Sugo-Fest! Fujitora is coming to town

Aug. 11 (19:00) - Aug. 13 (18:59) PST 

Get ready! This time we are bringing you a Sugo-Fest with DOUBLE the chances to get Sugo-Fest Exclusive Characters! 

Plus, some of your favorite characters from the Dressrosa arc will also be making their debut, including the mighty Fujitora! Fujitora will be featured starting with ATK +50 and, along with other Driven characters, will be rate-boosted! 

Introducing 10+1 Rare Recruit! 

Try 10 in a row and get one free! This is your chance to really build up your crew! 

Check the Tierlist to see who's worth to get and who's not.

【Sugo-Fest Exclusive Characters】 


Fujitora (INT) NEW! 
Bartolomeo (STR) 
Monkey D. Luffy In the Wake of an Endless Dream - Straw Hat Pirates (STR) 
Corazon Donquixote Pirates (DEX) 
Donquixote Doflamingo Donquixote Pirates (QCK) 
Rob Lucci CP9 Dark Justice (STR) 
Sir Crocodile: Logia Warlord of the Sea (DEX) 
Sabo (PSY) 
Dracule Mihawk Warlord of the Sea (INT) 
Portgas D. Ace Black Clad Flame Fist (DEX) 
Marco Whitebeard 1st Div. Commander (QCK) 
Shanks Blackclad Redhead (PSY) 
Sengoku (PSY) 
Boa Hancock (QCK) 
Silvers Rayleigh (INT) 
Edward Newgate (STR) 

Plus, you'll have a higher chance of Recruiting all the powerful characters listed below. 

Ricky Mystery Swordsman (INT) NEW! 
Leo Tontatta Corps Leader (QCK) NEW! 
*Mansherry Tontatta Princess (PSY) NEW! 
Kyros Ex-Riku Royal Army Commander (DEX) NEW! 
Don Sai Kano Kingdom Gang (STR) NEW! 
And all the other characters who have Driven as their class! 

Ricky (INT)NEW! 
Leo (QCK) NEW! 
*Mansherry (PSY) NEW! 
Kyros (DEX) NEW! 
Don Sai (STR) NEW! 

And all the other characters who have Driven as their class! 

*Mansherry's Special has the ability to remove "Paralysis" but there are still no enemies within the game that inflict this status effect upon your crew. Those enemies will come at a later time. 

*Sugo-Fest Exclusive characters who are INT-types will also join your crew at 
Level 20.

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