Hawkeye Mihawk's Return!!
 29th April - 30th April!!

Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk is here and is ready for Capture in the usual 30-Stamina and 40-Stamina Island. For those struggling and new players alike, here's a quick run-down on how to use Mihawk and why you should care.

Why should I bother?
 Swordsmen Teams have recently been getting attention as one of the up and coming greatest team in the game. And what better way to start one, but with the "Strongest Swordsman Of the World" Hawkeye Mihawk.

Don't worry about running out of friend Mihawks either, there are plenty of Mihawks to go around.
And perhaps unlike other 2.5x lead, the Swordsmen teams are generally fairly bulky lacking recovery but making up for it with superior health and attack.
They are easy to build and create and has a nice range of utility that can be used in their teams.
  • Mr. 3 "Candle Sword" - Can delay all enemies turn by 1
  • Saw Tooth Arlong - Highest ATK in the game
  • Red-Haired Shanks - One of the "better" units of the game.

If that isn't enough, consider this... If you plan on getting other "24-Hour Bosses" or "Raid Bosses", Mihawk's Special that deals 30% of the enemies' current health will become invaluable in your hunt for some of the greatest characters around.



Video Walkthrough:
Clicking the banner above will bring you to the previous "guide" for Hawkeye Mihawk, but here we're going to go a little more in depth for your viewing pleasure

Recommended Teams:
Tank Zolo + Vivi

(Image taken from JPN version)

"Lion Song" Zolo and Vivi works in a very simple way. Zolo will reduce all incoming damage by 80% (While HP is full) and Vivi will heal you back up to full to continue the cycle. I highly recommend newer players that use this team to do Stage 30 instead of Stage 40.

This is due to Stage 40 Mihawk doing 25,000 damage with his special (when he gets to 25% health or less) even with Vivi's Recovery you will not be able to recover the full thing.

Pre-requisite: Vivi must be at least level 72 to heal 2000 HP (as 30-Stamina Mihawk does 10,000 damage).

NOTE: Depending on your subs and your damage, you may be able to burst down 25% of Mihawk's health easily and you may not need to worry about Mihawk's high damage special.

Laboon + Vivi

(Image taken from JPN version)
Probably the best team for new players and possibly veterens who wants to play safe. The Laboon/Vivi team can withstand even Stage 40 version of Mihawk. The team pictured is a team that can clear 40 Stamina Mihawk for example.

Pre-requisite: Your team's total HP (including your Friend and ship) must NOT be more than 2x Vivi's Healing (5x Vivi's Recovery).

This team only works if Vivi can heal your team back up to 50% or more. This will activate Laboon's Leader skill (Survives any one hit while your above 50% health).

Other Teams:
Lucky players with Whitebeard may be able to pull off a double Whitebeard team for a crushing defeat upon Mihawk. A decent Force Team and a Turn-delay Usopp will be crucial to the team's success.
Gear 3 Luffy teams hold one of the top 3 highest ATK boost in the game. Gear 3 Luffy teams will be able to finish Mihawk in a matter of 2 turns simply due to the sheer strength and Force of the teams. It will take a lot of "PERFECTS" though.

The Battle for Greatness!

The Stage 30 is a miniature version of the Stage 40 (merely reduced damage and maybe an enemy or two taken out). As a result, the Stage 40 enemies will be covered with a mention for any differences for Stage 30.

The First "Round" consists of your standard mobs

Stage 30 -  3 mobs will appear (Usually the Red, Blue and Green), easy to get rid of.

Stage 40 - 5 mobs will appear (One of each colour), Still fairly weak though.
The "Second Round" differs between Stage 30 and Stage 40

Stage 30 - You will fight 1 Teenage Turtle, Hopefully 1 will drop for you.

Stage 40 - You will fight 3 Teenage Turtles. Hopefully 1 will drop for you.
The "Third Round" differs between Stage 30 and Stage 40

Stage 30 - A Green Crab and a Green Soldier will be awaiting your arrival. The Soldier will deal a pre-emptive strike approximately 2,000 damage

Stage 40 - A Navy and a Green Pirate Penguin will be ready to attack. The Navy will pre-emptively attack you for 2,202 damage
The "Fourth Round" is considered the "Make it or Break it"
Round. You must pay ATTENTION somewhat to this round.

Each Unit has high defence meaning you will deal "Turtle-Like" damage to them. 
The Elder Seahorse will lock a Random Unit for 6-Turns. 
The Other Units will lock any unit they are weak to for 6-Turns (e.g Blue Unit will lock all your Green Units etc.)

Stage 30 - You will fight one of each colour but the Elder Seahorse will NOT be present.
Stage 40 - The elder Seahorse will be present.
The Boss Mihawk will fight you in the Fifth Round regardless of your Stage.

He will attack once every turn and will do a pre-emptive strike regardless of the Stage. When his health dips to 20% or less, he will spam his Special
The Numbers
The following are the stats of Mihawk split by the Stages:
Stage 30
XP: 3050~

Mihawk Stats
Health: 590,000
Attack: 5,000

Abilities: Pre-emptive Strike dealing 2,000 damage
Special Move: Deal 10,000 damage.
Dropchance: 50 %
Stage 40XP: 6600

Mihawk Stats
Health: 1,180,000
Attack: 10,000

Abilities: Pre-emptive Strike dealing 4,000 damage
Special Move: Deal 25,000 damage.
Dropchance: 100% !

We wish you well and hope this helped in your quest to obtain the "Greatest Swordsman Of the World." Good Luck!~

The 30 Stamina Stages:
This one is a tough Boss.
Every turn attack with 5880 Damage.
400.000 HP. You will need to defeat him extremely fast.
AND turn delay him with Usopp

Rare Encounter:

Beware of his high HP. He is not the same weak'o anymore

Skillbooks obtainable:
Chopper Heavy Point18Any50%
Chopper Brain Point. Most viable Skillbook u can farm here8Any50%
Chopper Arm Point. Maybe usefull like Brain Point.10Any50%
Chopper Horn Point. Not such a useful skill to be worth to level15Any50%
Chopper Guard Point. Same as Smokers special. Def by 50% for 3 turns15Any50%
Helmeppo Cabinboy. Best DEF destroyer. Definitly worth to get skillbook20Elite, Expert30%
Cpt. Morgan Jailbreak. Useful versus future Expert and Master Bosses9Elite, Expert30%

Worth to farm for. Usefull versus shield enemiesAny50%
High stats, good Slasher if you dont have ArlongAny50%

Team Suggestion:

Bring roses with you.
Mihawks Date finaly has been announced.

April 29th (19:00) -  April 30th (18:59)  PST
Eingebetteter Bild-Link

Great Video how to build a "Laboon + Vivi"- Team and not to lose

April 28th (19:00) - May 12th (18:59)  PST
All you need: Helmeppo and Morgan Skillbook
dropping in Expert and Elite Stages

Pigs and Friendship Version 2.0.0 for Global
April. 21 - May. 04

As usual you will get another fruit every day in this timespan

Now here comes the new Stuff that should have came with V.2.1.0
(You can find the current guide for the japanese version here:)

New XP Material. STR to INT
Read more on Fusion Materials Tab

Time to spend your collected Friend Points again and hope for XP or Evo Materials.
April. 21 - April. 28

Save your whole XP Turtles and Pigs for this one to get double chance of powering up

 Besides of all that, get double chance to pull a STR character
(current best: Blamenco- 5* and Luffy Gear 3rd- 5*)

King of Dragons

Rainbow Stripped Dragon
Knowledge, Evolution Type
HP:           1.500
Attack:        800
Recovery:   100

30-Stamina Statistics:

This is not a limited Event. You can challenge him every Thursday from now on. Same as Pirate Penguins.

Attack18.000 (6 Turns)

The Strategy

Must have 3 Units:  With Usopp, Alvida and Nami you can delay out ~16 turns. Enough time to kill the Dragon, because after his attack he has 6 turns until the next one.  You can even have unlimited turns, because your special is on MAX. again : )


Golden Pound Hammer Usopp
Turn delay the Dragon whenever you think you have to.


Alvida Smooth-Smooth
Reduce next turns damage by 80%

Tempo Mirage Nami. 
Blocks INT damage on next turn.

http://op-tc-eng-version.blogspot.com/p/vivi.htmlNefartari Vivi Teams 
Tank Team

The Nefartari Vivi Team is the definition of Tank Teams. You will have a secured/guaranteed win, however it will drastically increase the time required to clear. Expect to reserve an hour or more of your time to clear the Stage. 

Nefartari Vivi Teams (Laboon Variation)

The Laboon Variation of Vivi Teams will allow players to survive any 1 hit with 1 HP. The only catch is your health needs to be 50% or higher when they take the hit. As such, your Vivi (or friend Vivi) WILL need to heal 50% of your health or higher. 

Due to this - you will generally use weaker units (for the lower HP) so the battle will take longer than the other Vivi Team variations.

Nefartari Vivi Teams (Lion Sion Zoro Variation)

The Tank Zoro variation works in the opposite of Laboon. While the player has 100% health, reduce the damage taken by 80%. As such - Vivi needs to heal back the damage dealt by Mihawk.

Rainbow Dragon does 18.000 damage but with his 6 turns cooldown you can easily get your HP back with Vivi ( She does not need to be lv 72+ !!!!!!!!! ).
 When reduced due to Tank Zoro's ability - the damage drops to ~3,600 damage.

Also you may can win in 2 turns with these:   (Or Whitebeard)

Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 3
Burst Team

Most people that invested into pulling the mighty Gear 3 Luffy will have possibly the easiest time with this Raid Boss. Gear 3 Teams have a crazy amount of damage output. They WILL need to run Hammer Usopp (in most cases) to secure the win - but realistically, as long as PERFECTs are hit, everyone is easy.

Make use of his weakness:

http://op-tc-eng-version.blogspot.com/p/shanks.html Shanks Burst Team
http://op-tc-eng-version.blogspot.com/p/ussop-v2.htmlIf you happen to have Shanks and Impact Dial Usopp, you might be able to burst down the Dragon before it attacks. You can also slowly beat him with Turn delayer Golden Pound Usopp. But remember, the dragon has 2 million HP which is not as easy to knock down and you might fall.

Keksit setup
To win against this high stat beast, you'll have to prepare for a long fight, so i put these units here:

Vivi / Zoro Captains: Heal each round while reduce dmg by 80% when full HP. !

Smoker: For an SOS case, if you know you are getting a lot damage before even fighting the dragon.

Crocodile or Don Creek: To poison the rainbow dragon and deal always some dmg, independend of your combo damage. (time saver)

Usopp: 3 Turn delay on all enemies, always usefull.

Mihawk/whitebeard: For the special and to deal 30% damage of enemies current HP. (super time saver)

 There should be no problem when entering the last stage. Dragon will deal massive damage which is reduced to ~3600 by zoro.

His attack cooldown is 6. So you have enough time to heal yourself back to full HP if you have a decent Vivi Level.

Rainbow Dragon HP: 2.000.000
ATK:  18.000

Enjoy !

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