PSA: Global's First Sugofest!!~

Public Service Announcement
   Global's First Sugofest!!!

They are really pumping content out like crazy aren't they? Incredibly early that I think caught everyone by surprise. This is probably the most impacting batch release to date for Global (not really much of a surprise) So let's see what they bring.


Tier List - For Whitebeard Batch and Laboon
(Individual pages for the Characters like Marco will be done at a later date)

Batch Review - Whitebeard Pirates Batch

What does this mean?

Well it means, that Global is actually trying to catch up to JPN as well as opening up many MANY teams for Mihawk Dungeon now... In fact, a well built Vista team or STR team may well clear 30 fairly easily compared to before.

And of course - Whitebeard's Addition means there will be tons of "rerolling" as well as another team that can clear 40-Stamina Mihawk. More details after the Sugofest.

Units with their Rates Boosted

5-Star (24-HOURS ONLY) - Only Pull-able during the 24-Hours.

Edward Newgate - STR Impact

5-Star Units - Pull-able after Sugofest but their rates are doubled. (PLEASE NOTE: THEIR 4-STAR FORMS ARE ALSO BOOSTED!!!)

Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 3 - STR Fighter
Lion's Song: Roronoa Zoro - DEX Slasher
Happiness Punch: Nami - INT Striker

Marco, The Phoenix - PSY Brawler
"Flower Sword" Vista - INT Slasher
"Diamond" Jozu - QCK Fighter
"Flintlock Pistols" Izo - DEX Shooter
Blamenco "The Mallet" - STR Striker

4-Star Units - Pull-able after Sugofest but their rates are doubled.

Monkey D. Luffy: Balloon - STR Fighter
Wolf's Flow: Roronoa Zoro - DEX Slasher
Fine Tempo: Nami - INT Striker
Veal Shot: Sanji - QCK Fighter
Impact Dial: Usopp - PSY Shooter

Marco - PSY Brawler
Vista - INT Slasher
Jozu - QCK Fighter
Izo - DEX Shooter
Blamenco - STR Striker

3-Star Units - Pull-able after Sugofest but their rates are doubled.

Hammer Usopp - PSY Impact
Mr. Prince: Mutton Shot - QCK Fighter

Any PSY Units pulled will be pulled at level 20 - due to PSY Rate-Up!!

Best of Luck with your pulls and get ready for updated guides and pages soon!!~

Question:  Only Whitebeard is 24 hour exclusive ?

Yes.  And marco, jozu , etc. are available forever from now on !

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