Monster Chopper Raidboss

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP,Beri,Title
    • Tips
  • Stage Overview (30 + 40)
  • Team Suggestions (30 + 40)

Notable Characters obtainable:
Monster Chopper
30 - 15
Boosts STR ATK by 3x,
but massively reduces HP

XP, Beri, Title:

Stamina/ Chapter
Expert - 30
34.000Rumble Ball
Master – 40


  • Turn delayer and damage reducers will help on boss stage.
  • Be cautious of Stage 4/5 - it will have units that Bind. You want to avoid stalling here.
  • Stall effectively to try and get your GP Usopp's Special up by the time you reach Chopper.
    This means hitting a unit with only 1 unit as opposed to all 6 at times
    (don't be afraid to take hits).

The Battle

Stamina: 40-Stamina  (Master)
Stages: 5

The Stages
Battle 1

You encounter 5 pirates from turn 1-3.
So make sure to stall at least 3 turns here.
If you want you can stall up to 4-6 turns here when taking 2100 damage.

Boxer Pirate?2100

Battle 2

Wipe the pirates on one go or get chain sockets.
You can stall easily on the 28 HP turtle.

3* Pirates?3200
+ Chains all characters that are strong against the pirate color
Big Turtle281050
Battle 3

Defeat the cape guy first.
The other one on next turn and stall on penguin.

If you use a character without a boost, you might stall even more on penguin.

Red Baroque + Cape?5500
Red Baroque?3804
Red Pirate Penguin?780
+ RCV reduce for 5 turns

Battle 4

Thats the usual raidboss 4/5 stage.
Elder Seahorses will chain you and the rest are just annoying high DEF mobs.

Make sure you have 2 characters in your crew that have combo of 6 or higher and use them on the seahorses.

Red Clown52000
Elder Seahorse62800
+ Randomly chains a character for 3 turns
Battle 5

Monster Chopper

30 Stamina:
HP: 990.000
ATK: 6152
Special: 7040

and has the same pattern as 40 Stamina

40 StaminaHPAttack
Monster Chopper1.800.000table below

Monster Chopper TurnsSpecialAttack
1Despairs your captain for 1 turn
+ Chains random 4 characters for 1 turn
(But never friend captain)
4Despairs your captain for 1 turn
+ Chains random 4 characters for 1 turn
(But never friend captain)
5, 7, 9, ...--
6, 8, 10, ...attack10.073
HP< 20%
Every turn
special attack

Team Suggestions: 

Keep in mind you need a 1.5x ATK ship !

F2P: QCK Rob Lucci (Story)

Specials MAX required: 
Have Usopps delay ready at boss stage

Socket Abilities Required:

This Captain ability (Fighter ATK by 2.75x) requires you to have 30% of your max. HP to activate!

Chain sockets are very recommened on this crew but not necessary. 
For 4/5 stage you can use Diable Jambe Sanji to deal 5000 true damage and wipe all with one special.
Also make sure you place Hina and Sanji under both Luccis to have guaranteed
QCK orbs.

You can vary this team but GP Usopp and Hina/Kaku/Sanji will probably stay.

F2P: God Enel

Specials MAX required: 

Socket Abilities Required:

Actually a peacewalk. You can stall for unlimited turns until monster chopper with this high recovery to have all specials ready and deal the final blow.
Use Usopp if you are not so concerned.
Otherwise use "Ganfall" or "Pell" for a one turn blow. 

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