Bartolomeo and Striker Sugo!

July 28 (19:00) - July 30 (18:59) PST

In addition to the Sugo-Fest exclusive characters we all know and love, this Sugo-Fest brings us Gladiators from the Corrida Coliseum and the infamous user of the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, Bartolomeo!

The Pre-Sugo-Fest quests will start on July 26th at 19:00 PST, so be sure to check out the new characters then!

Plus! In this Sugo-Fest, we're bringing you more rate-boosted characters than ever! That means more chances to get your hands on some of your favorites!

Bartolomeo's Captain Ability gives your crew a bigger ATK boost the more Strikers you have in your party. So in this Sugo-Fest, we are boosting the rate of Striker characters and starting them off at level 20!

Sugo-Fest Exclusive Characters

Bartolomeo (STR) NEW!
Monkey D. Luffy In the Wake of an Endless Dream - Straw Hat Pirates (STR)
Corazon Donquixote Pirates (DEX)
Donquixote Doflamingo Donquixote Pirates (QCK)
Rob Lucci CP9 Dark Justice (STR)
Sir Crocodile: Logia Warlord of the Sea (DEX)
Sabo (PSY)
Dracule Mihawk Warlord of the Sea (INT)
Portgas D. Ace Black Clad Flame Fist (DEX)
Marco Whitebeard 1st Div. Commander (QCK)
Shanks Blackclad Redhead (PSY)
Sengoku (PSY)
Boa Hancock (QCK)
Silvers Rayleigh (INT)
Edward Newgate (STR)

Plus, you'll have a higher chance of Recruiting all the powerful characters listed below.

Abdullah and Jeet Ex-Bounty Hunter (STR) NEW! 
Hajrudin Pirate Mercenary (PSY) NEW! 
Funk Brothers Mogaro Kingdom Assassin (DEX) NEW!
Blue Gilly Jiaokungdo Fighter (QCK) NEW!
Don Chin Jao Kano Kingdom Gang (INT) NEW!
Koala Revolutionary Army (DEX)
Hack Revolutionary Army (STR)
Emporio Ivankov Revolutionary Army (INT)
Inazuma Revolutionary Army (QCK)
Massacre Soldier Killer (QCK)
Captain Kid (STR)
Morning Star Rakuyo (PSY)
Maelstrom Spider Squard (PSY)
Baby 5 Donquixote Pirates (STR)
Vergo Donquixote Pirates (INT)

Abdullah and Jeet (STR) NEW!
Hajrudin (PSY) NEW! 
Bobby and Kelly Funk (DEX) NEW! 
Blue Gilly (QCK) NEW! 
Don Chin Jao (INT) NEW! 
Koala (DEX)
Hack (STR)
Emporio Ivankov (INT)
Inazuma (QCK)
Killer (QCK)
Eustass Kid (STR)
Rakuyo (PSY)
Squard (PSY)
Baby 5 (STR)
Vergo (INT)

*All during the event, every DEX and Striker character will join your crew at level 20!

*Sugo-Fest Exclusive characters who are DEX-types and Strikers will also join your crew at Level 20.

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