 1 turn. Locks all orbs for 1 turn. Cuts the current HP of one enemy by 20%
White Bay
Ice Witch

Cpt. + Delay ATK + Silence/Chain
White Bay has the same Captain effect as Towel Nami boosting INT characters ATK by 2.5x. Special reduces chain and cpt. despair duration by 2 turns, boosts ATK against delayed enemies by 1.2x for 3 turns.
A very deadly sub and even deadlier captain.
Combine with delaying characters like GP Usopp
Marco, The Phoenix

Cpt. + Stats + Heal
Marco, The Pheonix a commander of the Whitebeard pirates and the bearer of the rare mythical zoan fruit is a very good unit to have on your team. With a 3x attack boost at full health, Marco is the INT turtle destroyer. Marco with his special can heal your crew back to full health hence regaining the attack boost if he is kept as a captain. But then why is he in tier 1.5 because his base cooldown is 30 and it can go down to a minimum of 20 turns.

Since most raid bosses have 5 stages or so.. stalling for 20 turns becomes a problematic endeavour. But still with his stats and his overall captain ability and special, the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates lives up to his name.
Senor Pink
Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Orb Boost
Senor Pink is the better Squardo for Fighters.
When below 30% HP, Fighter character get an ATK boost by 3x.

His special has a really low cooldown so there is no need to hunt for Skillbooks.

Special comes in Stages (only one special can be used):
1. Boost Orb effects by 1.5x and changes his own Orb to [PSY]
2. Boost Orb effects by 1.75x and changes his own Orb to [PSY]
Maelstrom Spider

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Boost
Maelstrom Spider Squardo
His strength lies in the brutal ATK stat of 1434.
Cpt. effect will 3x ATK boost for [PSY] when below 30% HP.
Within his special he will cut your current HP by 30% and boost Orbs by 1.75x. Carefully to use!

Cpt. + Stats +
The QCK and better version of Koala. Boosting Fighter ATK by 2.25x and HP by 1.5x. Also he recovers 2x his RCV each turn.

On last special stage he boosts Fighter and Shooter ATK by 1.75x for 1 turn.

(Do not use him for shooter crews as Zephyr is faaaar better)
Bartolomew Kuma, Under the Warlords

Cpt. + Orb Convert
Kuma is the only STR tank without a loss. With a 2x attack and HP boost, Kuma is a very commonly chosen leader for STR only teams and can easily tank damage and gives a decent damage output that is enough to clear most DEX bosses and a few raids like Mihawk.7.5/10
Koala Revolution Army

Cpt. + ATK Boost
Koala has the best fish- karate skills and is a born Fighter captain.
Boosting Fighter ATK by 2.25x and RCV by 1.5x.

If that's not enough the special will boost ATK by 1.75x for 1 turn.
Definitly a must have for fighters!

Replaced by Ideo for captain
Jimbe, Under the Warlords

Cpt. + Orb Convert
Jimbe is kind of like Zeff on steroids.. With a 2.5x attack boost he replaces Zeff for a fighter burst team. His special is a nuke with nifty orb manipulation that gives him a QCK orb hence giving him a sure attack boost for the next turn. However since fighters is the most unused class in the game we won’t see many Jimbe captains for raids. But nevertheless he is a very powerful fighter burst lead and is a definite must have if you have a great fighting subs ready.7.5/10
Boa Hancock
Wedding Dress

Orb Boost
Well she can't be used as a captain but is the most wanted top alternative to SW/Strawhat Franky boosting orbs by 1.5x for 2 turns.
Also heals up to 5000 immediately.
Log Nami

Orb Boost
Log Nami was difficult to tier along, but i will place her between the ATK Boosting Nico Robin and Orb Booster.
She deals 5000 true damage and boosts orb effectiveness by 1.5x for 1 turn.
Build in a team with Rayleigh, Nico Robin and heavy hitters you will deal unbelievable damage. Or just use Doflamingo...
Bruno CP9
Strongest Gen.

ATK Boost
Currenlty only usable in Rob Lucci / Jabra crews but his special and stats shall be presented to you.

Boost Powerhouse ATK by 1.75x for 1 turn and reduce damage by 50% for 1 turn.

His captain effect ain't that bad as well, but should't be used anyway.
Outclassed by 3D2Y Sanji.
Lao G
Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Lao G
There is the G!

Will bring G orbs to your whole crew with his special. You have bomb orbs ?
He makes them G!

You have black/Hindrance orbs?
Turn them to G!

G Orbs = 1.5x ATK
Matching Orbs = 2x ATK

Same captain effect as Hack and mostly same stats.


Cpt. + Stats + Orb Boost
Perfect for INT, Striker / Driven crews as a sub as a free to play orb booster with 3 sockets.

Reduces crew's current HP by 20%, deals 10x the amount of HP subtracted in INT damage to one enemy, amplifies the effect of orbs by 1.75x for 1 turn
Revolution Army

Cpt. + Stats + HP Cut + Orb Convert
Hack !
Reduce special cooldown of Fighters by 3 turns and boost ATK by 2x.

What makes him even more special is his special. ha.
Cut 20% of all enemies HP and changes his own orb to [STR]
This special may complete your goal to clear a run easily.

Very nice with Whitebeard and/or Rob Lucci 6* or any Fighter crew

Orb Boost
Main function of Noland is his Orb boost by 1.5x for 2 turns.
This can become incredible power when used correctly.

He is also the first character to buff 6* Crocodile owner and has 890 ATK.
Donquixote Pirates

Zombie + Delay + Delay ATK Boost
Monet is the new upgraded Vivi.
Her cpt. heals you 5x of her RCV (Max: 2165) every turn and also deals 5x of her ATK (Max: 5005) to all enemies each turn.

Her special is a combination of a 1- turn delayer + delayed ATK booster by 1.25x for 2 turns, which brings her to Tier 1.5.

This ATK buff is stackable with class/type ATK Boost.

Due to her low CD this special can be used anytime.
Too bad the raidbosses mostly have a debuff protector tho.
Petty Officer Coby

Orb Boost
Coby V2 or also called as training coby is a great unit to have on PSY teams along with Garp or Marco leads. He is also used in other teams apart from PSY because of his epic special. Again he is one of the units with a captain ability that is not so great. But with his special of all orb boosting, coby is one of the most sought after units in the game and is definitely a good asset if he has a low special cooldown.7.0/10
Kaku Dock One Carpentry Specialist

Orb Boost
Kaku is similar to coby v2 or you could also call him a QCK coby. With his special having a similar effect as coby’s special, Kaku is one of the most wanted character in QCK teams.7.0/10
Bellamy the Hyena 

Orb Boost
Bellamy is similar to coby v2 or you could also call him a DEX coby. With his special having a similar effect as coby’s special, Bellamy is one of the most wanted character in DEX teams until Donquixote Doflamingo.7.0/10
“Red Flag” X. Drake

Cpt. + Zombie
“Red Flag” X. Drake is one the Eleven Supernovas.
X. Drake shares a very similar Captain Skill to Whitebeard where he grants 3x ATK to INT units while your health is below 30%
Drake being on this list - as while troublesome… can clear many stages without much difficulties.

If getting to your health to the “sweet spot” is difficult, X. Drake’s special allows you to survive any hit with 1 HP making it a fairly simple Captain to use. His flaws are that he only boosts a single color which always restricts him since other teams can take on non-PSY islands easier and faster than this unit.
Robin 3D2Y

1HP + Fix Damage + Fix Orbs + Delay
If this page was a Crocodile 6* tierlist only she would get the 10/10 next to Monet.

Basicaly her cpt is quite strong. Boosting Cerebral ATK by 2.5x and RCV by 1.75x when below 30% HP.
So either you play without [Meat] orbs or you must really know what to do because you will lose the cpt. effect when you heal.

Now to the special.
Cut your own HP down to "1", fix all your orbs for 1 turn and do this to all enemies:
Delay for 1 turn,
True 5000 damage.

Quite easy to socket as well if we follow the JP beach fortnights.


Orb Convert
Heracles. THE orb converter for Shooter and Cerebral crews.
Changes orbs into:
and let you switch orbs 3 times.

He may also be used as a captain for shooters, boosting all stats by 1.5x and heals 1x his RCV at the end of your turn.
Don Chinjao

Stats + Orb boost
Even if he uses Haki in the series and gives a nice captain ability boosting ATK of Powerhouse characters by 2x and boosts HP of Striker characters by 2x, the characters are very limited to be profitable enough.

Special will boost orbs for 2 turns depending on your HP.
Below 30% -> 1.75x orb boost,
between 30% and 70% -> 1.5x,
above 70% -> 1.25x
Gladius Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Gladius is the current stable 2.5x ATK to QCK captain. Nothing more nothing less.
But! A hell lot better than the old Ace due to his special.

Cut all enemies HP by 20% and changes his own orb to [QCK].
Sir Crocodile Warlord of the Sea

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
Sir Crocodile, Warlord of the Sea is one of the most sought after farmable unit in the game. Crocodile’s strength is as a sub. He holds extremely high health and attack with a decent special that can guarantee an [INT] orb without issues. His flaw comes at his fairly subpar Captain Skill which doesn’t amaze or see play often but is still usable.7.0/10

Cpt. + Stats + Special + ATK
Fossa is as unique as his chin. His captain ability allows all specials to deal doubled damage. This can be paired with a super nuke with Monster Chopper for example.
As usual a STR captain has very high ATK stats and he even boosts STR ATK by 1.5x for 1 turn

Cpt. + Nuke
Killer's cpt. effect is not as good as Gear 3rd ones. Not being able to combo up your chain makes him lose a lot of power. But he can be still as strong as a 3x booster.
Tapping 4 characters fast after another will give the rest of your crew an ATK boost of 3.5x.
This can be nice for certain ranking missions.

His special utilizes crews who wants to be below 30% or even 1 HP.
Because you will end up with 1 HP.
Deal 100x Killer's ATK as fixed damage to one enemy.
(Turtle Princess Killer)

Cpt. + Orb chance
Thatch, another 3x ATK at 100% HP for QCK characters with some ok stats and a nice special which will become useful for a raid in the future.
Baby 5

Stats + ATK Boost
Baby 5 !
May be a Striker, may be a Shooter or a Slasher sub and first good shooter booster with amazing ATK stat.
Her captain effect is not that good, but can bring up crazy crew match ups. Boosting Striker, Shooter, Slasher ATK by 2x.

1 Deals 15x STR damage and boosts ATK of shooters by 1.5x for 1 turn.
When you hit 6 PERFECTs in this turn the following effect will occur:
2 Boosts Striker, Shooter, Slasher ATK by 1.5x in next turn.

I brought her up to 7.0 being of the sheer crazy combination power of half of all the characters available.

-"Did you.. did you say you are crazy over me?"
-"I am the perfect one?"
Kumadori CP9
Strongest Gen

Cpt. + Orb switch/fix
Kumadori, boosting 3x ATK to STR characters when below 30% HP.
His special will fix orbs for 3 turns and you can switch orbs 3 times which can give you a strategic advantage. 

Especially useful when fighting Doflamingo and you use a full STR crew.
Oars Junior

Stats + Orb chance 
Oars Jr! The HP Giant who throws ships at your enemies.
Massive 4000 HP and 1300 ATK awaits you on MAX level.
Similar Cpt. effect as Whitebeard but only for Shooter but ATK by 2.75x. Special is boost the occurance of [STR] orbs for 3 turns.
Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Stats + Delay + Nuke
Steve' Tyler... i mean Mick Jagger. I mean Diamante!
Not that great burst potential but has devastating ATK stat like Oars Jr.  Boosts ATK of Driven characters by 2.25x and reduce specials cooldown by 2.

Special may make him rank into next Tier. I'm not really sure yet, because the 2 turn delay might not be so powerful in the future.
But the side effect is a groundshake. Attacks all enemies with 50x of his ATK each turn for 5 turns as typeless damage.
Which makes farming fortnights a peacewalk.

23 turns cooldown tho. Probably ranking him higher when skillbooks are there.


Anti Paralysis
Kings tacticain or... the guy without a neck or... 20 chins/necks.
His stats are truly terrible but you will love his special when you come across paralysis.  Has 320 RCV tho.

Reduces Paralysis and Despair by 5 turns. Cuts the current HP of one enemy by 10%
Loyal Strawhat

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert

Boosts ATK of DEX characters by 3x if HP is below 30% at the start of the turn.

Nicely to socket and gives adjacent characters [DEX] orbs.
A nice bonus: He deals 1000 true damage.

(Perfect for Turtles or some Fortnights or even Raids)
Apoo the Scratchman

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert

Apoo gives DEX characters ATK x3 when your HP is full.

Extremely good combined with Trafalgar Law's special, which will give you 100% [DEX] Orbs.

Cpt. + Stats + Nuke
Captain gives Free Spirit characters 2.25x ATK.

Recovers 20x character's RCV in HP. Switches orbs between slots twice.
Not that easy to socket though but you may make a  nice Free Spirit crew with him using a damage reducer, then simply heal up.
King Elizabello

Oh well where to place this King... Actually he is only good for his 1400 ATK and usability in Zombie /Autohealer crews on +40 turns (or forests)

Not mentioning his captain since it sucks.

He got a "special" though:
Stage 1 (12 → 6 turns):
Deals 7x character's ATK in typeless damage to all enemies

Stage 2 (20 → 14 turns): Deals 15x character's ATK in typeless damage to all enemies

Stage 3 (26 → 20 turns): Deals 25x character's ATK in typeless damage to all enemies

For each turn AFTER Elizabello's special reaches stage 3, damage is boosted by 23.75x per turn for an additional 20 turns, for a max damage of 500x character's ATK to all enemies.

1400 * 500 = 700.000 Typeless damage for a nice finish him!

Cpt. + Stats + Nuke
The F2P Story drop alternative to the weakling Shuroiya of the Dead End Fortnight with better stats and good nuke. grants Driven characters 2.25x ATK.

Empties slots with QCK orbs, deals QCK damage based on number of QCK slots emptied to all enemies.
The exact multiplier used is chosen based on the number of QCK orbs consumed:
0 orbs - Can't activate;
1 orb - 14x ATK;
2 orbs - 21x ATK;
3 orbs - 35x ATK;
4 orbs - 49x ATK;
5 orbs - 91x ATK;
6 orbs - 140x ATK.

You better have an orb changer from [Empty] to matching afterwards.
Abdullah and Jeet
Bounty Hunters

Cpt. + Stats + Orb convert
If you love speedruns and use slasher crews. He is perfect for you.

Boosts ATK of Slashers characters by 3.5x, reduces his own ATK
multiplier by 0.1x at the end of each turn.

His Slasher multiplier will be 3.5x on the first turn, 3.4x on the second, 3.3x on the third and so on for ALL slashers.

His special will guarantee you 2 matching orbs on himself and your captain. 
Abdullah and Jeet
Bounty Hunters

Cpt. + Orb convert
Ugh gross.. i hate these boys. Mostly used for fast fortnights runs i guess.

Boosts ATK of Striker and Slasher characters by 2.25x and reduces cooldown of Slasher and Striker characters by 2 turn at the start of the fight.

Reduces Special Cooldown of Slasher and Strikers by 1 turn. For Slasher and Strikers, changes Badly Matching orbs into [Meat] orbs.
Might find a use in Bartolomeo crews.
Capone Bege

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert

The QCK version of Blamenco.
Boosts QCK characters ATK by 2x and RCV by 2x

Playing with [Meat] Orbs lets you play with less risk and have heal of around 4000 with one orb. Utilize with Ivankov and QCK Beast Lucci.

Special will turn [STR] and [DEX] Orbs into [QCK]

Cpt. + Stats + Orb Convert
The STR version of Capone Bege.
Boosts STR characters ATK by 2x and RCV by 2x

Playing with [Meat] Orbs lets you play with less risk and have heal of around 4000 with one orb.

Special will turn [DEX] and [QCK] Orbs into [STR]

Cpt. + Stats + Own ATK
Boosts own ATK by a variable factor for 1 turn The exact multiplier used is chosen based on the crew's current HP at the time the special is activated:
above 50% HP, the multiplier used is 1.5x;
between 20% HP and 50% HP, it's 1.75x;
below 20% HP, it's 2x.

Easy colosseum runs with God Enel let's you socket him fast and grant a big boost to your crew
Ashura Zoro

Cpt. + Stats
Ashura Zoro is an extremely powerful Free-to-Play unit and part of the Strawhat Pirates. As a DEX Captain, he can double the ATK and HP of DEX units. This is amazing as it can make use of the great pool of DEX characters like Mihawk, Law, Apu and the list goes on. The biggest flaw of Ashura Zoro is that he does only boost 1 color which can limit him against non-QCK islands.7.0/10
Machvise Donquixote Pirates

Stats + Orb Convert
Machvise finds only one use actualy. Very depending on [Meat] orbs.
He changes [Meat] orbs into matching orbs with his special.

This is gonna hurt on correct crews or events where you get a very lot / full [Meat] orbs.
Zoro the Ripper

Stats + Delay
Same reason to push Jack the Ripper as Arlong of Sun Pirates to Tier 1.5. Zoro is quite easy to socket and his special has a low cooldown, which can be used to delay (e.g. High DEF stages) while having over 1000 ATK.7.0/10
Rob Lucci CP9 STR

Stats + Orb Convert + Def reduce

Rob Lucci CP9 QCK

Stats + Orb Convert
Rob Lucci makes it into Tier 1.5 through high stats and 3 slots being actually the same as Sun Pirates Arlong with an even better special.
He is also quite easy to 3-socket through the "Dock worker" Fn.

His QCK form, which is the other path of evolution makes him similar if not even better for QCK teams by granting 3 guaranteed QCK orbs

Both have 20 cost!

Stats + HP Cut + Def
Duval the Handsome one
Reduces cooldowns by 3 turns, and only boosts ATK of characters when having matching orbs by 2.75x.

Special is more beneficial outside of Turtle Isles and find a use in a lot of crews.
Cuts all enemies HP by 20% and reduce damage by 50% for 1 turn.
That makes him quite powerful for the shooter crew.

He may not be spectacular but is rather easy to beat and thus to max sockets and special.
(Story 2nd Form)

Cpt. + Nuke
He is actualy similar to Log Luffy.

Boosts ATK of Driven characters by 3x following a chain of Good > Great > Perfect hits. So pair him with Fujitora.

Empties all slots with INT orbs, deals several times the character's ATK in INT damage to one enemy.

1 orb will give a 10x multiplier,
2 orbs 15x,
3 orbs 20x,
4 orbs 50x,
5 orbs 100x,
6 orbs 200x. 
Funk Bros.

Cpt. + Nuke + ATK boost + Hits
The better and the special ability version of Buffalo.
Boosts ATK of all characters by 2.5x after the 21st hit in the chain and by 3.5x after the 36th hit.

Special deals random damage to all enemies, boost ATK of all characters by 1.75x after 30th hit in the chain for 3 turns.

characters are poorly limited in here, but can be really powerful if you have 'em all.
Donquixote Pirates

Cpt. + Hits
Puh. I honestly don't know how to explain this. But Bufallo can be as strong God Tier just because of his captain effect.

Boosts ATK of all characters by 1.5x after the 11th hit in the chain, by 2.5x after the 22nd hit, by 2.75x after the 30th hit, by 3.5x after the 40th hit.

The reason he can't be in Godtier is because he requires subs with high combohits. For example Ashura Zoro.
But just he and another Bufallo friend will give you 20 hits, which is almost 2.5x ATK already.

His special will grants him a QCK orb and randomize the rest.
Btw. He is extra viable for rankings
Baby 5

Stats + ATK Boost
Baby 5 !
May be a Striker, may be a Shooter or a Slasher sub and first good shooter booster with amazing ATK stat.
Her captain effect is not that good, but can bring up crazy crew match ups. Boosting Striker, Shooter, Slasher ATK by 2x.

1 Deals 15x STR damage and boosts ATK of shooters by 1.5x for 1 turn.
When you hit 6 PERFECTs in this turn the following effect will occur:
2 Boosts Striker, Shooter, Slasher ATK by 1.5x in next turn.

I brought her up to 7.0 being of the sheer crazy combination power of half of all the characters available.

-"Did you.. did you say you are crazy over me?"
-"I am the perfect one?"

Stats + Orb Convert
Frankynstein may not have the best HP stat, but for a free to play 20 cost he brings 3 slots with him. His special guarantees 1 STR orb and you can switch 1 time if thats not enough or if your highest ATK member needs it. Perfect as a Sengoku sub.7.0/10
Arlong Sun Pirates

Stats + Orb Convert
While we all probably started out global version with Enraged Arlomg his new version includes a better special (boosting orbs by 1.25x) and 2 slots in total which brings him onto the bottom of Tier 1.57.0/10

Tier 2
Units that you'll prefer not to use if better options were available. These units are still okay to use, but some of them may will get outclassed in future content.

Delay 3 turns
(higher cooldown than GP Usopp)


Chopperman, Mask, whatever 3D2Y
The Hero

Too bad his cost is 30

PSY Booster + Heal
Log Usopp

Delay 2 turns + Def Break
DeCalvan Brothers

Cpt. + Orb Convert
Kaku CP9 Strongest Gen.

Cpt + 2x DEX damage + Orb Convert

Orb Convert + Chain
Rakuyo of the Morning Star

Orb Convert
Namur: Blow

ATK Boost + Nuke

ATK Boost
Blue Gilly

Stats + Orb convert
Urouge Mad Monk

ATK Boost + Nuke

Own ATK boost
Log Nico Robin

Orb Lock + Def
Bruno CP9

Orb Convert

Stats + ATK Boost
Curiel of the Heavy Guns

Stats Orb Convert
Portgas D Ace

Red Haired Shanks

Biker Smoker

Stats + Def
Enraged Arlong

Izo of the Shotgun

Cpt. + Orb Convert
Gan Fall

Stats + ATK Boost
Donquixote Pirates

Beri farmer + Enemy Info reveal + Reduce CDR by 2

Stats + Delay
Magician Basil Hawkins

HP Cut + Def Break
Enel (Kami)

Stats + ATK Boost
Sir Crocodile, Baroque Works

Stats + Heavy Poison
Gekko Moriah of the Shichibukai

Cpt. + Orb Convert 

Stats + Reduce bind by 5 !
Kohza Rebelion Leader

Slasher boost
Log Sanji

Orb Convert
Dismantler Franky

Cpt. + Orb Convert
Beautiful Secretary Khalifa

Orb Convert
Brook 3D2Y

I don't know where to put him. Special only useful for certain Fortnights.
His Cpt. is only useful when you have mostly matching orbs.
Plus you need a chain socket lv 1 to counter special.

Orb Convert + Chains himself...

Orb Lock
Rob Lucci

Stats + Nuke

Cpt. + ATK
Miss Doublefinger

Mr. 1

Slasher booster
HW Brook

Heal, Def Break

Tier- Le Crap
 Name says it all..  Absolutely avoid to farm them or their specials


Special Units
These units are the ones ONLY good/used in specific stage/against certain opponents. They will extremely important in certain stages while almost useless in every other stage.
NameUsed In?
Mr. 4
  • Missions paired with Gear 3rd Luffy to achieve damage in 1 turn
Princess Vivi

  • Raid Bosses, for the Vivi/Laboon or Vivi/Tank Zoro team
  • When you don't mind sacrificing some damage for additional healing per turn

  • Raid Bosses, for the Vivi/Laboon-ing
  • Heal, survive, heal, survive, ...
Chore Boy Helmeppo
  • When enemies apply "Defence" buffs or have naturally high defence (like lobsters) - Helmeppo is essential
  • Deals 10x  5000 true damage to random enemies
  • Target is chosen randomly and of course hits the same target when there is only one enemy
God Enel

aka Turtle Viking
  • Slayer of Princes and Elder Turtles by dealing 20.000 true damage
  • Tilestones does 15.000 true damage
Nami: Mirage Tempo

Kimono Nami
  • Only useful against INT enemies/bosses
  • Reduce INT damage by 100% for 1 turn
Jabra CP9
  • Slayer of Turtles. His cpt. deals 9 true damage to all enemies.
  • Use with a friend will deal 18 damage per turn just by attempting next turn. You dont even have to look at the screen. Just tapp wildly on one character
Ironfist Fullbody

"Flower      Sword" 
Gran Vista

Diable Jambe

  • If Turtle Island had a Tier-List, these 3 dudes would be "Tier 1"
    due to their fixed damage specials

Hope i did not forget something or a new unit. Have fun and enjoy your adventure

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