Alubarna Event and More!

Alubarna Event
August 18th (0:00) - August 31st (23:59) PST 
Events Notes
Free Gems Everyday!
Use the 2x Drop Rate on Alubarna to get the new available units (Daily Bonuses do not stack). Read below for more details.
Crocodile's Slasher form is finally here! We believe that you will receive ALL of his evolution material in the mail.
Koza, Pell, and Chaka are added to the Rare Recruits (they will not have any Rate Ups). Read below for more details.
2x Skill up chance is finally coming! Start saving skillbooks and hope for the best during the event!

Other Events 
Events Date / Time (PST)
Aug. 11th (19:00) - Aug. 25th (18:59)
Aug. 18th (19:00) - Sept. 1st (18:59)
Aug. 11th (19:00) - Aug. 25th (18:59)
Aug. 25th (19:00) - Sept. 8th (18:59)
Aug. 25th (19:00) - Sept. 8th (18:59)
Aug. 25th (19:00) - Aug. 26th (18:59)
During the STR Rate Up!

*Sugo-Fest Batch analysis is up!

Notable Units in Alubarna 
Character Notes
Mr. 2
Released much earlier with the Baroque Works batch, Mr. 2 should be a familiar face by now. He is often seen paired with Garp for the Orb Combo. His stats aren't the best, but his special makes up for it. If you haven't gotten him yet, you should try your luck at getting him to drop in Alubarna!
Miss Merry Christmas
While increasing the effectiveness of Orbs is generally well appreciated, changing the adjacent Orbs to [Empty] isn’t very convenient to take use of that. Being outclassed in Fighter and QCK Teams by Coby and Kaku, respectively, you will probably not find a veteran using a Miss Merry Christmas on their best teams.
Mr. 4
Mr. 4's special to change [Empty] to STR was made to be paired with Miss Merry Christmas and/or Wapol. His leader skill is a nice way to see very big damage, but it's not something you will find too much use for outside of that. He’s fun to use in some “gimmicky” combos, but nothing too impressive.
Her Special boosts the power of your DEX team quite nicely. With the many ways to get a full DEX board, you just need to toss this Special on top to have a nice damage burst that can even make Ivankov reel. Her stats are far from the best, but her special makes up for it. She's definitely worth farming if you want to make a DEX burst team.
Mr. 1
Mr. 1 brings a Support perspective to Slasher Teams with his 50% damage reduction and 1.25x ATK boost to Slashers for 1 turn. Slasher Teams have always lacked Support as most of them are full-on offence. Mr. 1 could very well be that Support that they have been yearning for. He is definitely one to consider if you need a Support for your Slasher Team.
Sir Crocodile
This New Evolution of Crocodile brings Mihawk-High Stats to the table. His Special has fantastic Orb control while also damaging the enemies. He is the top contender for INT Slashers, only competing with Flower Sword Vista. If you haven't gotten him yet, use this chance to pick up a Crocodile or two!

Units Added to the Rare Recruits 
Character Notes
Slashers who are already known for their powerful stats get another toy. Koza gives a 1.5x ATK multiplier; higher than the buff Mr. 1 provides. Being a QCK unit is perfect since there aren't many QCK Slashers. He probably won’t be used as a Captain, but he will be a viable option in Slasher Teams.
There isn't really much to say about Chaka. He's a decent STR Slasher that comes with 1,160 HP and 923 ATK. His special deals 25x STR damage to one enemy.
He's a "Laboon" that you can pull from the Rare Recruits! Aside from that, he may see some use in a QCK team if you don't need to use him as your "Laboon". He boosts QCK ATK by 1.25x for three turns, so you could use him with Hina and Kaku for maximum effect.

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