Franky Fortnight Isle

4th August 2015 - 18th August 2015
"Cyborg" Franky Joins the Fray!! The long-awaited "Cyborg" Franky has joined the One Piece Treasure Cruise game!!
In the latest limited Fortnight island, you stand to capture the Strawhat's Shipwright himself.

5 Stamina : Any Crew + Any Friend
10 Stamina : Any Crew + Any Friend
15 Stamina: Purple Crew Only
30 Stamina: Purple Crew Only

The 5 and 10 Stamina Franky Islands are easy and are a "breeze" as usual. If you want a challenge, the 15 and 30 Stamina Islands are ready and waiting.

In terms of the 10 Stamina Franky Island, He will begin a "preemptive" attack + no orb special at the very beginning. 

 Following this, he will try and up his defense just to annoy you that little bit more...

As mentioned earlier, the 10-Stamina Island is a cake-walk especially for Purple Teams. The 15 and 30 Stamina Island adds Franky's Special into the mix. Franky will stop both your friend and your captain's skill for 1 turn (This include cutting your HP if you use "Flower Sword" Vista). But aside from that, Franky's damage is on the low-side and is simply a mere annoyance for decent teams.

Who to Use?

 As mentioned, Purple Teams are your friends - Nami, Nico Robin, Basil Hawkins are all excellent choices for your team to ensure victory against "Cyborg" Franky. The Boss himself isn't so tough and the aggressive nature of Purple Teams should be enough for you to pull through and make this one of the easiest event Islands out there.

Optimal Crews

Notable Rewards

Skill book Shanks
Skill book Vista
Skill book Usopp hammer
Skill book Tashigi
Skill book Mozu
Skill book kiwi

Yellow Daimyo turtles
Black teen turtles
Yellow pirate penguin
Yellow Crab
3 Franky
3 Mozu

3 kiwi


Stall as much as u can on the first level. Nothing in particular. Stall and beat. The nun has 1 health so keep her for last. Gives one extra stall turn.

Stage 2

Stall as much as possible on the second level as well
Stage 3

Nothing in particular. Stall as much as possible on the turtle
Stage 4

Stall yet again
Stage 5

Nothing in particular. Stall and beat.
Stage 6.
Yeah you got it! Stall and try to get a favorable orb
Stage 7

Try to get an orb boost and as always stall.
Stage 8

Try to get an orb boost and as always stall.
Not even gonna say what to do anymore!!
Stage 9

Try to get favorable orbs!!.
Franky! Dont worry because he is SUPERRR weak

4088 damage of pre-emptive attack. 4 turns of wait easy peasy.
Stage 10

Now this is the tough Franky
Attack: 5980
Cooldown: 2
Turn 1: "Strong right" pre-emptive strike 1809 and converts slots to [empty] [TND] [PSY] 
Turn 2: "interrupt Frankie" raises defence
Turn 3: "variant" silences captain & 5980 damage

process continues

after Turn 8 Franky will continue to damage 5980 with a 2 turn interval.

Rare encounters: 

Kiwi and Mozu will do defense UP and attack power UP in the first strike. It will be way harder than a single Franky.

Kiwi & Mozu will appear in a rare encounter

They are weak units and can be easily beaten. Either Kiwi or Mozu will drop at a high rate


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