The Real Version 2.1.0

Pigs and Friendship Version 2.0.0 for Global
April. 21 - May. 04

As usual you will get another fruit every day in this timespan

Now here comes the new Stuff that should have came with V.2.1.0
(You can find the current guide for the japanese version here:)

New XP Material. STR to INT
Read more on Fusion Materials Tab

Time to spend your collected Friend Points again and hope for XP or Evo Materials.
April. 21 - April. 28

Save your whole XP Turtles and Pigs for this one to get double chance of powering up

 Besides of all that, get double chance to pull a STR character
(current best: Blamenco- 5* and Luffy Gear 3rd- 5*)

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