Fortnight Island Rob Lucci

Fortnight Island
   Rob Lucci's Artisan Spirit

Introducing from Galley-la, it's... Rob Lucci!! This is a fairly significant Fortnight as it includes some prized (useful) skillbooks as well as two powerful QCK units. It should be a lot of fun and well worth the time to farm.


Dock 1 Carpentry Foreman Kaku
Classification: QCK Striker

Health:  2,517
Attack: 988
Recovery: 213

Captain Skill: QCK units gain 1.5x ATK and Recovery

Special (17 turns -> 10 turns): For 2 turns, boost the effectiveness of orbs by 1.5x
Revised for Clarity

I don't have to tell you how useful an orb-booster is... It's an extra attack boost (if you have orb manipulation) so you safely burst down your enemies. Kaku fits in as the Striker Orb-booster primarily, since currently QCK isn't considered that strong an Attribute and isn't used so much. A very useful unit (much like Coby) and should be obtained at the very least.

Dock 1 Foreman Lucci
Classification: QCK Slasher

Health: 2,220
Attack: 1,203
Recovery: 177

Captain Skill: QCK units gain 2x ATK

Special (25 turns -> 18 turns): Deal QCK damage equal to 25X this Character's ATK to a single enemy

A strong QCK Slasher for Slasher teams (if you need one). Lucci has nice stats with a standard damage special. A welcome addition and a unit you'll likely use in your QCK and Slasher teams for a while.

Classification: QCK Shooter 

Health: 985
Attack: 682
Recovery: 223

Captain Skill: None

Special (14 turns to 10 turns): Convert [TND] to [RCV] and [RCV] to [QCK]

A rather weird unit... His stats aren't all flashy and his special is... in a word weird. You could use him as an Orb-manipulator... but odds are you won't...

Initial Cooldown
MAX Cooldown
Marco, The Phoenix
(Works on 4-Star Marco as well)
Wolf's Flow Roronoa Zoro
(Does NOT work on Lion Song: Roronoa Zoro)
Mirror Flame: Portgaz D. Ace
(Does NOT work with 4-Star Portgaz D. Ace)

Conditions: You may only bring DEX units for 15 and 30 Stamina

Stage 1/10

Standard Mobs.

Not much to say...
Stage 2/10

More Mobs!!

With Pirate Penguin <3

Stall without taking damage.
Stage 3/10

Mobs with a Teenage Turtle

Clear Mobs without taking damage while stalling on Turtle.

Stage 4/10

Back to mobs.

Use this opportunity to heal back using [Meat] orbs if you haven't yet done so.
Stage 5/10

Health: 420,000
Attack: 4,332

Pre-emptive:  Deals 4000 damage

Kaku is fairly tanky at will hit for a decent amount. That being said... you shouldn't have too much trouble dismantling this Foreman.
Stage 6/10

More mobs with Seahorse.

Nothing much.
Stage 7/10

More mobs...

Getting tired yet?
Stage 8/10

Mobs accompanied with Teenage Turtle.

If you have the health and need to, stall on the Turtle.

If not, just clean house.
Stage 9/10

Last Stage before the Boss...

If you still don't have specials up... Stall on the Crab. 

Otherwise... crush this stage and move on.
Stage 10/10

BOSS: Robb Lucci
Health: 900,000
Attack: 8,172

Pre-emptive:  Change orbs to [Meat], [QCK] or [STR]

Special (Used when 1/3 Health and below): Deals 36,267 damage

The strategy is to whittle Lucci's health down to just before the 1/3 mark... Then burst him down with things like your orb manipulation and what-not.

It can be annoying fight if your DEX teams aren't good/not levelled. It is advised to run some form of full-team orb manipulation and perhaps a Mihawk to hit him for 30% health to guarantee the kill.

Secret Stage

Secret Boss: Lulu
Health: 400.000
Attack: 2,280

Pre-emptive: Change all orbs randomly and attacks

A fairly easy fight that shouldn't drastically challenge your team.

Just treat Lulu as a mob... a hard hitting mob

Kaku's and Lucci's Stats on different difficulties


Rob Lucci:
HP: 50.000
ATK: 468
Special: 1.467
HP: ~100.000
ATK: 1.305

Rob Lucci:
HP: ~120.000
ATK: 1.020
Special: 3.067

Rob Lucci:
HP: 480,000

pre 4000 dmg
HP: 420.000
ATK: 4.332

Rob Lucci:
HP: 900.000
ATK: 8.172
Special: 36.267

Team Recommendations

Keksit's Team:
Trafalgaw Law and/or 
Roronoa Zoro: Ashura Combo Team

Actually i would put Apoo into this team, but i can not keep up the cost, so there is Khalifa :)
This team should be able to clear the island when you stall for specials. Use Smokers ability to reduce Luccis normal attacks, because you can not block his special anyways. You can wait around the 1/3 Mark for Mihawks Special if you do not feel confident

Roronoa Zoro: Ashura Ichibugin Team
Pre-requisite: None

Probably the team everyone will initially gravitate to... It's a completely Free-to-Play team that should be able to clear the island with minimal problems. Ensure that you use Smoker's special around the "1/3 health mark" for Lucci just in case...

GameWith's Mihawk Slasher
Pre-requisite: None

An alternative to the Zoro team is to... run a Mihawk team. You'll want to lower Lucci's health normally until around the 1/3 mark. Then... you're free to burst through with all your Specials.

Lucci's Fortnight isn't the easiest island out there... But it does net you some valuable rewards. I hope you'll be able to finish it and get the units/skillbooks you need.

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