Morgan Jailbreak

The 30 Stamina Stages:
This one is a tough Boss.
Every turn attack with 5880 Damage.
400.000 HP. You will need to defeat him extremely fast.
AND turn delay him with Usopp

Rare Encounter:

Beware of his high HP. He is not the same weak'o anymore

Skillbooks obtainable:
Chopper Heavy Point18Any50%
Chopper Brain Point. Most viable Skillbook u can farm here8Any50%
Chopper Arm Point. Maybe usefull like Brain Point.10Any50%
Chopper Horn Point. Not such a useful skill to be worth to level15Any50%
Chopper Guard Point. Same as Smokers special. Def by 50% for 3 turns15Any50%
Helmeppo Cabinboy. Best DEF destroyer. Definitly worth to get skillbook20Elite, Expert30%
Cpt. Morgan Jailbreak. Useful versus future Expert and Master Bosses9Elite, Expert30%

Worth to farm for. Usefull versus shield enemiesAny50%
High stats, good Slasher if you dont have ArlongAny50%

Team Suggestion:

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