Another Global Update!!~

Global Update
   General Info Post!!~

Turtle Islands are here for Global!!~ It seems they will appear every Monday and last 1 Hour. Each Run will cost you 15 Stamina.

We will have a Turtle Island Time-Table up soon... But for now here's a brief rundown of the Turtle Island

Number of Battles: 5
Guaranteed at least 1 Drop per Stage

  • 1st Stage -  5 Baby Turtles  (~15 HP)
  • 2nd Stage - 4 Baby Turtles, 1 Teenage Turtle (~25HP)
  • 3rd Stage - 3 Baby Turtles, 1 Teenage Turtle
  • 4th Stage - 2 Baby Turtles, 1 Teenage Turtles
  • 5th Stage - 2 Teenage Turtles, 1 Elder Turtle (~120HP)
  • HIDDEN BOSS: 1 Elder Turtle
For efficient clear (quickest clear), the following are recommended:
  • Tandems - Fixed damage Tandems can clear the Stages quickly.
  • Diablo Jambe Sanji - Fixed damage can clear Turtles
  • Double Shanks (6.25x ATK to PSY) with PSY Team can destroy Purple Turtles
  • Don Krieg (MH-5 Gas Bomb) - His All enemies poison can definitely speed things up a notch. 

DEX Rate Up!!~

If you really need a DEX Unit and you aren't recovering from the debt you created during the Strawhat v2 event - Feel free to summon for a chance at getting a DEX Unit.

The only premiums unit for DEX worth pulling at the moment are:
  • Wolf's Flow Roronoa Zoro
  • Lion Song Roronoa Zoro
  • Miss Goldenweek
Whichever you choose - I wish you the best of luck!~

Whitebeard Pirates Batch

Start saving your Rainbow Gems!!! The Whitebeard Pirates will be the next Rare Recruit Batch! They will be out in 2-3 Months (Unless they move it up... again). 
Again - The Preview/Review for them will be up BUT you can choose NOT to read it. It will be reposted at a later date.

New "Predicted" Schedule

So with Bandai moving things up, we DO have to polish up some dates and some things in general. So here's the new "Predicted Schedule".

Dates of Event/Date of Release
Kuro's Master Plan!!
March 17th - March 31st
Laboon's Island Release
March 31st
Arlong's Dictatorship
March 31st - April 14th
Don Krieg's Fleet Attacks!!
April 14th - April 28th
 Hawkeye Mihawk's Challenge!!
April 21st - April 22nd
Jail-Break!! Morgan
April 28th - May 5th
Hina Resort Vacation!!
May 5th - May 19th

We hope this clears up some concerns!!

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