Ranking / Score
Versus Friendlist

Now then, this ranking system is introduced to pit players against each other in terms
of a number of factors....
(You will be ranked against only those players who are in your friends list)

These ranking conditions vary from fortnight to fortnight on 15 stamina:

  1. How cost effective are the teams the players come up with.
  2. How much damage can a team deal in one turn or throughout one run on the isle..
  3. How many turns does it take to clear the isle.

Each ranking mission can have one or more of these criteria applied at the same time.
Remember each fortnight isle will have a different criteria so don't expect to score high points with the same team in each ranking mission.


You are awarded medals for every points threshold you cross, the higher your points, the shinier the medal and the better the prize

  • Bronze medal- gives you' a certain amount of beli.
  • Silver medal - previous medal rewards plus elder turtle, usually of the colour the fortnight boss (hina isle will give you blue, coby isle will give yellow)
  • Gold medal - will give you previous medal rewards plus cotton candies... What candy and how many you get will be specified in the rewards list...
  • Platinum medal- this will give you all the rewards of the previous medals plus 'three gems'....

Another important thing. Don't be under the impression that u will be getting the rewards based on your ranking with your friends.
Even if you are ranked 10th on the chart, but manage to cross the threshold criteria for the platinum medal, you will still get all the rewards.... On the flip side, even if you rank first on the chart, it doesn't mean u will get all the rewards unless you cross the criteria threshold.....

Guide brought by Shantanu Pai

Q: How often can we get these rewards?
A: 4 Rewards per entire event duration only
Beri, Turtle, Cotton Candy, Fruits

Q: After getting Silver Medal i can not get Gold , Platin?
A: Of course you can. You just need to do a better run and get more points

Q: Is there some kind of reset for rewards?
A: No! see also: First and second answer. There will always come more Fortnights. So do not worry. There is always something to achieve newly

Q: Will we get more rankings?
A: Yes. From time to time there will be ranking missions per fortnight

Q: Different requirements/missions for the same fortnight?
A: Nope. Always the same and depends on the fortnight

Q: Can we get multiple rewards with one playthrough?
A: If you reach the maximum points for the last reward. You will get all rewards with one strike

Q: My friends have abnormal points which seems surreal?
A: Yepp. Those are hackers and you should distance yourself from them.

Q: When will come the next fortnight with rankings?
A: Only global versions' Bandai knows.
They will first announce it, but later the rankings just happen to be there.

Q: Will the prizes always be the same?
A: The color of turtles and cotton candy type will be different but in the same order as before.

Q: Does our bounty carry over or do we have to start from zero on next ranking?
A: Bounty will be kept. The rest goes down to 0

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