Arlongs Empire

Fortnight Island
   Arlongs Empire Rising !!

Notable Rewards:

Still best Slasher Captain until Mihawk. Get him at his 3* -Form and stuff your turtles into his teeth because he will be one of the strongest STR/Slasher forever.

Also available as a Skillbook drop !

SKILL BOOK: Mirror Tempo Nami
She has some of greatest damage denying from INT damage and has the chance to level up her great Special from this Isle.


SKILL BOOK: Thunderbolt Nami
Thunderbolt Nami books will make an appearance in Expert Mode (30-Stamina). For those who evolved Nami to 5* have the chance to deal their special out on a lower cooldown.


Rookie: ~450
Veteran: ~955
Elite:  ~1160
Expert: 2940 - 2970

Recommended Teams for Expert:

(We will not list Gear 3rd Luffy or Towel Nami 5* + Nico Robin 5*-Teams, because they can clear Expert Arlong in almost 1 turn. Just make sure you hit him before he does).

D. Ace (QCK Teams)
Maybe not as good as a Gear 3rd Luffy but - Flamefist Ace Teams make use of STR weakness to QCK. Make sure to bring some 4* QCK units.

Chef Zeff (Fighter Teams)
As an alternative to Ace:  With double Zeffs and other strong QCK Fighters - This 6.25x ATK Team should be able to clear Arlong when used properly.

Click to go to more details on Fighter Teams.

Must have units:
 Golden Pound or Sogeking for turn delay.

Video Walkthrough:

The Battle!!!~
This will focus on the 30-Stamina (Expert Version) of the island -  Expert Mode)

Battle 1/7

Mobs!! Yay!!

Stomp the 1 turners first.

Battle 2/7

More Mobs!! Nothing New...

Battle 3 /7 (image from jp-version)


Battle 4/7  (image from jp-version)

MINI BOSS: Kuroobi or Chu

Chu: 200.000 HP,  3000 atk

Kuroobi: 150.000 HP. 4200 atk

Attack cooldown: 1- 3

Battle 5/7

Yay!! Back to mobs!!~

Eat, Sleep, Destroy, Repeat.

Battle 6/7

What is better than 1 Crab to stall on?

4 Crabs?  No !  Combined they deal enourmous damage so kill them first. Or use Diable Sanji to wipe all.

Use the turtle to stall your Specials or the fishman.

Battle 7/7

BOSS: Enraged Arlong on Expert
Health: ~350,000
Attack: 7,400
Attack Interval: 2 (After First Attack)

Opposite to Kuro. He has low HP, but deals so much damage that you can get unconscious.
His weakness is pure damage from you !!!-

With an Usopp delay, a 4-5-Turn Arlong.
Health: ~250.000
Attack: 5000


Hachi appears randomly around the dungeon from Stages 1-6. He will/can appear in all versions of the island from 5 to 30.

He has no real use than collecting though.

Best luck beating Fishmen guts!!!~

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