Karus Duck Squadron

Supersonic Duck Squadron

This is a very special .. special isle. Karu and his Duck Squadon are training super hard and try to beat you down. But provider you with a really lot meat!

Golden Pound Usopp books drop!

It's another time to hunt for Usopp books and max his special although the chances of getting his books are very low as usual. Though you can not deny he is one of the best boss conquerer in the game and you need his special as low as possible.
Also Marco the Phoenix books and Bonnie The Big Eater books included.

Let's train!

Unique Condition:

All stamina stages will provide you with super-increased rate of getting Meat Orbs  but you will start with 1 % current HP in the beginning.



Vivi's duck is here!! He is the only character exclusive to the island that is worth talking about.
PSY, Striker
HP: 1,412
ATK: 702RCV: 461
Captain: Boosts ATK of Evolver and Booster characters by 2.5x if HP is above 70% at the start of the turn.

Special Move: Change all orbs to STR, QCK, DEX, PSY, INT randomly, then switch the position of 3 orbs.
It is another addition to Hearts incredible utility and will possibly find a place in Impact teams to help units gain their orbs.

Evolve: Collect the other 3 of Karu Squad and use them as evolver.

Skillbooks and Characters Obtainable:

Chance (Expert)
GP Usopp
15 - 10
very low
Marco the Phoenix
30 - 20
Bonnie Big Eater
13 - 8

Karus Evolver 
Karus Evolver
Karus Evolver
Kungfu Dewgong Any ?
The Unluckies
(Useless Character)
Super low chance ?

EXP, Beli, and Titles:

Stamina/ Chapter EXP Beli Title
Rookie - 5 ? ? ?
Veteran - 10 ? ? The Worst
Elite - 15 ? ? The Fastest
Expert - 30 5,584 24,336 Quack!

Recommendations / Suggestions for Teams (30-Stamina):  

These are just Options for Teams; you can always use others.

Team Notes

Safe Kill Team


Unlimited recovery, unlimited sustain.
Do i need to write more?

Ok... Burst with Usopp + Coby around 25% HP
Zombie Mihawk Team

In a surprising turn of events;
Vivi teams can be used in this island to great effect.
The units in the island do not have much health or defence.
So you can clear them easily.
You can stall with Vivi's heal until you have allSpecials for the Boss Carue.
A very simple team to use to beat the island.
Random Pics here
Any Team with 2.5x  and/or 2x HP,ATK Booster Captain

You need to care about getting the Meat orbs and hit GOODs and GREATs

Preferred INT Teams

Useful Units:

Character Notes
Jewelry Bonnie, The big Eater
Just designed for this Event. Use her as Captain or Garp as Friend with a lot of RCV , PSY mates and have always Max. HP
Use either as Captain or just for his Stats. Or may even use of his awesome special.
Overall your best pick
Needed to burst down Karu from 21% to 0%

The Battle

Stamina: 30-Stamina (Expert)
Stages: 7

Stage 1

This stage is what defines the island...
The Unluckies will use their Special which will cut 90% of your health. And that's not all but they cut your Recovery for 999 Turns.
In other words you will need to have a lot of [Meat] to regain lost health.
This stage is otherwise fairly simple with easy minions - use to stall or heal with your Meat.
Stage 2

This is the "Test" of the island.
You will face 6 units that will test if your team is strong enough to make it through the island.
You should tap the bottom Dugong and fight upwards from there.
And yes the Dugong does drop.
Stage 3

If you run a Vivi Team, here is where I stall for Specials.
They are all fairly easy and can be cleared fairly easily - Nothing much special here.
The Auto-Targeting will hit the Penguin and Pig first - so if you're running low on health, you may want to Self-Target.
Stage 4

The Alabasta Stage - The Bannanadiles may be replaced by Sand Lizards.

That PSY at the back is a Baby Turtle and will usually be focused first with Auto-Targeting System.
The Banandiles are slightly tanky, deal around 3500 of damage each but with a long cooldown after attacking so make use of it!
Stage 5

The Dinosaur Stage - Comes in Three Variants - Tech Long-Neck Dinos, Speed Triceratops, Force T-Rex

This Stage has units that will deal decent damage (approx. 5,000 per hit) with cooldown depending on the variant.
I would stall on all except the Speed Triceratops due to them attacking every turn.
Stage 6

Your last chance to heal up before the Boss. The Boss will do a pre-emptive attack, so make sure you have minimum of 3,535 Health before moving on.
Otherwise - The stage itself is fairly straightforward. The focusing system will leave the Triple Dugongs until last.
Stage 7

The Boss. The Great PSY Duck - Carue.
The duck will pre-emptively hit you for 3,535 damage which isn't that threatening for a full health bar.

Health: 870,000 HP
Attack Pattern:
Attack for 3,535 damage every turn
- After 2 Normal Attacks, He will remove any Turn delays and buff his attack slightly. (Dealing approx. 5,400 damage a turn)
- He will deal 11,500 damage with his Special (20% of below Health each turn)

Hidden Bosses
  1. Lock - The Locked Unit cannot attack or do specials. If he/she is a Captain, while he/she is locked, the Captain Effect does not work.

Any Stage EXCEPT 1 and 7

The Red Ducks!!~
Will lock 3-Units - Usually this will be all your left units (including Friend Captain) as well as giving all your unit [Meat] Orbs.
Clearable in 1-2 turns and shouldn't pose much of a threat.
Any Stage EXCEPT 1 and 7

The Blue Ducks!!~
Will lock 3- Units - Bottom Row and your Captain as well as giving all your unit [Meat] Orbs.
Clearable in 1-2 turns and shouldn't pose much of a threat.
Any Stage EXCEPT 1 and 7

The Green Ducks!!~
Will lock 3- Units - Middle Row and your Captain as well as giving all your unit [Meat] Orbs.
Clearable in 1-2 turns and shouldn't pose much of a threat.

Ranking Mission


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