Special Training Forest "Hawk"

Special Training Forest "Hawk"

So... Special Training Forest is too easy? Well... it's getting a revamp. With the new (and long-awaited) Special Training Forest "Hawk"!!

This Forest operates differently from Raid Bosses. While Raid Bosses are generally fairly fast (5 battles), the Training Forest is more drawn out with 20 battles. It is designed to test a team's endurance (long-term survivability). Odds are you'll have to have leveled units special and/or a specially designed/developed team for this stage.


Coffin Ship

At MAX Level: Reduce your Captain's Recovery by 700; All Slashers gain 1.5x ATK and HP

 A very impressive ship for Slasher teams. It is the best ship for Slashers and will not be easy to obtain for the inexperienced. As a side-note... prepare to dump a LOT of cola into this thing.

Sailing Conditions: You may not use Rainbow Gems to Revive (if you die)

General Advice
  • The first 10 Stages are always super easy that any half-decent team can crush. Use this time to stall up any specials and make sure they are up before you face the real challenging stuff.
  • Plan which specials you want to use on which stage in advance - this way you can see if you'll be able to fire them off more times further into the mission
  • DO NOT FRET if you cannot complete the island at the moment. It will still be there and will always be 0-Stamina. Just level up your guys and try again later.
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Stage 1/20

Chore-boy Coby!!!

No team should have problems with this boy.

Extremely easy to kill and the only way you won't kill him in 1-2 hits is if you use a team without 2x ATK boost lead
Stage 2/20

Johnny and Yosaku

Again - shouldn't be any problems here.
Stage 3/20

5 Mobs

Shouldn't be a problem. Easy Stall.
Stage 4/20

Cabaji and Mohji the Lion Tamer

Again - No problems - or you shouldn't be having any problems
Stage 5/20

Coby is Baaccckk!!!! And he's brought reinforcements!!

Don't let Alvida attack or you will die (or take a heap of damage) - You have been warned!!
Stage 6/20

Don't take any hits here either - Morgan will deal fairly heavy damage if given the chance.

Helmeppo has like 3 HP, so any unit will kill him.
Stage 7/20

Prioritize your targets here and you shouldn't run into any problems.
Stage 8/20

5 Marines that are all grown up!!

Kill the Marines with 1 turn interval first and deal with the rest.
Stage 9/20

Siam and Butchie (or Butchie and Siam)

Not much to say here... Kill them without taking any damage
Stage 10/20

Congratulations!! You've made it to the first half!

If you've made it here - these guys shouldn't be hard.

  • You shouldn't have taken any damage
  • Your specials should be up/nearly up
Stage 11/20

Portgaz D. Ace
Health: 160,220
Attack: 2,124

Portgaz D. Ace attacks on a 2 turn interval. It's also suggested you do not stall out here...

On the 12th turn, Ace will do a special dealing 99,999 damage.

Stage 12/20

Buggy the Clown with Buggy Bombs!!
Health: 150,000
Attack: 1,380

This is a fairly annoying stage because you really don't want to take damage...

Gear 3 teams - it is advised you use one of your Gear 3 specials here to clear some of those mobs.
Stage 13/20

Captain Kuro
Health: 300,000
Attack: 1,488

He attacks on a 1-turn interval and is the one you want to clear first (like always)

Health: 120,000
Attack: 1,110

Django is much simpler than his Captain - if his starting attack interval is 1 (it does happen), he will do "ZZZ..." which does nothing.

If Django is 20% of below, he will use his special changing all your orbs to "weak" orbs.
Stage 14/20

Don Krieg will preemptive use his special which will lower your team's recovery for 6 turns.

Don Krieg
Health: 160,000
Attack: 4,004 
Note: Krieg has decently high defense

Iron Pearl (On Fire)
Health: 150
Attack: 2,880
Note: Pearl has high defense

"Demon" Ginn
Health: 200,000
Attack: 2,202

The widely accepted strategy here is to target Ginn to finish him off within the first 4/5 attacks. This will allow Pearl to be finished with the last 2 attacks on the first turn (with the Chain Bonus).

You'll then have 2 turns to deal with Don Krieg.
Stage 15/20

Saw-Tooth Arlong
Health: 340,000
Attack: 6,020

Arlong has a special if he's at 20% or below health which will deal 14,910 damage

Health: 140,000
Attack: 1,560

The strategy here (usually) is to use some form of turn delayer so you can finish both without taking any hits. It is unlikely to pass this stage without taking significant damage otherwise.
Stage 16/20

Miss Goldenweek will preemptively change all your orbs to "weak" orbs and deal 1,005 damage

Miss Goldenweek
Health: 190,000
Attack: 1,005

Mr. 3
Health: 330,000
Attack: ?

Mr. 3 will lock 3 units for 7 turns if given the chance to attack which is devastating. He should be a high priority target

Mr. 5
Health: 270,000
Attack: 3,150

Mr. 5 will deal 8,330 damage with his special when he's 20% health or below

Miss Valentine
Health: 290,000
Attack: 2915

The strategy here is to beat (in order) : Miss Goldenweek, Mr. 3, Mr. 5 then Miss Valentines

Depending on your team/strategy - Hammer Usopp or Mr. 3 may also be used here (with the other being used on the stage before)
Stage 17/20

Smoker will preemptively lock your Captain for 3 turns.

Health: 780,000
Attack: 5405

He will lock 2 units for 3 turns (at random) if his health hits 20% or below

Health: 200,000
Attack: 2500

Usopp's special is usually up here (if you used it at Arlong) - otherwise you should have some countermeasure such as Sergeant Helmeppo to unlock your Captain.

Tashigi should be the focus before Smoker.
Stage 18/20

One of the more colorful stages in the game.

Rainbow Dragon
Health: 750,000
Attack: 9,000

Health: 45
Attack: 1,350

As usual crabs have decent defense. You can deal with this in a variety of ways. 

Some teams run Diablo Jambe Sanji to kill all the crabs with 1 special - others use GP Usopp here.

It will depend heavily on your team.
Stage 19/20

Arguably the hardest part of the island.

Monkey D. Luffy - Gear Second 
Health: 650,000
Special: 32,835

Luffy will not attack, will use special instead.

Roronoa Zoro - Ashura Ichibugin
Health: 500,004
Attack: 2,808

Roronoa Zoro will use his Special when he first attacks - it will deal 19,980 damage

Diablo Jambe Sanji
Health: 450,000
Special: 5,000

Diablo Jambe Sanji uses his special on his first move - it deals 5,000 damage

Health: 390,000

Sogeking will use his Special on his first move - it will seal all 6 units for 2 turns.

Nami - Thunderbolt Tempo
Health: 260,000
Special: 16,320

She will use her special on her first attack.

The strategy for this Stage is very simple - Focus Sogeking first then handle the rest of the Straw-hats.
You will preferably want to avoid Specials and hit hard with your own Specials used.

Under all circumstances - do NOT let Sogeking attack.
Stage 20/20

Mihawk preemptively hits 2000 damage.

Hawkeye Mihawk
Health: 1,000,000
Attack: 10,000

Practically identical to Mihawk's Raid Boss encounter.

Use Hammer Usopp's Delay or things like Mihawk's special to secure this battle and the Mihawk Ship!!

Video Guide

Global Gear 3rd

[JAP Version] Gear 3rd

[JAP Version] Gear 3rd

[JAP version] StrongWorld Ace



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