Christmas Sugofest Special

Sugofest is announced once again!! This time it's happening on the
24th December (19:00 PST) to 25th December (18:59 PST)
This Sugofest will feature a new legend: Strong World Shanks and also 3 new log characters. There will also be a  Rate-Up on ALL INT Units currently available. In fact, any you'll pull will be obtained at Level 20!! Meaning you won't have to waste that many turtles!!
This will ALSO work alongside the Rate Up sugofest units mentioned below thus, INT Units among them will have a high chance of being pulled this time.
The Units available are:

Sugofest Units


Shanks Black Clad Redhead (PSY) 
Monkey D. Luffy Voyage Log Straw Hat Pirates (STR) 
Sengoku (PSY) 
Boa Hancock (QCK) 
Silvers Rayleigh (INT) 
Edward Newgate (STR)

5* Units

Note both the 4-Star AND 5-Star will have their rates boosted
Roronoa Zoro Voyage Log Master Swordsman (QCK) 
Nefertari Vivi Voyage Log Queen of the Pirates (QCK)  
Franky Voyage Log Ship of the Seven Seas (PSY) 
Mad Monk Urouge (PSY) 
Roar of the Sea Scratchmen Apoo (DEX) 
One-Hit Namule (DEX) 
Flower Sword Vista (INT) 
Basil Hawkins the Magician (INT) 
Blamenco the Mallet (STR) 
Captain Kid (STR) 

4* Units

Roronoa Zoro Voyage Log Straw Hat Pirates (QCK)  
Nefertari ViviVoyage Log Princess of Alabasta (QCK) 
Franky Voyage Log Straw Hat Pirates (PSY) 
Mad Monk Urouge (PSY) 
Scratchmen Apoo (DEX) 
Namule (INT) 
Vista (INT) 
Basil Hawkins (INT) 
Blamenco (STR) 
Eustass Kid (STR) 

Christmas Special Units (Also Available in RR)

5* Units

Trafalgar Law Holy Night Nobleman (DEX)
Jewelry Bonney Ravenous Greedy Santa (PSY)

4* Units

Trafalgar Law Holy Night Gentleman (DEX)

Jewelry Bonney Ravenous Spoiled Santa (PSY)

Finally, we just want to wish you all the best of luck with pulling these units (if you decide to pull*). And as usual, good luck and have fun!


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