Monkey D. Luffy: Voyage Dream Pirate King

Monkey D. Luffy: Voyage Dream Pirate King

Classification: STR Fighter

Health: 3,440
Attack: 1,430
Recovery: 351

Captain Effect: After a GOOD -> GREAT -> PERFECT, all other units gain 4x ATK

Special Move: Deal "Large" Random Non-Attribute Damage to all units. Change this unit's orb to [STR]

Enter the newest 6-Star in the Game!! And... He's a fighter!!! No surprise there.

Stats Thoughts

  Monkey D. Luffy now holds the highest ATK stat amongst the collection of 6-Stars.

And like all 6-Stars, Monkey D. Luffy has a nice mix of stats with well over 3,000 health and the monstrous 1,430 ATK (still losing to Arlong). There are definitely no complaints as expected.

Captain Skill Thoughts

Unbelievably similar to Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 3. In fact... even the damage is extremely similar. There are many versions of the "damage tables" and comparisons running around the place. But here's one that we've been working on.

This damage table does not represent every team nor is it a practical demonstration of which team deals more damage. It is simply directly comparing Captain Skill without regard to crew-members.

In most practical cases, "Log Luffy" will have the upper-hand strictly due to the fact that the later 3 attacks will overpower the initial 3 attacks. But as you can see, there isn't a significant difference in the Captain Skill's total damage.

Since the damage will generally be similar to Gear 3, the damage output of the team is significant enough to dent/kill everything that Gear 3 can (which is a lot of things).

So it comes down to the requirements, which depends on the individual taste of the player. If a player finds hitting 3x PERFECTs too stressful, they could switch to Log Luffy. If they find it difficult to consistently hit GOODs/GREATs, then maybe they should stick with Gear 3. In either case, messing up a combo will ruin your team's damage and will be extremely punishing to your damage.

However! There is one more thing you need to consider about Log Luffy. The thing so precious that makes Gear 3 Players drool... The ability to use [Meat] Orbs. Since you are hitting GOODs and GREATs, you can actually consume [Meat] orbs to heal pre-emptive damage. Which essentially alone could put Log Luffy over the top.

So essentially - Log Luffy is extremely similar to Gear 3 Luffy. If we are just considering the Captain Skill's damage output, nobody would argue with whichever you choose to go with.

Special Thoughts

The Special is where Log Luffy really stands out from Gear 3. Log Luffy's special does "Large" random non-attribute damage to all enemies as well as changing his own orb to [STR] on a 23-turn cooldown.

The "Large" random damage has been capable of dealing anywhere from 70,000 to 200,000 damage (approximately) from units like Sengoku. This is significantly better than Gear 3's Special and is enough to chunk a portion of most Raid Boss' health.

Similar to how Sengoku had another effect tagged with his damage, Luffy can change his orb to [STR]. This is fairly significant on Luffy compared to other units with similar Specials (like Kid or Jimbei). This is because Luffy deals most damage on the last hit, so having a guaranteed orb is important to ensure maximum damage output.

Putting the two parts of his special together, we can see that Luffy has an incredibly powerful special that really sets him apart from Gear 3. It comes at a decently short cooldown of 23 turns (which will grow shorter when his skill books are released to possibly 20 cooldown).


Log Luffy is considered by many as an upgrade of the famous Gear 3. It's time to retire our old friend and bring in a fresh face. This Luffy is worthy of his 6-Star spot and will end up battling Rayleigh for the top "Combo-based" team lead.

There are 2 methods to get this to work.

Method1: Using "Lucky Patcher". 
A. Usage:
  1. Download & Install "Lucky Patcher" from this link.
  2. After installation complete, open the app, a list of your installed applications will be displayed.
  3. Click & hold on One Piece Treasure Cruise > Choose "Clone".
  4. After cloning complete, click Install, run the second OPTC version, and you're ready!

B. Pros & Cons of this method:
Faster to setup, but it's a pain when dealing with OPTC version updates. so when Bandai release a new version, you have to issue a password for all of your accounts, uninstall the cloned versions, update the main one, and then clone it again. after completing the clone process, you need to transfer your accounts back, and download the whole data again!

Method2: Using "User accounts"
A. Pros & Cons:
It's bit harder to setup, and need some extra apk to install, but hassle-free, you just need to update the game, and your accounts still exist!

B. Usage:
1. Disclaimer
This method if done wrong, might put your device into "softloop" state, which is easy to fix, but to clear things up, I take no responsibility if anything wrong happened with your device. although that this method has been tested on 4 Android devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy J7
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

2. Requirements
  • Rooted Android device.
  • Xposed framework.
  • Xposed Multi user Module.
Download links are at the end of post

3. Before you begin
This hidden-gem feature might be already included on your device, to check:
  1. Slide down the right side of your notification.
  2. If you see an icon for user, long click, and skip to section 5. Using the built-in feature.
  3. If not, continue with the next section.
  4. It does not work on bluestacks (unroots your bluestacks)

4. How to
  1. Install Xposed framework.
  2. Install Xposed Multi user Module.
  3. Open Xposed framework > Click on "Framework" > Click on "Install/Update". Once done, the device need to reboot.
  4. After the reboot, open Xposed framework again > click on "Modules" > click on the checkbox next to "Multi users". After doing this, you need to reboot your device manually.
  5. After the reboot, open the app "Multi users" > Click on "Manage Users" > Click "Add user or profile".
  6. Now when you click & hold the power button, you can switch between users.
  7. Switch to new user, you'll notice that the device is gonna be configured (Old setup, no apps, no accounts, nothing at all). Don't panic, this is the new user, and it'll act just like a new device.
  8. Now add your accounts, install OPTC, and enjoy playing your second account!

5. Using the built-in feature
  1. Slide down the right side of your notifications
  2. Click on the user icon
  3. Click on More Settings
  4. Click Add user
  5. Once finished, slide the right side of your notifications, Click on the user icon again, and click on the new created user.
  6. you'll notice that the device is gonna be configured (Old setup, no apps, no accounts, nothing at all). Don't panic, this is the new user, and it'll act just like a new device.
  7. Now add your accounts, install OPTC, and enjoy playing your second account!

6. Notes/Updates
  1. If you used the method in section "5. Using the built-in feature" you can add new accounts only using the main account.

7. Links

iOS users will get a similar method too. its guide is being written.. check back soon!

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP,Beri,Title
    • Tips
    • Challenge
  • Stage Overview (Expert 30)
  • Team Suggestions (Expert 30)

Notable Skillbooks obtainable:

20 - 14
1000 true damage
Adjacent orbs = STR
25 - 18
25x PSY Damage to an enemy.
Boosts Striker ATK by 1.5x for 1 turn
25 - 20
Reduces crew's current HP by 50%, deals 50x character's ATK in DEX damage to one enemy

Notable Characters obtainable:

30 Sta.
21 - 10
Turns her orb to [INT] and captains to [DEX]
(Perfect for SW Ace beginners)
20 - 11
7% HP cut on all enemies
26 - 17
Deals some QCK damage and boosts QCK ATK by 1.5x for 1 turn
very rare
22 - 8
Blocks PSY damage for 1 turn
rare encounter

XP, Beri, Title:

Stamina/ Chapter
Rookie – 5
Veteran – 10
Elite – 15
Expert – 30


  • You can still use all character but remember your stats will be reduced.
  • Recommened characters are Wiper or Enel.
    Of course you can just use a Slasher team and go full in : /
  • Don't use a crew of just one color.
  • There is no Debuff protector, bring GP Usopp if needed.
  • Genbou will Blind you for 4 turns.
  • Last stage will have a lot of enemies, it's recommened to defeat half or all of them in 1 turn.


What to do

The Battle

Stamina: 30-Stamina  (Expert)
Stages: 10

5-Stamina:  All Units considered from the "Sea" will lose 1% to all stats
10-Stamina: All Units considered from the "Sea" will lose 5% to all stats
15-Stamina: All Units considered from the "Sea" will lose 10% to all stats
30-Stamina: All Units considered from the "Sea" will lose 20% to all stats

The Stages
Battle 1

Actually this is pretty easy until Stage 4..
Focus the "1", then "2" and stall on evolution materials

Battle 2


Battle 3


Battle 4

Next Turn: Blind for 4 turns

4520 (3)
HP<20%: 10.000

Battle 5

Try to finish off all at once in 1 turn

Battle 6

Focus the Yellow and Purple goat first, i think they can chain randomly.
All of them have a bit DEF so deal some PERFECTs.

Battle 7

Pre-emptive: damages 1810

Chains following characters for 2 turns:
[  ] [  ]
[  ] [x]
[x] [  ]

You might want DEX characters here.

Mantis / Kamakiri
HP<20%: repeat pre-emptive with 3110 damage

Battle 8


Battle 9


Battle 10


Pre-emptive: Random [Black] orbs and blocks PSY damage for 3 turns.

(MAX Sunny ship will wipe all mobs)

30 Stamina Chars
HP<20%: Changes orbs to [Black] or [TND]
Mob x5

Rare encounter


Just defeat. she's a 100% drop

30 Stamina Chars
Not that much...
100 ?
Goat x5
1000 ?

Team Suggestions: 

F2P: Regular Slashers

Ship required:

Easy fortnight. Just care of stage 4 blind. Use usopp on boss stage and combo em all away.

F2P: Shooter crew

Ship required:

Tsuru can be replaced with Laki if you have her. Wiper will reduce your RCV to 0 sadly. If you don't feel like having no RCV at all, switch Absalom to captain.

You need at least 1 QCK Shooter to defeat stage 4 in a short time.

F2P: QCK Crew

Ship required:

First to counter the annoying stage 4 blind, let's heal every turn while doing some OK-ish damage. Ganfall boosts both captains and Kamakiri boosts all QCK ATK by 1.5x.
Hina can lock orbs if you have some neat ones and Kaku boosts orbs for 2 turns.
I think this is the minimum requirement for this easy fortnight.
Delay boss stage with Boa if needed. 1 turn is enough. If not... replace the dragon with GP Usopp

Just don't use a DEX crew, you will suffer on the STR mini boss

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