Sadi Chan Punishment Chamber

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP,Beli,Title
    • Tips
    • Challenge
  • Stage Overview (Expert 30)
  • Team Suggestions (Expert 30)

Notable obtainable Skillbooks:
Chance (Expert)
Trafalgar Law ROOM18-1015,30
Vista Flower Sword
Sir Crocodile, under the Schichibukai

Sadi-chanAnyGood Sub in DEF break crews20-10
Rare encounter Boss
AnyGood for Princess Turtle only
Reduce DEF by 100%
-Remember: Droprates are not given but is our guessing.-

XP and droprates:
Stamina/ ChapterEXPBeliTitle
Rookie – 55173102
Veteran – 1012607560
Elite – 15237311865Yeow!
Expert – 30 5580 26125 On the Offense

  • Use a Slasher crew!
  • You may want to get Manticore special up to 20
  • Easy to play, because everyone should have a slasher team in the box
  • You can still use GP Usopp since he is there for the special
  • Shopkeeper Hatchan is predestinated for this fortnight

Challenge: Deal as much damage with a low cost crew as you can

Score determined on: Low amount of turns needed, high damage dealt, lower cost = more score.
DO NOT use HP cuts or any damage dealing specials!

1x Purple Elder Turtle
ATK Candy
3x Gem
INT Hawk x DEX Hawk
Just a regular Slasher crew with high ATK. Slice through as quick as possible.
Either use an ATK Buff special or Doffys Orbs special on boss stage to boost up your score. That's it.

2x STR Kaku (Story)
Alternative to Koza = Hatchan (PSY)

This one may be a tough team to gather, but Kaku is a nice 2.5x ATK Slasher lead when you keep your HP above 50%.
Not necesseraly requires a buffer or orb booster because of the low cost you might have a 300.000 score. But it's recommened to get your specials up.

2x Shanks

Pretty much the same thing as the 2x STR Kaku, but you can be more safe even below 50% HP.
79 Cost !

The Battle

Stamina: 30-Stamina  (Expert)
Stages: 7

15 Stamina: Striker, Shooter stats weakened
30 Stamina: Evolver, Fighter, Striker, Shooter stats weakened

Stage 1
Depending on your you can stall here or just kill them.
Stage 2
Stall on the teenage turtle (if needed) or just kill them.
Stage 3
Defeat Pirates, stall on Evo Materials
(if needed)
Stage 4
MINI-BOSS: Minokoala HP: ~400,000 HP
He will deal 3,115 damage every turn. You should try to kill him fast fast. Or you can stall here if you want, but you shouldn’t let him attack you too often. But if you use a doflamingo team you can take more hits here but you will need more time to kill him.
Stage 5

 Just kill them or stall here.
Stage 6.
Kill the 2 giants and stall and then you can stall on the teenage turtle. (if needed)

Stage 7
BOSS: Sadi-chan +3  MobsHP: ~600,000 HP
She will pre-emptive activates a defence buff for 999 turns, but the defence buff is pretty week. She will deal 3210 damage every 2 turns.
She will use her special every 2 turns which applies “Berserk” to all enemies. This will set their ATK timer to 0 and slightly boost their ATK. This means you should kill the mobs fast before they do too much damage. And dont bring her under 20% or she will regain 75% or her health.

Attack Pattern:
Pre-emptive: Activates a Defence buffer
Turn 1:  Uses her Special applying Berserk
Turn 2: Attacks for 4,014 damage
Turn 3: Attacks for 3,210 damage
Turn 4+: Repeat Turn 1 – 3.
20% or below Health: Heal ~75% of her health
Rare Encounter
You will face 6 Mantciores, they are pretty weak and you shouldnt have any problems here. But they will attack all at once if you are unlucky.

HP: 35.000
ATK: 1456

Team Suggestions: 

Keep in mind you need at least a 1.5x ATK ship !

Free to play: Any good leveled crew + Turn Delayer

Socket Abilities Required:  None

Pretty much standard Mihawk crew. Bring some PSYs and a turn delayer.

Helpful free to play Characters:
f0425.png (112×112)

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