Ivankov Raidboss

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP,Beri,Title
    • Tips
  • Stage Overview (30 + 40)
  • Team Suggestions (30 + 40)

Notable Characters obtainable:
(40 - Master)
Ivankov Emporio
17 - 8
Rainbow Cpt.
Orb changer

XP, Beri, Title:

Stamina/ Chapter
Expert - 30
Master – 40
Okama King


  • Turn delayer and damage reducers will help on boss stage.
  • Be cautious of Stage 4/5 - it will have units that Bind. You want to avoid stalling here.
  • Stall effectively to try and get your GP Usopp's Special up by the time you reach Ivankov's 50%.
    This means hitting a unit with only 1 unit as opposed to all 6 at times
    (don't be afraid to take hits).

The Battle

Stamina: 40-Stamina  (Master)
Stages: 5

The Stages
Battle 1

You encounter 5 pirates from turn 1-3.
So make sure to stall at least 3 turns here.
If you want you can stall up to 4-6 turns here when taking 1425 damage from the background shooter clown.

Clown Pirate20.0001425
Middle dagger Pirate20.0002850
Right Spear Pirate20.0002210
Left Boxer Pirate20.0004275
Blue Pirate Penguin2000?

Battle 2

Get rid of the nons first. They deal 6000 damage each

Blue Baroque (Helberd)25.0003940
+ Reduce RCV for 4 turns
Green Baroque (Saber)25.0006000
Battle 3

The turtle... perfect stalling here

Teen Turtle242750

Battle 4

Thats the usual raidboss 4/5 stage.
Elder Seahorses will chain you and the rest are just annoying high DEF mobs.

Make sure you have 2 characters in your crew that have combo of 6 or higher and use them on the seahorses.

3* Pirates61st attack: Chains all characters that have strong attribute against the pirate for 2 turns.
Next attack: 4620
Elder Seahorse6Randomly chains a character for 6 turns
Battle 5


30 Stamina:
HP: 1.050.000
Pre-emptive: 4242

ATK: 2804
Buffed ATK: 4206
Special HP<20%: Heal up to 50% up to 3 times

and has the same pattern as 40 Stamina

40 StaminaHPAttack
Ivankov1.800.000table below

Ivankov TurnsSpecialAttack
0Randomly changes orbs into [EMPTY] and changes 
[STR -> QCK],
[DEX -> STR],
[PSY -> INT]
1attacks, then ATK + DEF Buff for 2 turns4016
4+Repeat turn 1 - 3
HP< 20%
attacks every turn
Heals up to 70% HP everytime he goes below 30% HP.

This is the 30% HP Mark:

Team Suggestions: 

Keep in mind you need a 1.5x ATK ship !

F2P: Ashura Zoro / Trafalgar Law

Specials required: 
GP Usopp 15 and Smoker 20

Socket Abilities Required:

Double Ashura makes you incredibely tanky while with a Law friend you have a good chance for [DEX] orbs and deal higher damage anyway.
Your subs will take profit from the orb manipulation.

You will want to have some specials ready when fighting Ivankov to do your combos.
Therefore you want not to stall too long on previous stages and keep your max. HP for Ivankov if possible.

Keep an eye out for the 30% mark. If Ivankov falls below the mark your battle is often over here.
So deal an All-in damage around 40% HP.

F2P: The risky but possible Fighter

Specials MAX required: 
Bellamy, Usopp, Basilisk below 15

Socket Abilities Required:

This one is pretty risky, you will have to beat Ivankov while turn delayed. You can win this easily when using Basilisk's special and have some orb luck. Then use Koala and Bellamy special for a final blow.

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