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   Warlords of the Sea Batch

Sugofest is back for Global!! For a complete list of all units getting a Rate Up, click here.

This Sugofest introduces some of the most beloved One Piece Characters who are called/dubbed "Warlords of the Sea". Or... If you are more familiar with the Japanese version (or watch the Subbed Anime episodes), they are also called the "Shichibukai".

This post will take a look at all the new units, discuss their strengths/weaknesses, and help you get an idea if you want these units in your team/box.
 Jimbe - Warlord of the Sea
Classification: QCK Fighter
Health: 3,055
Attack: 1,092
Recovery: 250
Captain Skill: Fighter Units gain 2.5x ATK
Special (11 turns -> 6 turns): Change this unit's orb to [QCK]; Deal QCK damage equal to 13x this Character's ATK to a single enemy

He's called the "Fighter's Eustass Kid" and outclasses Chef Zeff as Fighter Captain. 

This unit is fairly tanky with just over 3,000 Health while having a slightly average Attack stat of 1,092. His Captain Skill is valuable as 2.5x ATK Captains are considered "meta" or the "standard" of top tiered teams. His special is also very strong as it comes on a short Cooldown and can act as a self-orb manipulator. This means you likely won't have to worry about manipulating Jimbe's orb regardless of the team you run him in (this is especially important in Rainbow teams).

Overall, there aren't many "flaws" with this unit, but the ones that stand out are his QCK typing and Fighter classification. QCK and Fighter are arguably one of the weakest colors and typings currently in the game (with Shooters being worse than Fighters without a proper lead). Though you'll likely stick with your Mihawk/Towel Nami/Gear Third teams, Jimbe is still a powerful unit that will see play/use in future content/in time. There's no shame in pulling for him, but he probably won't be the top of your "Want List".

Overall Rating: 8/10

Bartholemew Kuma - Warlord of the Sea
Classification: STR Shooter
Health: 2,734
Attack: 1,205
Recovery: 262 
Captain Skill: Force Units gain 2x HP and ATK
Special (20 Turns -> 14 turns): Deal 1,000 fixed damage to all enemies; Change all adjacent unit's orbs to [STR]

The "first" proper/normal STR Captain in the game... While yes... Monkey D. Luffy: Gear Second and Monster Chopper are both STR Captains... both do not see much play due to either being slightly under-powered or suffering from a massive drawback. As such, Kuma will probably be the first "proper" STR captain in the game.

Kuma's stats are very strong - holding a high HP, ATK, and decent RCV. Kuma's Captain Skill (as previously mentioned) is very useful and will likely see play and enable the usage of STR teams. His special is also nothing to sneeze at as it acts as both a STR orb manipulation and as a mechanic to clear high armored enemies with its 1,000 fixed damage. Because of this, Kuma can even find a place as a strong crew-member to help give STR orbs to units such as Whitebeard or Gear Third in their respective teams. You will likely still have to find a way to manipulate Kuma's own orb to [STR] for maximum damage so don't use this unit as your sole manipulator.

Kuma's main flaw is his "Shooter" typing which generally doesn't do him much favors in terms of flexibility. Typed teams are generally ran Rainbow and Kuma's orb manipulation may not seem very useful. Add the fact that Shooters are practically unusable currently due to the lack of leads, and we can see Kuma (for now) will mainly be located as Captain of his own STR team.

That being said, this unit is a great unit that is good at what it does. This Warlord should be a great addition to anybody's box and will definitely see play now or in the future.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
 Gecko Moria - Warlord of the Sea
Classification: INT Striker
Health: 3,900
Attack: 1,120
Recovery: 118
Captain Skill: While your Health is full; INT units gain 3x ATK
Special (20 turns -> 10 turns): Convert [STR] and [DEX] orbs to [INT] orbs

Gecko Moria... Probably the least liked Warlord... 

Moria has very nice stats with an insanely high HP (tied with Whitebeard for Highest Health in the game), decent ATK with... usable RCV. He shares a similar Captain Skill to Marco and will grant your INT units 3x ATK while your Health is full. While this is a powerful boost, it isn't the most practical (as if you get hit... you lose most of your damage). While you could argue [Meat] orbs could save you... it's again... a fairly chance-based thing and, even if you heal from meat, the enemy might be able to attack you again.

Moria is a more "all-in" version of Marco since he will not heal you with his special. Rather... Moria will convert your orbs so that you are more or less guaranteed to do more damage. While the orb conversion may be slightly weird... it will have a usage in the near future as a piece in the great chain of INT orb manipulations.

Overall... Moria isn't too bad. But unfortunately, he probably has to gain the title of the "Worst of this batch". Compared to others on this list mentioned so far... Moria is in a highly competitive field as INT teams are already packed with all the bells and whistles like Vista, Hawkins, Robin, and Nami. His Captain Skill likely won't see much play outside of PSY Turtle Times and will be passed over. However, this unit is still solid as a sub. He'll be used but... you will not see as big of an impact as the others on this list.

Overall Rating: 7.0/10
 Boa Hancock - Warlord of the Sea
Classification: QCK Fighter 
Health: 2,860
Attack: 1,320
Recovery: 515
Captain Skill: While your Health is above 70%; PSY and QCK units gain 2.75x ATK and 1.5x RCV
Special (17 turns -> 13 turns): Heal Health equal to 15x this unit's Recovery; Delay all enemies by 1 turn

This gorgeous looking unit is wanted for its art... I mean its power. 

As a Legend, it comes as no surprise that Hancock's stats are incredible - clocking 2,860 Health, a massive 1,320 Attack and a powerful 515 Recovery (currently the second highest in the game). Her Captain Skill is fairly unique and it requires you to play around keeping your health above a certain threshold. This is a more forgiving form of Marco's/Moria's Captain Skill and it boosts both PSY and QCK units for a nice 2.75x ATK (as 3x ATK would break the game).

While this may seem fairly tricky to play around, it's actually not that difficult. With PSY being the "Kings of Sustain", you shouldn't run into much problems if you use units like Marco or Garp to assist with managing your health. Bandai has also kindly provided us with a nice 1.5x Recovery buff which will dramatically boost the amount you heal from [Meat] orbs. All these factors combined makes this Captain Skill very usable, very fun, and very powerful.

If you're STILL worried about dropping beneath that 70% health barrier, Boa's special is available to assist you. With a powerful heal of 7,725 (Level 99; no Cotton Candy) and a turn delay, you shouldn't have any problems maintaining your health.

As a sub, QCK teams are still fairly weak due to the lack of "full team orb manipulators" and a QCK ATK buffer; this is something Hancock unfortunately doesn't fix. That being said... IF you were to run a QCK team, Hancock would be a brilliant sub as she acts as a turn-delayer AND a healer which would keep your team on the up and up.

Overall... Hancock lives up to her reputation of a "Legend". She has no real evident flaw aside from that health barrier which can easily be rectified. She's easily the best pull of this batch, but not 100% required to have sitting in your box.

Overall Rating: 9.0/10
So that about wraps up the review of the Warlord batch. This is one of the few batches without an evidently weak unit (*cough* Jewelry Bonney), and we hope that this helped you make an informed decision of whether or not to pull. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming Sugofest!!

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