Celebrate the new Version 2.0.0 of One Piece Treasure Cruise coming soon !
Possible release date:
1st Week of April

Rewards/ Unlocks / New Content:

-Next Story Isle

-For new Players/ New Accounts you will get a full set to
evolve Zoro to the next Level with free materials.

- Additional expandation of the Box by +100 possible

- Added Pirate Penguins to Wednesdays Penguin Isle. 
All you have been waiting for !
+ the Rainbow Pirate Penguin

and of course a free Elder Turtle on the 1 Stamina Isle

Don't forget to save your Account before any Update!

Next Special Isle !

Arlongs Empire Rising

Guide will be posted seperately

Easter Event Continues
April, 01  to April 07

The Double Rate Up
Your chance to feed all your doubled Units and Skillbooks on this event.
As always. These times are in PST.

Lets use all the Friendpoints and summon a maximum of 50 Units !
You can recruit 10 at a time. But the chances to get more
rare stuff is the same as a single recruit.
 I'm not sure if you can pull Elder Turtle though : P

Global Code Event
   Easter Egg Hunt!!!

The hunt both started and ended last night as members of One Piece Treasure Cruise FLOODED the Guide Site hunting for Egg Letters.

AAand the HUNT IS OVER!!~

The Special Easter Egg KEYWORD is:


Input it at the code redemption site to claim a set of Turtles and a free gem!!~


input keyword first,OK then input ID and OK.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first "community" event and look forward to new ones coming out soon!!~
Special Island
   Turtle Island

 So it's no secret we've been having incredible trouble with Turtle Times for Global. But Thanks to efforts of Members of the Blog Chat/Twitch Streams and Facebook Groups - We have come up with a Turtle Island Table!!~

These times were for 3/23/2015

Special Thanks to deadbard!~

Use this Converter and write down "PST" in the right field to know when your time matches.

All times are in PST (thus in-game time) and the first thing you should notice is that everybody has 2 Turtle Times. Each Island runs for 30 minutes instead of 1 Hour meaning you'll have to hurry to get the Turtles you want/need.

How much Stamina and XP ?

1250 Pirate EXP on 15-Stamina

6th Digit? What's my Turtle Time ?

To find your Turtle Time - look at your ID's 6th digit (i.e xxx, xxX xxx) and look across the table that matches your 6th digit. For example, if your ID is 0, it'll be found in the " 0, 5" group which is 5:00PST and 15:00 PST.

Why are our Turtle Times shorter?

As a Global version, players from many different time zones will be playing - by having 2 Turtle Islands 10-Hours apart, it will ensure that Global Players will be able to reach Turtle Island regardless of their time zone.

Are these times permanent?

No. They are not permanent. They WILL change every week - so do not get too used to these times.

What do we encounter in Turtle Island?

DISCLAIMER: The following are based on JPN Island - it may have changed slightly

Stage Number
What You Encounter

5 x Baby Purple Turtles


4 x Baby Purple Turtles
1 x Teenage Purple Turtle


3 x Baby Purple Turtles
1x Teenage Purple Turtle


2 x Baby Purple Turtles
1 x Teenage Purple Turtle


2 x Teenage Purple Turtles
1 x Elder Purple Turtle


1 x Elder Purple Turtle

Tips and Tricks to clear Faster
  • Red-Haired Shanks 6.25x ATK Boost with a decent PSY Team should be able to clear this much easier than most crews
  • Diablo Jambe Sanji can clear the Final Stage with Fixed Damage since the Elder Turtle's Defense is stupidly high.
  • Gear 3 Teams can clear it fairly easily (albeit 3 Turtles at a time)
  • Don Krieg's MH-5 Gas Bomb is an effective tool for clearing the last stage.
  • Chore Boy Helmeppo's 0 Defense can assist with rendering the Elder Turtles severely weakened.
We wish you the best of luck in getting Turtles!!~

You can also use this link to find the times for your Turtle Time:

Global Update
   General Info Post!!~

Turtle Islands are here for Global!!~ It seems they will appear every Monday and last 1 Hour. Each Run will cost you 15 Stamina.

We will have a Turtle Island Time-Table up soon... But for now here's a brief rundown of the Turtle Island

Number of Battles: 5
Guaranteed at least 1 Drop per Stage

  • 1st Stage -  5 Baby Turtles  (~15 HP)
  • 2nd Stage - 4 Baby Turtles, 1 Teenage Turtle (~25HP)
  • 3rd Stage - 3 Baby Turtles, 1 Teenage Turtle
  • 4th Stage - 2 Baby Turtles, 1 Teenage Turtles
  • 5th Stage - 2 Teenage Turtles, 1 Elder Turtle (~120HP)
  • HIDDEN BOSS: 1 Elder Turtle
For efficient clear (quickest clear), the following are recommended:
  • Tandems - Fixed damage Tandems can clear the Stages quickly.
  • Diablo Jambe Sanji - Fixed damage can clear Turtles
  • Double Shanks (6.25x ATK to PSY) with PSY Team can destroy Purple Turtles
  • Don Krieg (MH-5 Gas Bomb) - His All enemies poison can definitely speed things up a notch. 

DEX Rate Up!!~

If you really need a DEX Unit and you aren't recovering from the debt you created during the Strawhat v2 event - Feel free to summon for a chance at getting a DEX Unit.

The only premiums unit for DEX worth pulling at the moment are:
  • Wolf's Flow Roronoa Zoro
  • Lion Song Roronoa Zoro
  • Miss Goldenweek
Whichever you choose - I wish you the best of luck!~

Whitebeard Pirates Batch

Start saving your Rainbow Gems!!! The Whitebeard Pirates will be the next Rare Recruit Batch! They will be out in 2-3 Months (Unless they move it up... again). 
Again - The Preview/Review for them will be up BUT you can choose NOT to read it. It will be reposted at a later date.

New "Predicted" Schedule

So with Bandai moving things up, we DO have to polish up some dates and some things in general. So here's the new "Predicted Schedule".

Dates of Event/Date of Release
Kuro's Master Plan!!
March 17th - March 31st
Laboon's Island Release
March 31st
Arlong's Dictatorship
March 31st - April 14th
Don Krieg's Fleet Attacks!!
April 14th - April 28th
 Hawkeye Mihawk's Challenge!!
April 21st - April 22nd
Jail-Break!! Morgan
April 28th - May 5th
Hina Resort Vacation!!
May 5th - May 19th

We hope this clears up some concerns!!
 The "Epic" Release of V2 Strawhat Pirates
Click on the image to get infos about the Characters

(These Strawhats are only summonable!)
With 2x higher Chance to get during this 24hour Event,
remember you can still pull cobys and helmeppos,chus... ,

 afterwards the chance is lower, but you can still get the 5*
Start on
March 17.  19:00 PST
Fortnight Island
   Kuro's Master Plan!!

Somebody has been plotting behind the shadows... A new difficulty has been created... Are you ready to face Kuro's Master Plan?

Notable Rewards:

Captain Kuro: Slasher Teams can pick up the darling QCK Slasher in his non-evolved form. Captain Kuro is ready to be farmed and join your respective team.

Django: With a Future Evolution that converts [INT] Orbs to [PSY] Orbs, Django is a worthy pick-up for those PSY users that want a unit similar to Towel-Nami.
Even alone, Django fits as a nice Orb Manipulator.

SKILL BOOK: Golden Pound Hammer Usopp ELITE
The moment you've ALL been waiting for... The chance to level your Golden Pound's Skill to the MAX. At 10 Turns, almost every battle will become a sure win!

Sogeking books will make an appearance in Expert Mode (30-Stamina). For those that evolved their Usopp all the way, may this book find its way into your hands

Recommended Teams:

Ashura Zoro (DEX Teams)
A team that almost everyone should have by now - Ashura Zoro is the pinnacle of strength in this island. It will be the number 1 team for clearing this Fortnight Island.
Click to go to more details on DEX Teams

Chef Zeff (Fighter Teams)
With double Zeffs and other Fighters - This 6.25x ATK Team should be able to handle Kuro's island fairly well. It will hold one of the coveted spots as suggested team.
Click to go to more details on Fighter Teams.

Buggy, The Clown (INT Teams)
With Nico Robin added, INT Teams will become a powerhouse with the units they have at their disposal. With their Specials combined, they could deal serious damage and wipe Kuro easily
Click to go to more details on INT Teams.

The Battle!!!~
This will focus primarily on the 30-Stamina (Expert Version) of the island - the new difficulty Expert Mode)

Battle 1/7

Mobs!! Yay!!

You could probably stall 1-2 Turns here.

Battle 2/7

More Mobs!! Nothing New...

Battle 3/7

The new Turtle Stage - tons of Opportunity to Stall here!

The Young Turtle may change into another mob for you to deal with.

But nothing to be worried about.

Battle 4/7

MINI BOSS: Siam and Butchie

Siam is not very tanky and has approximately 70,000 Health.

Butchie will be tankier and have about 200,000 Health in comparison.

Butchie deals around 5,004 damage.

Battle 5/7

Yay!! Back to mobs!!~

Eat, Sleep, Destroy, Repeat.

Battle 6/7


What is better than 1 Crab to stall on?

3 Crabs!!!

The map before Kuro has Turtles and Crabs, use them to stall and get all your Specials loaded.

Battle 7/7

BOSS: Kuro of a Hundred Plans
Health: 600,000
Attack: 1,880
Attack Interval: 1 (After First Attack)

Don't be frightened by his large Health, his weakness is his turn-count before his First Attack at 3. !!!-update: He may have 1-3 Cooldownturns before attack.!!
With a swift delay, a 6-Turn Kuro shouldn't be much threat and can only touch you once or twice at most.
Credit for Photos - TAKASHI


Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures however we can say - Django appears randomly around the dungeon from Stages 1-6. He will/can appear in all versions of the island from 5 to 30.

Overall, we wish you the best of luck countering Kuro's Master Plan!!!~

Free Fruits and other Events

QCK Characters up!
Not recommened though because the only unit is worth would be Ace.
Save your fruits for V2 release : )

For #3 i recommened everyone to save your turtles for this event like this:

Team Building Concept
   Special Moves - Leveling

Special Moves are game-changing moves that are designed to be used once or twice a battle to completely change the tide of battle. In One Piece: Treasure Cruise, these Specials can be levelled to reduce the turns required to charge the special.

Why should I bother leveling my Special?

 Leveling your Skill or Special will reduce the Cooldown of the Skill by 1. After significant leveling, you can dramatically drop the Cooldown and thus use it more often in a fight. This can reduce the amount of turns you spend stalling and increase your chances at winning!~

How do I level up my Special?

 There are currently 2 ways to level up your Special move. But the basic rule is as follows...

"Fusing a Character with the SAME Special Move NAME will have a chance of increasing the Special Move Level"

Note that the NAME of the Special Moves MUST be the same so units like Gaimon will not work if fused to Tony Tony Chopper as their Special Move NAME is different - even though the effect is the same.

Certain Characters like Buggy, The Clown and Hawkeye Mihawk share the same Special Name regardless of their evolution thus can be used to level the skill level up by fusing their 3-Star Form to their 4-Star Form (or vice-versa).

Skillbooks obtained by Event Islands will also display the Special Name if you open up the Character Summary Page - but often, you will use them on the Character listed in the book.

I fused Characters with the Same Special Name and they didn't level!!!

You need to be aware that leveling your unit's Special is not 100% guaranteed even if you fuse 5 of the required unit. Thus you will need to keep trying to MAX Characters.

Fusing a higher amount of Characters (5 Buggys > 1 Buggy) will NOT have a higher chance of increasing the Skill Level.

Skill Rate-Up Event?!?

In JPN version, there is occasionally a Skill Rate-Up Event where units have 2x Chance of leveling their Skill-Level. This is critical and is often the event many players wait for. They expand their inventories and will farm 40+ of their favorite units to MAX their skills.

While there is no estimation to when such an event will grace Global, I will suspect soon after Hawkeye Mihawk's Event.

List of Most-Used Characters (and Skill Levels)

Special Move
Level 1 Cooldown
Level MAX Cooldown
Monkey D. Luffy (Gear 2)
Deal 25x this Character's ATK to a single enemy as STR damage.
Queen Alvida
For 1 Turn, reduce all damage received by 80%
Iron Pearl (On Fire)
Convert all [Meat] Orbs to [STR] Orbs
Saw-Tooth Arlong
Deal 15x this Character's ATK to a single enemy as STR damage.
Mr. 5
Deal 20x this Character's ATK to a single enemy as STR damage.
Diablo Jambe Sanji
Deal 5000 Fixed Damage to all enemies
Kuro of a Hundred Plans
Deal 5x this Character's ATK to all enemies as QCK damage.
Sargeant Tashigi
Deal 25x this Character's ATK to a single enemy as QCK damage.
Flame of Today: Portgaz D. Ace
Deal 15x this Character's ATK to all enemies as QCK damage.
Miss Valentines
Convert [Meat] to [QCK] Orbs
Ashura Zoro
Deal 15x this Character's ATK to all enemies as DEX damage.
Guard Point Chopper
For 3-Turns, reduce all damage received by 50%
Dancing Django
Convert all [Meat] Orbs to [DEX] Orbs
Chef Zeff
Convert all [STR] Orbs to [DEX] Orbs
Captain Smoker
For 3 Turns, reduce all damage taken by 50%
Miss Goldenweek
For 2 Turns, half the defence of all enemies
 "Golden Pound" Hammer Usopp
Delay all enemies' turns by 3
Delay all enemies' turns by 3 (and deal damage to all enemies)*
Tony Tony Chopper
Change adjacent unit's orbs to [Meat]
Change adjacent unit's orbs to [Meat]
Princess Vivi
Reshuffle all Orbs
Red-Haired Shanks
Deal 15x this Character's ATK to all enemies as PSY damage.
Mr. 2
Convert all [Meat] to [PSY] Orbs
Mirage Tempo: Nami
For 1 Turn, nullify any incoming INT attack
Thunderbolt Tempo: Nami
Deal 15x this Character's ATK to all enemies as INT damage.
Brain Point: Chopper
Change adjacent unit's orbs to [Meat]
Chore Boy Helmeppo
For 1 Turn, all enemies' defence are 0
Buggy, The Clown
Convert all [Meat] to [INT] Orbs
"MH-5 Gas Bomb" Don Krieg
Poisons all enemies for 99 Turns
"Candle Sword" Mr. 3
Delay all enemies by 1 Turn
Nico Robin
For 1 Turn, Double the Attack of all INT Units
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