Golden Sugo-Fest is back!

Aug. 27 (19:00) - Aug. 29 (18:59) PST 

In this Sugo-Fest, all characters are 4 stars or over guaranteed!

Plus, we're bringing back 10+1 Rare-Recruit!

This time, the last Wanted Poster you get in 10+1 Rare-Recruit is guaranteed to be a Sugo-Fest rate-boosted character
(Sugo-Fest Exclusives, Rayleigh, Sengoku Hancock, and Mihawk included!)

The last Wanted Poster you get in 10+1 Rare-Recruit has double the rate of normal Sugo-Fests to be Rayleigh, Sengoku, Hancock, or Mihawk!

Sugo-Fest Exclusive Characters 

Fujitora (INT)
Bartolomeo (STR)
Monkey D. Luffy In the Wake of an Endless Dream - Straw Hat Pirates (STR)
Corazon Donquixote Pirates (DEX)
Donquixote Doflamingo Donquixote Pirates (QCK)
Rob Lucci CP9 Dark Justice (STR)
Sir Crocodile: Logia Warlord of the Sea (DEX)
Sabo (PSY)
Dracule Mihawk Warlord of the Sea (INT)
Portgas D. Ace Black Clad Flame Fist (DEX)
Marco Whitebeard 1st Div. Commander (QCK)
Shanks Blackclad Redhead (PSY)
Sengoku (PSY) Rate-Boosted!
Boa Hancock (QCK) Rate-Boosted!
Silvers Rayleigh (INT) Rate-Boosted!
Edward Newgate (STR)

Plus, you'll have a higher chance of Recruiting all the powerful characters listed below.

Baby 5 Donquixote Pirates (STR)
Hack Revolutionary Army (STR)
Master Caesar (DEX)
Giolla Donquixote Pirates (DEX)
Jabra CP9’s Strongest (QCK)
Kalifa CP9’s Strongest (QCK)
Twin-Blade Thatch (QCK)
Emporio Ivankov Revolutionary Army (INT)
Ice Witch Whitey Bay (INT)
Monet Donquixote Pirates (PSY)

Baby 5 (STR)
Hack (STR)
Caesar Clown (DEX)
Giolla (DEX)
Jabra CP9 Dark Justice (QCK)
Kalifa CP9 Dark Justice (QCK)
Thatch (QCK)
Emporio Ivankov New Kama Karate Master (INT)
Whitey Bay (INT)
Monet (PSY)

*All during the event, every QCK character will join your crew at level 20!

*Sugo-Fest Exclusive characters who are QCK-types will also join your crew at Level 20.

Sadly this sugo has no new characters.  Good luck everyone

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  1. Cannot even get Sugo-Fest Exclusives with the 10+1 pull...what a wasted of my gems..need refund gems

    1. You won't get a refund, It's clearly been said you get a guaranteed 4* or higher of the listed characters including Legends.


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