Don Kriegs Assault

Fortnight Island
   Don Krieg's Assault

Notable Rewards:

Don Krieg
Not really the best INT Character you can hope for, but his endstats are moderate and his special may come in handy for some teams. At least he has some nice stats for a farmable Unit.

Also available as a Skillbook drop !

SKILL BOOK: Plastic Surgery Shot
DEF reducing skill. May be priceless against high def enemies like Alvida or Smoker.


SKILL BOOK: Hot Rock Stew
Not really recommened to farm for, but still being mentioned here.


SKILL BOOK: Diable Jambe
Useful versus high DEF enemies. Chance to lower your cooldown with this skillbook to kill turtles even faster !


Rookie: ~520
Veteran: ~955
Elite:  ~1160
Expert: 2940 - 2970

Recommended Teams for Expert:

(We will not list Gear 3rd Luffy or Towel Nami 5* + Nico Robin 5*-Teams, because they can clear Expert STages in almost 1 turn. Just make sure you hit him before he does).

Shanks (PSYTeams)
Only reason to take a PSY Team is to make use of Don Kriegs Weakness.
Also the huge boost of using an Usopp in your Team.

Chef Zeff (Fighter Teams)
As an alternative to Shanks:  With double Zeffs and other strong QCK Fighters - This 6.25x ATK Team should be able to clear Don Krieg when used properly.

Click to go to more details on Fighter Teams.

Must have units:
 Golden Pound or Sogeking for 3-turn delay.
Used Ship:  Merry LV. 6

The Battle!!!~
This will focus on the 30-Stamina (Expert Version) of the island -  Expert Mode)
Similar to Arlongs Event

Battle 1/7

Mobs!! Yay!!

Stomp the 1 turners first.

Battle 2/7

More Mobs!! Nothing New...

Battle 3 /7 

+1 baby int or psy turtle and a mob

Battle 4/7


170.000 HP. 2205 atk

Attack cooldown: 2

(I was greedy and had luck the mobs didnt hit me that hard. Also had Food Orbs to heal up)

Battle 5/7

Hit them before they hit you.

Battle 6/7

Make sure to defeat the Purple Shooter, before he hits you or you end up in Game Over.

Battle 7/7

BOSS: Don Kriegon Expert
Health: 170.000
Attack: 4.404
Attack Interval: 2 (After First Attack)
DEF: 4.350

p.s. the purple shooter does mass damage and have high DEF, but only 9 HP or so.

 Tipp: Usopp Special
His Health is low and does not hit as hard.
Defeat surrounding enemies first, so you dont have problems facing him 6 vs 1. like this picture shows.

Pearl appears randomly around the dungeon from Stages 1-6. Appear in all versions of the island from 5 to 30.
May be usefull in your STR Teams.

HP: 150, ATK: 2880.
Use Diable Sanji Special to knock Pearl to nirvana.

 Hidden Stage:  full turtles

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