Global Update 2.2

Version 2.2 is around the corner


  • New Story isle (on release?)
  • New Missions to Alvidas Story Isle
  • (Hopefully Box expand to 300)
  • Candy Cotton
  • Transponder Snails
  • Next Fortnight: Rob Lucci, Kaku, Loo at: (Guide will be reworked from JP)

Candy Cotton

This is a special material you can use to fuse like usualy for 5000 XP each
and also raise bonus stats. Even if your unit is already Lv. 99 !

There is a total Maximum Cap you can feed into 1 Unit !

>>100 Candies<<

There are different Candies around. Use wisely:

HP +5
ATK +2
RCV +1

+500 HP
+200 ATK
+100 RCV
ATK +2

Max: +200 ATK
HP +5

MAX: +500 HP
RCV +1

Max: +100 RCV

Q:  if we evolve unit that already have +1 stat candy, is the evolved unit have that +1 stats too?

A: Yes it does (confirmed)

Q: i accidentaly fed my candy to a random unit. How to get it back?

A: You can't get it back, but feed the random unit to the destinated one and it will take over the bonus stats.

Pro Tipp:  You can pump all the candy cottons into a "middle-man" and later fuse this middle-man into your destinated important character

If you ever see a snail floating around, TAP the Snail !

Appears randomly on the story isle screens.
Tap on the snail and hit the RIGHT button, to open the browser.
It will redirect you to, login and authorize twitter to use your game.
Total Snails: 5 per day:
You have the chance to win:
  • 5x Devilfruits
  • 2 to 5 Coke Bottles 
  • 20.000 - 50.000 Beri
  • Energy /Stamina recovery (Meat)
  • Turtle (Big Turtles and also Elder Turtles of any color !)

Tipp:  There is a chance you can get the Stamina Bar refill, so tap them when you have low Stamina left 

Whoa Genius

Good luck getting the best drops out of it

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