Camie And Hachis Takoyaki Shop

Camie And Hachis Takoyaki Shop
Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP,Beli,Title
    • Tips
    • Challenge
  • Stage Overview (Expert 30)
  • Team Suggestions (Expert 30)

Notable obtainable Skillbooks:
Skillbooks Notes Max.CD
Namule 25-18 15,30 rare
Rayleigh 23-18 15,30 extremely rare
Scratchman Apoo 20-12 15,30rare

Camie25-165 - 30mid
Hatchan Shopkeeper25-125 - 30high
Pappug23-155 - 30rare encounter
-Remember: Droprates are not given. This is just our approximation.-


XP and droprates:
Stamina/ Chapter EXP Beri Title
Rookie - 5 511 6230 -
Veteran - 10 1258 7748 -
Elite - 15 2300 11000 Octopus
Expert - 30 5564 62580 Mermaid

  • It's recommended to use Rainbow Class-Crews or DEX-Crews for this fortnight because most of your enemies will be QCK, including the Boss.
  • Be Warned: You may use Golden Pound Usopp for this fortnight, may not (depends on boss version).


Hit multiple times 50.000 damage throughout the run.

4 x 50.0001x Blue Elder Turtle
8 x 50.0001x Rainbow Gem, 1x HP Candy
22x 50.0002x Rainbow Gem, 1x Orb Match Socket Book 

The Battle

Stamina: 30-Stamina  (Expert)
Stages: 7

CONDITION: Units of a cost of "49" or lower allowed.
That means your evolved raidbosses or all the Legends won't fit here.

The Stages
Battle 1

Defeat Pirates, stall on Evolution Materials or the guy with 3 turns

Battle 2

similar to 1
Battle 3

Defeat Mob first, stall on crabs and turtles

Battle 4

You should be able to hit down a marine per turn.. at least
Battle 5

Battle 6


He's fairly tanky and strong so be warned!

Hatchi will change your orbs to [Bother], [Meat] or [Heart] orbs after the first attack (and again after 2 turns).

He has a 1-Turn attack interval and will use his special if you get him to 20% health of below.

Special: Blinds you for 10 turns which will make your fight against Camie a lot harder.

HP: 500.000
ATK: ~3400

Battle 7

1)Camie Standard

350.000 HP
Preemptive: ?

Turn 1: Heal 50,000 Health
Turn 2: Deal 2,445 damage
HP 20% or less: -

Mobs: Quite easy to take down. Focus mobs first when you are 100% concerned about get them in one strike

Camie and her fishman
Camie isn't the real problem in this stage... It's that fishman at the back. He hits hard! Like 12,000 damage hard. He's also much tankier than normal mobs so focusing him first is a good idea.

The 999 Debuff Blocker ensures that your Hammer Usopps are worthless at this stage.

350.000 HP
Preemptive: Change all slots of [Force], [Heart] or [Technique]; Increase the occurrence of [Force] orbs for 999 turns.

Turn 1: Heal 50,000 Health
Turn 2: Deal 2,445 damage
HP 20% or less: -

Psy Mob:
~100k HP
ATK: 12.000

3) Camie and the fishmob:


100.000 HP
Preemptive: ?

Turn 1: Heal 50,000 Health
Turn 2: Deal 2,590 damage
HP 20% or less: Silence Captain for 2 turns

Mobs: Quite easy to take down. Focus first

High Defense here.

Tipp: Use Fixed damage special here.
Rare Encounter


Pappug is easy to defeat. Just get rid of his bodyguards first.

Team Suggestions: 

Keep in mind you need at least a 1.5x ATK ship !

Free 2 Play DEX Team

Socket Abilities Required:  None

One of the Captain could be any 2.5x DEX captain ( e.g. Trafalgar Law).
Team is easy to handle this Fortnight and you will have a lot of spare amount of HP over.
Fight with hatchan will last quite long. And you have to deal at least 150k damage average, since camie can heal up to 50.000

Free 2 Play DEX Fighter Team

Socket Abilities Required:  None

Bon Clay can be switched out for any Fighter ATK boosting captain.
Overall this units specials can bring you the victory in 1 or 2 turns at boss stage.
With Namule captain you will be a bit tanky, while Bon Clay may not have so much power.
So you utilize your ATK and survivability with specials.

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