Clash of Clashes Event!

Clash of Clashes Event
September 1st (0:00) - September 14th (23:59) PST 
Events Notes
Free Gems Everyday!
The first three Raid Bosses are coming back! Grab Mihawk on Sept. 1st, Monster Chopper on Sept. 8th, and Garp on Sept. 13th! Analysis below!
Throughout this event, there will be a day set aside for red, green, and yellow Turtle times but you can only do 1 run.
1/2 Stamina Weekly Isles is back! Take this time to stock up evolution materials for your newly obtained units and restock your Beli!
2x Super Success is back for a week!
During this event, Super Successes
will happen more often than usual!

*Click on a Banner to go to the Guide for each boss!

Other Events 
Events Date / Time (PST)
Sept. 1st(19:00) - Sept. 2nd (18:59)
Sept. 8th (19:00) - Sept. 9th (18:59)
Sept. 13th (19:00) - Sept. 14th (18:59)
Sept. 1st (19:00) - Sept. 15th (18:59)
Sept. 8th (19:00) - Sept. 14th (18:59)
Sept. 8th (19:00) - Sept. 22nd (18:59)
Who to Choose?

With all of these Raid Bosses returning to Global in a shorter time span than usual, who should you prioritize your gems and box space on? Here, we will break down each character to help with your decision.

Upcoming Raid Bosses 
Character Notes
Slasher Teams are one of the best teams in the game, even in JP OPTC, and Mihawk is one of the cornerstones that keeps them relevant. Boasting a 2.5x ATK for Slasher characters and a special that removes 30% of all enemies' remaining health, you will not find many units that can match the power and speed he brings to your team. With a maxed special, his boat, and the right subs, Mihawk teams can beat all Raid Bosses currently out in JP.
Cooldown: 32 -> 17
Monster Chopper
STR teams are all about bringing huge damage to the table, and Monster Chopper is all about that! His power lies in his monstrous ATK (currently the highest in the game), a special that deals massive random STR damage to one enemy (160x - 480x), and his Captain Ability that gives STR characters 3x ATK but with a 60% loss in STR units' HP. Even with his disadvantages (-900 RCV), his team is still one of the fastest ways to beat Doflamingo and many DEX islands. 
Cooldown: 30 -> 15
PSY teams are known for their low HP and Garp is here to fix that problem! His Captain Ability doubles PSY characters' HP and ATK and his special changes all orbs to PSY and RCV. This special combined with Mr. 2 can easily make a full board of PSY orbs or it can be used alone to keep you alive with the high RCV that PSY units are already packed with. With Zephyr's event approaching soon, you will want to have Garp ready to bring him down!   
Cooldown: 28-> 13

It should also be mentioned that Perona will be the next fortnight island after Hogback, coming right after Garp's event. Perona is one of the best damage reducers in the game (if not the best) and she will need 9 skill ups to max. There's a chance she might fall around a 2x Skill Up event, but prepare for the worst because she is definitely worth it!

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