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   Turtle Island

 So it's no secret we've been having incredible trouble with Turtle Times for Global. But Thanks to efforts of Members of the Blog Chat/Twitch Streams and Facebook Groups - We have come up with a Turtle Island Table!!~

These times were for 3/23/2015

Special Thanks to deadbard!~

Use this Converter and write down "PST" in the right field to know when your time matches.

All times are in PST (thus in-game time) and the first thing you should notice is that everybody has 2 Turtle Times. Each Island runs for 30 minutes instead of 1 Hour meaning you'll have to hurry to get the Turtles you want/need.

How much Stamina and XP ?

1250 Pirate EXP on 15-Stamina

6th Digit? What's my Turtle Time ?

To find your Turtle Time - look at your ID's 6th digit (i.e xxx, xxX xxx) and look across the table that matches your 6th digit. For example, if your ID is 0, it'll be found in the " 0, 5" group which is 5:00PST and 15:00 PST.

Why are our Turtle Times shorter?

As a Global version, players from many different time zones will be playing - by having 2 Turtle Islands 10-Hours apart, it will ensure that Global Players will be able to reach Turtle Island regardless of their time zone.

Are these times permanent?

No. They are not permanent. They WILL change every week - so do not get too used to these times.

What do we encounter in Turtle Island?

DISCLAIMER: The following are based on JPN Island - it may have changed slightly

Stage Number
What You Encounter

5 x Baby Purple Turtles


4 x Baby Purple Turtles
1 x Teenage Purple Turtle


3 x Baby Purple Turtles
1x Teenage Purple Turtle


2 x Baby Purple Turtles
1 x Teenage Purple Turtle


2 x Teenage Purple Turtles
1 x Elder Purple Turtle


1 x Elder Purple Turtle

Tips and Tricks to clear Faster
  • Red-Haired Shanks 6.25x ATK Boost with a decent PSY Team should be able to clear this much easier than most crews
  • Diablo Jambe Sanji can clear the Final Stage with Fixed Damage since the Elder Turtle's Defense is stupidly high.
  • Gear 3 Teams can clear it fairly easily (albeit 3 Turtles at a time)
  • Don Krieg's MH-5 Gas Bomb is an effective tool for clearing the last stage.
  • Chore Boy Helmeppo's 0 Defense can assist with rendering the Elder Turtles severely weakened.
We wish you the best of luck in getting Turtles!!~

You can also use this link to find the times for your Turtle Time:


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