Log Luffy Sugofest!

Sugofest is announced once again!! This time it's happening on the
26th November (19:00 PST) to 27th November (18:59 PST)
This Sugofest will feature a Rate-Up on ALL PSY Units currently available. In fact, any you'll pull will be obtained at Level 20!! Meaning you won't have to waste that many turtles!!
This will ALSO work alongside the Rate Up sugofest units mentioned below thus, PSY Units among them will have a high chance of being pulled this time.
The Units available are:


Monkey D. Luffy Voyage Log Straw Hat Pirates (STR) [New Log 6*Legend arguably one of the best legends in the game]
Boa Hancock (QCK)
Sengoku (PSY)
Silvers Rayleigh (INT)
Edward Newgate (STR)

5* Units

Note both the 4-Star AND 5-Star will have their rates boosted
Nami Voyage Dream: World Map (INT)
Usopp Voyage Dream: Brave Sea Warrior (QCK)
Brook Voyage Dream: Promised Meeting (DEX)
Captain Kid
Roar of the Sea Scratchman Apoo
Capone 'Gang' Bege 
Blamenco the Mallet
Flower Sword Vista
Marco the Pheonix
Nico Robin
Portgas D. Ace Flame Mirror
Red Haired Shanks

4* Units

Nami Voyage Dream: Straw Hat Pirates (INT)
Usopp Voyage Dream: Straw Hat Pirates (QCK)
Brook Voyage Dream: Straw Hat Pirates (DEX)
Eustass Kid
Scratchman Apoo
Capone Bege
Miss All Sunday
Portgas D. Ace

Finally, we just want to wish you all the best of luck with pulling these units (if you decide to pull). And as usual, good luck and have fun!

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