Laboon the Twin Cape and Arlong Empire

Celebrate the new Version 2.0.0 of One Piece Treasure Cruise coming soon !
Possible release date:
1st Week of April

Rewards/ Unlocks / New Content:

-Next Story Isle

-For new Players/ New Accounts you will get a full set to
evolve Zoro to the next Level with free materials.

- Additional expandation of the Box by +100 possible

- Added Pirate Penguins to Wednesdays Penguin Isle. 
All you have been waiting for !
+ the Rainbow Pirate Penguin

and of course a free Elder Turtle on the 1 Stamina Isle

Don't forget to save your Account before any Update!

Next Special Isle !

Arlongs Empire Rising

Guide will be posted seperately

Easter Event Continues
April, 01  to April 07

The Double Rate Up
Your chance to feed all your doubled Units and Skillbooks on this event.
As always. These times are in PST.

Lets use all the Friendpoints and summon a maximum of 50 Units !
You can recruit 10 at a time. But the chances to get more
rare stuff is the same as a single recruit.
 I'm not sure if you can pull Elder Turtle though : P

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