Altitude Sakura Training !

More fresh accounts need more XP, more turtles and some specials or just some training?
Bandai says ok!

Rayleighs Altitude Training

10. November - 23. November

Rainbow FRUITS !
Like always we will get a rainbow gem each day we log in.
18. Nov - 23. Nov
Fight versus Rayleigh and whole tutorial isle to get a lot of Pirate XP.
And level your Pirate lvl.

18. Nov. - 18. Nov
21. Nov. - 21. Nov
23. Nov. - 23. Nov
You can only access the isle once per day!
24 hours time to access Turtle Island for 30 minutes!

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple turtles may appear

10. Nov. - 10. Nov.
12. Nov. - 
12. Nov.
13. Nov. - 
13. Nov.
15. Nov. - 
15. Nov.
11. Nov - 16. Nov
Daily / Weekly Evolution Mats and Beri isles will have 1/2 stamina bonus
17. Nov - 23. Nov
More 1/2 stamina bonus on Story Mode.
Time to farm some Crocs, Mr.1s , Zeffs, etc., eh?

More Specials:

Humming Brook Fortnight
10. Nov - 24. Nov

Get your Mihawks, Laws and Ashura Zoros ready and this will be the easiest fortnight since Buggy Fort.
Sakura Characters!
In Global as limited
"Rare Recruits"
10. Nov - 17. Nov

Sakura Nami: Reduces damage received by 50% for 2 turns, boosts RCV of all characters by 2x for 2 turns
(may be worth a pull)

Sakura Brook: 20x QCK ATK to single enemy. Boost orb effect by 1.5x.
(same as coby)
(He's ok and awesome for slasher teams until you get Doffy)

Sakura Robin: Reduces damage received by 30% for 4 turns

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