Kuro's Master Plan!!!

Fortnight Island
   Kuro's Master Plan!!

Somebody has been plotting behind the shadows... A new difficulty has been created... Are you ready to face Kuro's Master Plan?

Notable Rewards:

Captain Kuro: Slasher Teams can pick up the darling QCK Slasher in his non-evolved form. Captain Kuro is ready to be farmed and join your respective team.

Django: With a Future Evolution that converts [INT] Orbs to [PSY] Orbs, Django is a worthy pick-up for those PSY users that want a unit similar to Towel-Nami.
Even alone, Django fits as a nice Orb Manipulator.

SKILL BOOK: Golden Pound Hammer Usopp ELITE
The moment you've ALL been waiting for... The chance to level your Golden Pound's Skill to the MAX. At 10 Turns, almost every battle will become a sure win!

Sogeking books will make an appearance in Expert Mode (30-Stamina). For those that evolved their Usopp all the way, may this book find its way into your hands

Recommended Teams:

Ashura Zoro (DEX Teams)
A team that almost everyone should have by now - Ashura Zoro is the pinnacle of strength in this island. It will be the number 1 team for clearing this Fortnight Island.
Click to go to more details on DEX Teams

Chef Zeff (Fighter Teams)
With double Zeffs and other Fighters - This 6.25x ATK Team should be able to handle Kuro's island fairly well. It will hold one of the coveted spots as suggested team.
Click to go to more details on Fighter Teams.

Buggy, The Clown (INT Teams)
With Nico Robin added, INT Teams will become a powerhouse with the units they have at their disposal. With their Specials combined, they could deal serious damage and wipe Kuro easily
Click to go to more details on INT Teams.

The Battle!!!~
This will focus primarily on the 30-Stamina (Expert Version) of the island - the new difficulty Expert Mode)

Battle 1/7

Mobs!! Yay!!

You could probably stall 1-2 Turns here.

Battle 2/7

More Mobs!! Nothing New...

Battle 3/7

The new Turtle Stage - tons of Opportunity to Stall here!

The Young Turtle may change into another mob for you to deal with.

But nothing to be worried about.

Battle 4/7

MINI BOSS: Siam and Butchie

Siam is not very tanky and has approximately 70,000 Health.

Butchie will be tankier and have about 200,000 Health in comparison.

Butchie deals around 5,004 damage.

Battle 5/7

Yay!! Back to mobs!!~

Eat, Sleep, Destroy, Repeat.

Battle 6/7


What is better than 1 Crab to stall on?

3 Crabs!!!

The map before Kuro has Turtles and Crabs, use them to stall and get all your Specials loaded.

Battle 7/7

BOSS: Kuro of a Hundred Plans
Health: 600,000
Attack: 1,880
Attack Interval: 1 (After First Attack)

Don't be frightened by his large Health, his weakness is his turn-count before his First Attack at 3. !!!-update: He may have 1-3 Cooldownturns before attack.!!
With a swift delay, a 6-Turn Kuro shouldn't be much threat and can only touch you once or twice at most.
Credit for Photos - TAKASHI


Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures however we can say - Django appears randomly around the dungeon from Stages 1-6. He will/can appear in all versions of the island from 5 to 30.

Overall, we wish you the best of luck countering Kuro's Master Plan!!!~

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