Aokiji Clash! Raidboss

Table of Contents
    • Reward
    • EXP, Beri, Title
    • Tips
  • Stage Overview (Ultimate 60)
  • Team Suggestions (Ultimate 60)

Notable Characters obtainable:

33 - 18
Buff Striker ATK & HP by 2


Buff Striker ATK by 1.75 for 2 turns

Lock all orbs for 2 turns

XP, Beri, Title:
Stamina/ Chapter
Master – 40

Ultimate – 60


  • Anti-Chain Sockets Lv.2 recommened
  • Anti-Despair Socket Lv.1 required to counter stage 3 or delay for 1-2 turns
  • Focus the elder seahorse and defeat the mobs around in 1 turn
  • You must stall turns at stage 1 and 2.
  • On Stage 4 it is possible to stall for another 2 turns when using Lv.3 Anti-chain
  • Aokiji has a debuff protector for 999 turns
  • Tempo Mirage Nami or Kimono Nami can block all INT damage for 1 turn. Use it against Aokiji

The Battle

Stamina: 60-Stamina  (Ultimate)
Stages: 5

The Stages
Battle 1/5

Regular Mobs but with high-er than usual Armour.You can stall 1-3 turns here depending on how good you are at the targeting system.

Battle 2/5

This Stage will make you work a little bit… You WILL need to Manual Target to finish this stage properly.You can stall quite a few turns here dependant on the team(s) you use. They all have a good amount of Armor.

Battle 3/5

NOTE: Your Captain will get BOTH pre-emptively Silenced and Locked.

This stage will cut your power in half (If using HP Captains). be prepared to take at least a hit from these guys – due to their decent defense.

They deal 4,110 damage each.

Battle 4/5

As usual with all Raid Bosses.
These are the crazy-high defence mobs that will bind the units they are weak to. 

Red binds Blue's Green binds Red's etc ... 

Seahorse HP: 6 
Mob HP: 5

Battle 5/5

Health: 2,500,000 
Attack: 7,128 
Special Damage: 20,000 

Health: 4,000,000 
Attack: 9,216 
Special Damage: 100,000

Turn Number
What Happens
Pre-emptive (Turn 0)
Puts up a Debuff Protector for 999 Turns (Thus Turn Delay, Poison, Defence Breakers etc. does NOT work)
Turn 1
Lock a random unit (Bottom 4) for 2 Turns
Turn 2
Turn 3
Uses Pheasant Beak – It will deal 80% of your current health
All Turns After
Repeat Turn 1 -3
Instead of Pheasant Beak – will attack normally
HP Reaches 50%
Aokiji Attack Turn is reduced from 3 -> 1
Aokiji gains an ATK Buff that will increase his damage slightly
He will lock a unit for 2 turns.
He will continue to lock a random unit for 2 Turns every 3 turns.
HP Reaches 20%
Spams Special move which will deal either 20,000 or 100,000 (depending on Stamina)
It will also lock 1 RANDOM Unit (Captains included) for 13 turns/

Team Suggestions: 

Keep in mind you need a 1.5x ATK ship !

2x Marco

Specials required:
MAX of the Marcos, Usopp = Garp = Mr.2 = Coby

Socket Abilities Required:

Sockets: At it's best. With the sockets you are able to defeat 60 Stamina Aokiji.
Block Stage 3 silence/ binds.
At Aokiji defeat him in 1-3 turns.

Without Sockets: You will suffer from previous Double Silence/ Bind,but are able to defeat 40 Stamina.

2x Gear 3rd   OR  2x Rayleigh

Specials MAX required: 
Doflamingo, Mihawk

Levels MAX: 
Enel, Usopp

Socket Abilities Required:

With those sockets you won't need a marco to heal fully. Do not get locked by those marines.
You will have plenty of time defeating Aokiji.

Honestly Mihawk's special will do 30% of the work....Then you have to bring 3 million damage and win.

Rayleigh version of this Team is easier and you will have even more time in the boss stage

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