Aokiji Forest Challenge

A forest full of marines, vices, veteran and Aokiji himself awaiting you. You will need to invest a lot of time until you can beat this challenge. Maxing specials, characters, raidbosses to overcome the despairs and chains of the marines. 
Starting 23. Aug. (19:00 PST)

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • Tips
  • Stage Overview
  • Team Suggestions

Reward: Aokijis Bike

(Picture links to list of all ships)

Title:  "Lazy Justice"


  • Stages 1-10 are so easy. You must get all your specials up.
  • Socket abilities that heal you or reduce binds are your best friends.
  • Bottom-left character can not be used on boss stage.
  • Either you beat this forest by heavy DEF abilities or Heal abilities or both.
  • Pure all in full damage crews will cause an end at Stage 19 or earlier.
  • You MUST have Despair / Chain sockets.

The Battle

Stages: 20

Condition: -

The Stages
These Stages are so super easy.
Not even worth placing infos or pictures
Battle 1 - 10

Mostly lows dealing 200 up to 1000 damage and have
1000 up to 20.000 HP only

Stall and get your specials ready!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.02.23 PM
Battle 11


This stage is extremely easy when you have Lv.3 Despair and Lv.3 Chain sockets. Then hit Fullbody and Django.

If you have only Lv.2 Anti Despair socket, use Usopps delay.

Hina150.000table below
HP<50%: 5000

Hina TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Despairs both captain for 3 turns
Chains random character for 3 turns

2, 4, 6, ...Chains random character for 2 turns3280
Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.37.49 PM
Battle 12


Once again you really should have the anti despair /chain sockets. And this fight is won. Focus Tashigi first. Her first attack is higher than Smokers.

Smoker350.000table below
then 2890

Smoker TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Chains captain for 4 turns4030
3, 6, 9, ...
HP< 20%
Chains both captains for 3 turns
Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.40.24 PM
Battle 13


Lv. 2 Anti Chain socket is required here to counter Domino.
It's better to wipe all marines first then take over Domino.
Don't let her go lower than 20% or else it's a Game over.

Domino350.000table below
STR Ensign70.0003192
PSY Ensign70.0001812
QCK Commander70.0002250
INT Commander70.0003615
HP<20%: 6000

Domino TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Despairs Friend for 3 turns-
2, 4, 6, ...Chains random characters for 2 turns4475
HP< 20%
Chains both captains for 999 turns

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.43.18 PM
Battle 14

Sadi's Monsters

Just hit them one by one without taking damage.
It's possible Sadi attacks next turn. So get her first or delay them a little.

Sadi340.000table below

Sadi TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: DEF UP for 9 turns
3, 4, 5, ...
HP< 20%
Heal all enemies up to 80% max. HP
Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.46.02 PM
Battle 15

Tsuru the Granny

In this stage you should know if it's better to get rid of 
Onigumo first if you have a low HP crew or 
focus Momonga first if you have a high HP crew.

Idealy you kill both before they hit you... or delay them.

Tsuru380.000Every 2 turns: Heals all enemies to 100% HP
DEX Onigumo580.000First attack: 10.000
then 3904
PSY Momonga580.000First attack: 30% HP cut
then 6220

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.49.19 PM
Battle 16

Garp and Cobymepo

Use Helmeppo to build up your combo while you defeat him and switch to Garp with your last hit.
You must defeat Garp within 3 turns.

Coby will buff himself without attacking. Use this to stall for another turn!

Garp1.000.000table below
Coby360.000First attack: ATK Buff only
then 20.000.
HP<20%: 10.5000

Garp TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Debuff protector for 99 turns3300
3, 9
6, 12
Battle 17

Very Good & Aokiji

Aokiji1.000.000table 2 below
Very400.000table 1

Very Good TurnsSpecialAttack
1, 2, 3, ...Heal all enemies for 80% max.HP3924
2, 4, 6, ...Clears their debuffs and your buffs-
HP < 20%:

Aokiji TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Chains middle row for 3 turns.
Despair both captains for 3 turns.
Debuff protector for 1 turn.
1Chains bottom characters for 2 turns.
Debuff protection for 2 turns
3Chains middle right character for 3 turns.
Debuff protector for 4 turns
6, 9, 12, ...
HP < 20%
Battle 18


Preemptively changes all [Meat] and [TND] orbs to [INT] the rest to [Bomb]; 
Despairs Captain and Friend Captain for 3 turns; 
Gives you an orb-boost for 9 turns.

Guess what. Doffy is the strongest of them all. You must wipe him in 1 turn after you defeat Mihawk and Moria or just after Mihawk.

Get hit once by Boa to save up a turn. It's only 7000 damage.

TIPP: It's possible to clear this stage without a turn delay.

HP<50%: 99.999
DEF: 50.000
HP < 20%: 25.000

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.07.44 PM
Battle 19

Marine Veterans

Pre-emptive: Debuff protector for 99 turns.


Sengoku TurnsSpecialAttack
5, 7, 9, ...
HP < 30%

Garp TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Debuff protector for 99 turns-
1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
4, 6, 9, ...

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.14.53 PM
Battle 20


Just attack him normaly. Since he will definitly chain the bottom left character and has a debuff protector just put Usopp in that slot.

It's recommended for Aokiji to be sitting below 50% Health by the end of turn 5.
Deal the final blow with an orb booster, 1 or 2 PSY characters with matching orbs and at least 1.5x ATK boost.

Aokiji3.100.000table below

Aokiji TurnsSpecialAttack
0Pre-emptive: Chains bottom left character for 50 turns.
Debuff protection for 99 turns.
2Chains any mid or bottom row characters for 2 turns-
3Cut your current HP by 50%6000

HP< 50%
ATK UP, Lower attack cooldown to 1

Every turn after buff

HP < 20%
Chains random character for 13 turns

Team Suggestions: 

F2P: Mihawk x INT Hawk

Specials MAX required: 
DEX Hawk, Doffy, GP Usopp, Perona or Alvida

Levels MAX: 
All characters

Ship required:

Usual slasher setup. Autoheal is very important here, since your ship reduce your RCV to almost 0. If you want to heal even more you will need to redesign and allocate the sockets so you can achieve the 500 or 1000 autoheal.

Log Luffy x2

Specials MAX required: 
Usopp, Doflamingo

Levels MAX: 
All characters

Ship required:

There is actualy just one thing to do. Stall up your specials until stage 10.
Do the GOOD> GREAT> PERFECTs. And sockets will do the rest.
Aokiji can buff his own ATK and doffy boosts his orb for the heavier PSY stages.
It's up to you if you want to take autoheal. But this should be your standard setup.

Rayleigh x2

Specials MAX required: 
Usopp, Doflamingo, INTvankov, Perona

Levels MAX: 
All characters

Ship required:

This crew is quite difficult to fulfill because you need luck to get socket tomes on rayleigh that you want. But IF that happens and you get a friend with those sockets. (I bet some people have maxed Ray's from sugos) you also need some survivability. A DEF char, something to heal you up if you are not lucky with [Meat] orbs, orb booster and if you want to utilize your healing i recommened Whitebeards ship.

Gear 3rd x2

Specials MAX required: 
Usopp, Doflamingo

Levels MAX: 
All characters except Usopp

Ship required:

Alright. This is probably the easiest crew you can get beside the slashers.
Heracles will grants you a nice set of guaranteed orbs which you can utilize with Doffy and Aokiji. With these sockets you have covered 1000 autoheal each turn, 3 turns chain/despair resistance and even a nice slot of more orb luck you shouldn't understimate. You can also try it with the Merri ship, but you will lose a lot of HP. Good luck.

Doffy 6* x2

Specials MAX required: 
Usopp, Aokiji

Levels MAX: 
All characters

Ship required:

According to socket preparation this should be the easiest if you can clear the raidbosses. If you want you can even put CDR or more lucky orbs in it. Or exchange Breed for Perona/ Alvida. Just do PERFECTS and win.

Other Legends currently lack the orb socket content. Or "Socket Tomes"

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