Supernovas Part 2 Analysis!!

Unit Analysis
   Supernovas Part II: Arrival with the Dark King

Sugofest! - Join my crew!
June 14th (19:00) - June 15th (18:59)

Welcome the incoming second half of the Eleven Supernovas!! This is a highly anticipated batch with some of the most powerful units in the game such as Eustass "Captain" Kid and Rayleigh.

This article will serve as a resource for helping you decide if you want to pull this Sugofest and/or deciding the usefulness of each unit.


  • Overall Unit Rating - The unit's rating as a whole based on the current Global units/state

"Dark King" Rayleigh
Classification: INT Fighter

Health: 3,001
Attack: 1,300
Recovery: 500

Captain Skill: Increase the Chain Combo Increments by 4x
(Revised for Clarity)

Special (23 turns -> 18 turns): Deal 20x this Character's ATK in INT damage; Unlock all units by 5 turns

The Legend. The Dark King. The long-awaited Legend.

Rayleigh is one of the strongest units in the game and is rated 10/10 as a Captain by GameWith. Like Gear Third, you can use any unit you want and is reliant on combo-ing correctly.

Just to clarify how his Captain Skill works... You will not gain an ATK boost like other captains but instead gain an insanely high Combo-Chain multiplier which will act as your ATK boost.
(Think of it like automatically integrating your ATK boost into the Combo Chain)

The table of how your Combo Chain will look like:

Attack Number
Normal Captains
Double Rayleigh (All PERFECTs) - 16x Multiplier
Double Rayleigh (All GREATs) - 16x Multiplier

So as you can see - Rayleigh is a "ramp-up" version of Gear Third. In this team, PERFECTs are essential ensure you hit for the maximum possible damage. On the last hit it's almost as if you got a 10x ATK multiplier from your Captain.

Other advantages of Rayleigh including his Special that allows unlocking to ensure you always have all 6 units to use. He has extremely high stats with no gaping weaknesses even his attribute will ensure you never hit "half-damage" to any bosses due to weakness. 

His only downfall is really if you suck at the game and you "MISS" midway during your attack. Otherwise, Rayleigh is easily one of the most reliable and powerful units in the game.

Overall Unit Rating: 10/10

Eustass "Captain" Kid
Classification: STR Striker

Health: 3,515
Attack: 1,298
Recovery: 69

Captain Skill: Striker units gain 2.5x ATK

Special (11 turns -> 6 turns): Convert this unit's orb to [STR]; Deal 7x this Character's ATK to all enemies

Finally!! The Striker Captain to head your Striker Teams (Sorry Urogue)!

Like other 2.5x ATK Captains, Kid's appearance will immediately give the Striker teams a much needed boost. Kid has very nice high stats that could be comparable to some of the most powerful units in the game like Mihawk.

His Special comes at an extremely short cooldown of 11. It's hard to imagine NOT having this special up! It becomes a question of how many times can you fire it off in a match (especially with Double Kid). It's also a very powerful special that can be paired with stuff like orb-boosters for even greater effect.

Overall Kid is a very powerful unit with not a lotta flaws. Sure he doesn't have the highest Recovery or the best special in the game - but that isn't enough to discount his strength. Definitely one of the stronger units of the game that can clear things like Special Training Forest and Raid Bosses (Past and Future).

Overall Unit Rating: 9.5/10

"Roar of the Sea" Scratchman Apu
Classification: DEX Shooter

Health: 2,801
Attack: 1,111
Recovery: 300

Captain Skill: While Health is full, DEX units gain 3x ATK

Special (20 turns -> 12 turns): Change [TND] and [Meat] orbs to [DEX] orbs; Deal random DEX damage to all enemies

The Roar of the Sea is making some noise!!

Often used with his partner in crime Trafalgar Law, Scratchman Apu is one of the orb manipulators to ensure full DEX orbs for a team. 

His Captain Skill is used on occasion (*cough* Blue Turtle times), but for the most part not really used (typical of such risky Captain Skills). It is a powerful boost but the single color and the lack of proper health manipulation makes it difficult to use since you can't heal back health like Marco.

Apu's special is nice to use but like mentioned will usually be only used with Law. For those who want to use Apu by himself... It will be fine but nothing game-breaking by himself. 

In terms of the current state of units, DEX has a lot of units to choose from such as Mihawk, Asura Zoro and the recently added Paulie and Khalifa. Thus odds are if you don't own the Law/Apu combination,  you pass over Apu for the Khalifa/Izo (or Zeff) combination in tandem with Paulie. 

Overall, Apu is a very one-way unit. You won't find a huge variety of ways to effectively use this unit which is ultimately his downfall. But in the teams that do use him effectively, you'll find he excels in what he does/achieve. 

Overall Unit Rating: 6.5/10

"Red-Flag" X. Drake
Classification: INT Brawler (INT Striker at 4-Stars)

Health: 3,580
Attack: 1,098
Recovery: 132

Captain Skill: While Health is 30% or lower, INT units gain 3x ATK

Special (28 turns -> 20 turns): Deal 10x this Character's ATK in INT damage to all enemies; For 1 turn, survive any one hit with 1 Health if your health is 50% or higher
(Not exact wording - used 50% or higher for clarity for the review)

The Former Rear-Admiral X. Drake!! The T-Rex is here!!

X. Drake is well known for his Captain Skill. He's an easier to attain Whitebeard for INT teams. As such, having X. Drake means you'll likely be well prepared for things like Garp and other Heart-based islands. He's ideal for the INT Burst team due to the higher ATK boost from his Captain and you can control it (compared to Captain Skills like Marco or Apu).

His Special isn't particularly helpful while Drake is Captain... While yes it could be used to help activate his Captain, it isn't the best method of doing it and having two X. Drakes (with friend Drake) will not be as efficient as other Captains.

As a sub, it's fairly difficult to find him a slot in the already jam-packed INT Burst team. However if you ever find yourself needing that 1 extra turn to secure a win against an enemy, X Drake may be your calling card.

Overall, X. Drake is a nice Captain but doesn't offer much aside from that. There are generally better subs and will find him make appearances here and there - but not much else.

Overall Unit Rating: 7.0/10

"The Glutton" Jewelry Bonnie
Classification: PSY Fighter

Health: 3,000
Attack: 720
Recovery: 400

Captain Skill: PSY units gain 2x ATK and RCV

Special (13 turns -> 8 turns): For 2 turns, when you successfully use [Meat] orbs, heal 1.5x the normal amount for the first [Meat] orb, 2x for the second [Meat] orb and 2.5x for the third [Meat] orb.

Bonnie promotes players to get more meat to eat and eat.

Widely considered the worst of the batch and a unit that isn't used much. Her Captain Skill is outclassed by both Shanks and Garp for regular usage. Bonnie's Captain does help heal more from [Meat] orbs but with PSY's generally high RCV stat, it may be considered unnecessary.

Her special needs to be used in tandem with Food Converters and could be said to act as "Full Heal" on a shorter cooldown. It can have potential as a cheaper Cooldown Marco (for those without), however its something that is fairly looked over which can be very powerful.

Bonnie's stats are typical PSY units stats, low ATK and high RCV. Unfortunately, its hard to see where Bonnie fits in teams aside from maybe Garp "tank teams" as a recovery engine - since PSY bursts prefer Marco as Captain and can use his Special.

Overall... you may be slightly hard-pressed to find a spot for "The Glutton". She can be used as a nice substitute for Marco but is generally passed over as it really hampers your damage since you lose Combo-Chain multipliers hitting GREATs and the generally lower stat Food Converters. She's definitely usable but nothing totally fantastic.

Overall Unit Rating: 5.0/10

Capone "Gang" Beige
Classification: QCK Shooter

Health: 2,122
Attack: 1,323
Recovery: 313

Captain Skill: QCK units gain 2x ATK and RCV

Special (20 turns -> 10 turns): Convert [STR] and [DEX] orbs to [QCK] orbs

Don't underestimate Capone "Gang" Beige. He's a fairly solid unit that is a great orb converter.

Capone "Gang" Beige shares the same Captain as Bonnie and is likewise outclassed by Ace and Jozu. He can be used as Captain if you do not own the former two mentioned however. 

His Special is overall a more useful special compared to Bonnie's where you can convert orbs to maximize your damage. In the future when full team orb manipulators becomes available for QCK, this special will only grow in value more and more.

Capone's stats are very nice with an extremely high ATK stat at 1,323. That's higher than the Legendary Hawkeye Mihawk that is considered one of the best units in the game. His health isn't as high as the other Supernovas but is still manageable and is paired with a fairly high Recovery.

Overall, Capone "Gang" Beige is a nice unit to pull despite QCK's poor status in Global currently. And will be the only good QCK shooter for a very long time. He'll be seen more and more in the future with QCK having a sudden rise in strength and popularity in JPN. 

Overall Unit Rating: 7.0/10

Overall, this batch is fairly solid and a well designed batch. There are some gems like Rayleigh and Kid, some niche picks like X. Drake and Apu and some... more unique pick-ups like Bonnie. We hope you'll have very successful pulls this Sugofest

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